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Olux CityIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Olux is a poor town, one that has suffered the effects of the Decay, a force that has caused all of north-western Gavel to begin to wither.
Coordinates X: -1732, Z: -5528
Suggested Level 50
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 49 - 52
Weapon Merchant Level 53, 54
Potion Merchant Level 45, 50
Other Merchants Cobblestone Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts Crop Failure
An Iron Heart Part II
Involved Quests The Maiden Tower
The Shadow of the Beast

Olux is a large town in the swamp of Gavel, and an important rest stop in the region. Unlike the quartz city of Llevigar to the south, Olux is run down and poor, lacking the materials and money to expand and grow stronger, and is plagued by the Decay and many other unusual threats. Unlike many Gavellian cities, the Olux bank lies empty, as the town's resources have all been spent in a seemingly ineffective attempt to fight the Decay.[1]

There are several wheat and barley farms in and around the town. The town itself is surrounded by moderately large wooden walls, keeping it safe from most outside threats. The central bank is surrounded by a marketplace, where most of the town's amenities can be accessed.


Although the swamp around Olux was once fertile and green,[2] as the Decay began spreading throughout the land, it soon suffered the same fate as the Dark Forest and the Kander Forest, turning into a dark, impoverished swamp. Olux soon became very poor, as the city's crops failed[3] and much of the town's emerald hoard was spent trying to deal with the Decay and fight its influence.[1]

However, one day, a man named Dr. Urelix appeared in the town and started selling Guard Golems of mysterious origin to its impoverished citizens. Although the supply of golems was steady and the town's burdens were slightly lessened, reports of missing citizens and farmers began appearing all over the Swamp.[4][5] Those who worked where the Iron Golems were being produced, Urelix's Iron Golem Factory, also didn't speak about their experiences in it.[6]

Yet, there is one person who knew the truth about the Guard Golems, the Mayor of Olux. He has an uneasy deal with Dr. Urelix: as long as the Mayor would keep purchasing Urelix's golems and keep the horrifingly unethical process of creating golems secret, Urelix would keep supplying the town with them, providing reliable guards not just to Olux but to the rest of the province and to Wynn as well.[7] This deal is still in effect to this day, and the Iron Golem factory's methods remain a secret.



Points of interest


  • The Bank is the largest building in the town, and is located in its center.
  • The large Catacombs and graveyard house the town's dead.




  • The name Olux is possibly a reference to Luxio (without the "i"), a former Wynncraft artist.
  • Olux is by far the largest town in the decay side of Gavel, far eclipsing Gelibord and Lexdale.
  • Olux's houses were originally built for Elkurn but due to Elkurn's house style being changed last minute, they were abandoned and later used in Olux.
  • Olux was originally called Amat during its early stages of development.
  • Olux shares many similarities with the city of West Ardougne in RuneScape, sharing both a Plauge and a group called the Mourners,