Dr. Essren

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Dr. Essren
Type Quest Boss
Species Human
Level 15
Health 1,500
AI Type Charge
Abilities Charge, Heavy Charge, Explode, Heal, Meteor, Slowness, Spore Burst
Elemental Properties
Weakness Water
Damage Thunder
Location Essren's Hut
Crowd Control Immunities
Slowness Immunity

Essren's Dusty Coat

Dr. Essren is the boss of the level 12 quest Potion Making. He drops Essren's Dusty Coat, which has to be given to The Assistant to complete the quest.


Dr. Essren is a mob with Charge AI, which will cause him to rush in a direction for a brief moment before he changes directions, dealing damage upon contact. He also is immune to forms of slowness Crowd Control, and also has a weakness to Water and does damage in Thunder.

He has six normal abilities: Charge, Heavy Charge, Explode, Heal, Meteor, and Slowness. Charge will cause him to lunge in a direction, with the heavy version causing an explosion at the location he lands at. Explode will cause a small explosion to occur at his current location. Heal will cause a moderate portion of the mobs' HP to be regenerated instantly. Meteor will cause him to lob a projectile towards a player if they are within radius. Slowness will decrease players' Walk Speed by 15% for a minute.

He also has a script spell: Spore Burst. After damage has been dealt to him for the first time, a notification in chat will appear which indicates the spell being a constant threat throughout the fight. A ring of black smoke particles will then appear at a spot in the arena before white swirls will appear in the area, dealing small amounts of damage where the particles are.

He has some spell chains, these being:

  • Heavy Charge (3.0s) > Meteor
  • Charge > Charge > Charge > Explode

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Dr.Essren(Mob).png Dr. Essren 15 1,500 Charge Slowness Immune
Heavy Charge
Spore Burst
✽ Weak
✦ Dam

Essren's Dusty Coat
Essren's Hut