Centerworld Fortress

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Centerworld Fortress StructureIcon.png
Discovery Lore
The largest Orc base in Gavel, this fortress was once considered the heart of Orcish territory. It still serves as a capital, and is strictly defended.
Coordinates X: -1310, Z: -4869
Suggested Level 64
Involved Quests All Roads to Peace

Centerworld Fortress is the largest Greenskin settlement in Gavel Province, located just west of the mountains in the central Pre-Light Forest, northeast of Bucie. Currently ruled by the Centerworld chieftain Arrai-Veretel, the fortress is home to many Orcs and even Goblins from the Centerworld clan and other camps around the Llevigar Plains, who are involved in an ongoing war with the Gavellian Villagers.

The fortress is the focus of the level 64 Quest All Roads to Peace, concerning the resolution of the Orc-Villager conflict in the Llevigar Plains, and can only be entered after starting the quest. Before All Roads to Peace, the conflict is also covered in other quests including Clearing the Camps, Blazing Retribution, and Reclaiming the House.



  • Before the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update, the fortress was known as Leadin Orc Fortress and ruled by Orc Chief Gorgu, and was involved in the removed quest A Fighting Species.
    • Before the update, the fortress could only be entered while wearing the Orc Mask, and was inaccessible after the quest had been completed.
    • The name Leadin is a partial anagram of _DeaDline_, a former Builder.