Rymek Mesa

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Rymek Mesa RegionIcon.png
Mesa as seen from the Desert
Coordinates X: 1300, Z: -1550
Access Points Desert to the north
Abandoned Mines: tunnel's Mesa end starts from around 1070 -1275
Suggested Level 35
Quest Starts Tribal Aggression
Canyon Condor
Involved Quests Kingdom of Sand
Type/Biomes Mesa
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Rymek Mesa is located south of the Desert of Almuj. A river flows through the region, and the cliffs contain lots of caves. The northern plateau is inhabitated by native conflitant tribes and is the starting place for the Tribal Aggression quest. On the south side of the canyon is located the regional capital city of Rymek. The Creden Tibus bandit group is native to the Mesa, and their base can be found on the upper, northern plateau.

The mesa has five large plateaus in its center that are connected with bridges. To reach the high plateaus from the ground of the mesa, you can ride the Mesa Elevators if you have done the quest Canyon Condor. The northern plateau and the higher grounds surrounding the Mesa can also be accesses via staircases leading to the top from the ground.

Points of interest


  • Rymek is the capital city of the Mesa. It is run by bandits, and instead of emeralds, they use gold as a currency.








Vault Guard


  • Both Sandstone and Iron are gatherable in the Mesa.

  • On top of a plateau, in a village of lumberjacks, Acacia trees grow in a safe area without enemies.

  • The main crop harvestable in the Mesa is Malt.

  • A couple schools of Carp live in the rivers running through the region.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Coyotes Combat 35 1200, 30, -1332 16 Coyote Fangs 4320 -
Gather Acacia Logs II Woodcutting 38 1226, 116, -1391 30 Acacia Wood or 30 Acacia Paper 1700 2600
Gather Malt II Farming 38 1427, 88, -1607 30 Malt String or 30 Malt Grains 1700 2600
Gather Carp II Fishing 38 1070, 30, -1423 30 Carp Oil or 30 Carp Meat 1700 2600


  • The Mesa was added in the 1.12 update
  • The region's secret discoveries are shared with the Desert of Almuj, both under the label "Desert"
  • This region houses a secret boss. To fight the boss, the directions are as follows:
    • Go to Kaven's lair at 1337, 31, -1390 and defeat Kaven to get some Howler Bait.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Kaven.png Kaven 39 1725 Melee Charge -
Howler Bait
Kaven's Lair
    • After this, go to the cave at 1154, 31, -1462. You will know if it's the right cave if you see a bunch of rotten flesh there.
    • Go deeper into the cave until you reach a dead end. Your Howler Bait will disappear as the hidden boss reveals itself as the Howler. You can get a rare chestplate from this boss when you defeat it.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Howler.png Howler 41 10000 Melee - ✹ Weak
✤ Dam
✤ Def
Howler Hide Howler Cave