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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.18 and has been archived for historical purposes.

The Nether TerritoryIcon.png
The central portal of the Nether arena
Other Information
The Nether was a location that served as a global PvP arena, formerly accessed through what is currently the Corruption Portal. It has since been removed from both the game and the lore, with the Realm of War taking its place as the source of Corruption.
Briefly.. I saw beyond. I do not have the words to describe... Cold yet searing. Land plagued by war and disease, and then I saw... it.
~ Garoth in Studying the Corrupt

The Nether was a place overtaken by Corruption parallel to the physical plane of Wynn, based on the Nether dimension in vanilla Minecraft. It was formerly the location found on the other side of the Portal in the basin of the Roots of Corruption. The Nether was made inaccessible in Version 1.18, and it has been not part of the story ever since. References to it have been gradually removed from the game over time, and its role in the storyline is now taken by the Realm of War.


The Nether was a world parallel to that which houses Wynn and Gavel. It was nearly entirely corrupted, in a similar manner to the Roots of Corruption; the ground was made of netherrack and obsidian, vast oceans of lava surrounded the remaining land masses, and dark spikes of obsidian jutted into the dark sky. Various ruins were also scattered around the world, destroyed by the corruption. The Nether was, in fact, accessed from the Roots of Corruption, and it leaked through the Nether Gate into the province of Wynn.

The Nether was destroyed by the corruption an unknown amount of time ago, before the Nether Gate was discovered by human miners. After discovering emeralds on the other side of the portal among the red stone, the miners constructed a quarry around the gate and dug until they breached an unknown barrier; this allowed the undead out of the Nether, and the corruption quickly began to spread throughout Wynn.

The music track "Unyielding Influence," originally titled "Nether's Lament," played while in the Nether. Leitmotifs from this track make a return in the song "War's Knell," the music that plays in evacuated Detlas.

PvP in the Nether

For most of its lifespan before being removed, the Nether served as a large, free-for-all PvP arena, accessible from the Roots of Corruption or the Wynncraft lobby. Players of all levels competed in the same global arena, although it was recommended that only players of level 40+ participate. Each round lasted five minutes, after which the players with the most kills were announced and the arena would be reset. Nether PvP was featured as one of the major leaderboards on the Wynncraft website, alongside the Guilds leaderboard and the player statistics leaderboard.

The unique rules of the Nether arena were as follows:

Other Features

Before it was made into a PvP-only area in Version 1.10, the Nether was notable for containing the Nether Merchant, who sold the highly sought-after Nether Armour Set. After that update, the armour set was unobtainable until being reintroduced as rare drops from various mobs found in the Roots of Corruption in Version 1.14. The Light Dust cavern and Jorkin's house visited during the Temple of the Legends quest, which are now found outside the Portal in the Roots of Corruption, were originally located inside the Nether as well.

Some other content was also associated with the Roots of Corruption and the Nether prior to its removal, although nothing required the player to enter the arena itself; this included the quests Studying the Corrupt and Fate of the Fallen and the now-removed Red Powder I Relic.

Update History

  • Version 1.4 - The Nether was first added as a work-in-progress PvP arena. It was a large, dark underground area devoid of features. Signs outside the Nether Portal read "/!\ DANGER /!\ PvP enabled in the nether. The nether works, but the map isn't done AT ALL. Don't judge me it's a work in progress -Grian"
  • Version 1.9 - The first complete iteration of the Nether was released, with PvP enabled. It was an open basin of netherrack and soul sand, with nether brick trees, buildings, and a chasm of lava around the portal. The Nether Merchant, Jorkin, Light Dust, Loot Chests, and level 28 and 37 Nether Blazes appeared in the arena.
  • Version 1.10 - PvP in the Nether now included a leaderboard for kills, and players no longer lost Soul Points upon death. Blazes still spawned in the arena, but the other non-PvP features were removed or moved outside the Nether Portal. The Nether was also now a global instance, rather than server-specific.
  • Version 1.11 - The Nether map was completely revamped, becoming a ring of ruined islands in a sea of lava. PvP damage became normalized for everyone, ignoring Skill Points, Identifications, and Powders.
  • 1.11 Patch #3 - Starting in this patch, the top three players on the Nether leaderboard at the end of each round would be awarded 1 Gold Coin. This change was reverted in Version 1.12.
  • Version 1.18 - The Nether was fully removed and became inaccessible.