Pigmen's Ravine

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Pigmen Ravine NaturalIcon.png
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Entrance to the ravines
Discovery Lore
This massive, maze-like ravine is home to the Pigmen, a species of half-pig, half-human abominations that feast on any weak adventurer who happens to stumble inside.
Coordinates X: -875, Z: -1373
Access Points North: -875, -1370
N-East: -620, -1320
East: -690, -1235
S-East: -750, -1200
South: The Passage
Suggested Level 15
Involved Quests Creeper Infiltration
Temple of the Legends
Type/Biomes Ravines
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)
Uses Quest, Grinding, Fast Travel

The Pigmen's Ravines is an area located south of Ragni. The area isn't a very popular grinding area, mainly because of the strength of the Zombie Pigmen spawning in the area. However, a large quantity of Loot Chests spawn in the area making it a popular chest looting area for mid-level players. The walls of the ravine are incredibly steep, and numerous twists and turns make navigating the area very difficult.

Points of Interest






  • There's plenty of Granite in the ravines, found mostly near the entrance from Ragni by going up a tunnel right next to the entrance.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Granite Mining 18 -879, 111, -1330 14 Granite Ingot or 14 Granite Gem 300 400


This section is transcluded from Lists of mobs/Pigmen's Ravines § Surface Mobs. (edit)

Surface mobs are mobs that spawn generally throughout a large part of the region, and do not have specific locations where they can be found.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PigmanRaider(Level9).png Pigman Raider (Lv. 9) 9 40 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines
Ragni entrance
PigmanRaider(Level15).png Pigman Raider (Lv. 15) 15 80 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines
PigmanRunner.png Pigman Runner 13 55 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines
RavinePigman(Level14).png Ravine Pigman (Lv. 14) 14 70 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines
RavinePigman(Level16).png Ravine Pigman (Lv. 16) 16 85 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines
PigmanStriker.png Pigman Striker 17 200 Melee - -
Pigman Meat
Pigmen's Ravines

This section is transcluded from Lists of mobs/Pigmen's Ravines § Cave Mobs. (edit)

Cave mobs are mobs that, in contrast to Surface Mobs, only spawn at specific locations, like caves.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TunnelPigman.png Tunnel Pigman 14 70 Ranged - -
Pigman Meat

Rock Pile
Tunnel at -823, 97, -1339
File:PigmanHatcherTosser.png Pigman Hatchet Tosser 8 100 Ranged - - - Cave at -790, 70, -1400
File:FiercePigmanRaider.png Fierce Pigman Raider 10 135 Melee - - - Cave at -790, 70, -1400
File:PigmanRoughneck.png Pigman Roughneck 14 260 Charge - - - Cave at -685, 92, -1382
File:PigmanBrawler.png Pigman Brawler 16 320 Melee Charge - - Cave at -685, 92, -1382
File:PigmanJunkFlinger.png Pigman Junk Flinger 16 260 Ranged Charge - - Cave at -685, 92, -1382
PigmanOverlord.png Pigman Overlord 20 380 Melee - -
Pigman Meat

Pigman Hide
Cave at -826, 88, -1260
TransformedPigman.png Transformed Pigman 15 56 Melee - - - Somewhere In Between


  • This is the only place in Wynn Province where you can find Creepers.
  • It has some hidden TNT blocks close to the top, near a hole in the cliff. Directly underneath is a boulder that has smashed all over the path, suggesting that someone set this up as a mob or player trap.
  • It's the place where Pigmen originated from.