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Elkurn TownIcon.png
A screenshot of Elkurn
Discovery Lore
Despite its proximity to the portal, this quaint town has somehow managed to survive. Its placement between two separate magical phenomena has lead to an influx of scientific minds to the area.
Coordinates X: 10, Z: -1180
Suggested Level 5
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 5-10
Other Amenities Blacksmith
Involved Quests Recover the Past

Elkurn is a small village with only a few buildings. Despite being marked as level 5 on the Wynncraft map, the only use of the town is in 2 quests at levels 21 and 25. Therefore, not many people venture into the town. One loot chest is also located in the village.


Elkurn is a small village, built just next to the Roots of Corruption, the closest settlement to the Nether Portal. Despite its small size and its proximity to the Roots, it has managed to survive for centuries.

Recently, the mage Dr. Picard has settled into a tower just next to the village, the Tower of Amnesia, where he conducts research on how to restore the memories of the soldiers who have arrived from Fruma, who've all had their memories mysteriously wiped when they arrived in Wynn.[1]


Elkurn Map Aerial.png

Points of Interest


  • The Bovemist Church is not in the center, it's north.


Sailor Caid
Scout Reynauld
Tasim (During Recover the Past)

Crafting Stations



  • Elkurn is an anagram of the Wynncraft administrator and developer, Crunkle, albeit with the C removed.
  • The houses of Elkurn were rebuilt because of a style change and the old houses went to Olux last minute.