Grootslang Wyrm

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Disambig.png This article is about the Mother Wyrm of the Grootslangs. For the boss of the Nest of the Grootslangs, see Grootslang Wyrmling.
Grootslang Wyrm
Type Quest Boss
Species Grootslang
Level 100
Health 3,400,000
AI Type Burst Ranged
Abilities Arrow Storm, Explode, Meteor, Wave, Ripple
Location Worm Holes

The Grootslang Wyrm is the main antagonist of the level 54 Quest Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes and the posthumous antagonist in the Nest of the Grootslangs. It is the main creature responsible for creating the Worm Holes scattered across the Devastated Swamp. However, later in the quest it is revealed that it actually devoured several Dernmites unintentionally, causing it to act berserk. It is also later revealed that it birthed several other Grootslangs, each of which will also act berserk from the Dernmites themselves.


The Grootslang Wyrm has a Burst Ranged AI, which will cause it to fire a large inaccurate cloud of projectiles each time it attacks. It remains stationary the entire fight. Due to the timer going on throughout the fight and the immensely high HP of the mob when it is being fought, it should not be fought and instead is defeated naturally throughout the quest.

It has four regular spells and one script spell. The four regular spells are Arrow Storm, Explode, Meteor, and Wave. Arrow Storm will cause it to fire several projectiles rapidly in an inaccurate spread. Explode will cause an explosion to occur at its current location, dealing damage to any players caught in it. Meteor will cause it to lob a projectile at a player if they are within range. Wave will cause a wall of water particles to move towards a player, pushing them back if they are caught in it. The script spell the wyrm has is Ripple. Ripple will cause several clusters of ground particles to appear from it and go in a straight path from it, dealing immense damage to players caught in it.

Several Wolf Spiders are also fought alongside the wyrm. After a minute and 30 seconds have passed, it will swallow the player before it swallows Lari. Lari will use a ball of light in order to free both her and the player, but she also inadvertently kills the Grootslang Wyrm in the process, which leaves her emotionally distraught.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GrootslangWyrm.png Grootslang Wyrm 100 3,400,000 Burst Ranged Arrow Storm
- - Worm Holes