A Fighting Species

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

A Fighting Species CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Medium
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Pre-Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 64
Starter NPC Darnes
Reward As follows:

A Fighting Species is a medium level 64 quest in the Pre-Light Forest.


The Villager-Troll feud is raging on as ever. Darnes, a villager wanting peace, sends the player on a 'diplomatic' mission to obtain the Troll Leader, Gorgu's, signage of a treaty.

Stage 1

» Talk to Darnes in the villager camp.

 X   -1406  Y   43  Z   -5073  Wynncraft Map 


  • Darnes: This is no place for Wynn natives. This is a Villager-Troll war.
  • Darnes: Oh, well. Actually, we do need a human to assist us. It would help us avoid conflict at all.
  • Darnes: The filthy but thick-skinned Orcs and their troll brothers have been long standing enemies of the Villagers.
  • Darnes: Villagers are not of physical might, we prefer the use of magic. However the Orc's skins are immune to all but the strongest spells.
  • Darnes: So, if we can settle our differences peacefully, we will... But Orcs are not the most intelligent creatures, in fact I don't think they even know how to spell Orc.
  • Darnes: Nevertheless, they do respect loss and victory. If we are able to get the leader, Gorgu, to sign a peace treaty they will have no choice but to stay peaceful, for now.
  • Darnes: Now you see our problem. We are not able to get to Gorgu, he lives deep in the caves of the fortress, protected.
  • Darnes: Our best bet is to send someone disguised as an Orc, however our body type and smell will give us away instantly. We need you to go in our stead, Orcs won't know a human's scent too well.
  • Darnes: A convincing mask should fool them. So, please bring me [3 Orc Skin] by killing some orcs in the Camps just south of here. We will reward you handsomely if you are able to convince Gorgu to sign the treaty.

Stage 2

» Bring back 3 Orc Skin to Darnes by killing Orcs near the camp.


  • Darnes: Oh! Perfect! Let me craft it...
  • Darnes: ...
  • Darnes: ...
  • Darnes: Ha! A work of art if I say so myself! Alright! You will certainly fool those stupid orcs, and that's for sure! You're going to look like a real orc with this mask!
  • Darnes: Remember to grunt and shout about how much you love pig for dinner! This will bring us one step further to ending the Orc war one way or another.
  • Darnes: Now, go to Leadin, the Orc fortress, by following the path out of the war camp and past the Orcs.
  • Darnes: Then put on the mask, search for the cave and make your way to Gorgu and make him sign the peace treaty. But be careful, Orcs are bad enough, but Gorgu's something else!
  • Darnes: Oh, and bring me back the Orc Mask when you're done too, I would like to keep it!

Stage 3

» Enter Leadin, the Orc’s fortress, wearing the Orc Mask.

 X   -1310  Y   57  Z   -4869  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 4

» Find the house with a way leading to a cave in the Orc's fortress.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Location of House.
-1297, 71, -4776 .


  • There is a system that is blocking the way... Maybe you can find hints to open it in the tents outside, or near the bridges..

Stage 5

» Find a way to enter in the cave.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to How to open the door.
First, press the villager button, then press the pig button.

Stage 6

» Find the way leading to Gorgu’s room in the cave.



Stage 7

» Enter in Gorgu’s room.



Stage 8

» Win the duel versus Gorgu and talk back to Darnes with Gorgu's Handprint and the Orc Mask.


  • Darnes: You've returned! Do you have the peace treaty?
  • Darnes: Unbelievable! I never expected an Orc to actually sign anything!
  • Darnes: Well, I guess this hand print on the treaty counts.. I guess they don't use pens.
  • Darnes: We will stay stationed here to make sure the Orcs don't start any trouble, but the men will be so relieved we don't have to fight.
  • Darnes: As promised, here is the reward. It was part of the war fund, but since there is no war, you may have some!
  • Darnes: I know I said I wanted to keep this mask... But it smells hideous, you can take it. I even upgraded it for you! Who knows, you might need it again someday.


  • The answer for the Door Puzzle can be found at the entrance of the cave.
  • You must have your Orc Mask off to be able to complete the quest otherwise Darnes will not talk to you


  • Taking off the orc mask before the boss fight will deny you exit. Returning to the hub and trying to exit again will instead teleport you to Ragni.
  • In a cave at -1296 -4831 there is a NPC named Lexas who wants you to tell Darnes about him.
  • This quest has been temporarily removed in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update.