Heart of Lava

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Heart of Lava
Type Quest Boss
Level 25
Health 3,600
AI Type Ranged
Abilities Flamethrower, Fire Burst
Elemental Properties
Damage Fire
Location Lava Spring

The Heart of Lava is the boss of the level 18 Quest Lava Springs. It is a notable feature of the Lava Springs formed by the Corruption, presumably pumping out the lava the spring forms[1].


The Heart of Lava has a Ranged AI, firing projectiles at the player and dealing damage upon contact. It also remains stationary the entire fight, due to it having no speed. It also does damage in Fire.

It has a regular spell and a script spell unique to it, being Flamethrower and Fire Burst, respectively. Flamethrower will cause a cloud of fire to be spewed out by the heart. Fire Burst will cause several fireballs to come out of the heart landing a short range away from it.

Several Corrupt Arteries also appear alongside it throughout the fight. After the heart has been destroyed, the blocks forming the mob will disappear and reveal the exit.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
HeartofLava.png Heart of Lava 25 3,600 Ranged Flamethrower
Fire Burst
✹ Dam - Lava Spring