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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Llevigar's Secret Library SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This mystical library holds Llevigar's most fascinating, and dangerous books. From guides on cosmic magic to wise dragons of old, this is certainly a place to spend many hours inside.
Coordinates X: -1854, Z: -4503
Suggested Level ?
Uses Discovery
Requirements Dusty Key

Llevigar's Secret Library is a Secret Discovery in the Llevigar Plains. This discovery is about the hidden library of Llevigar University.


Llevigar's Secret Library Door.png

There will be three books scattered around the public Library. The locations of the books are as follows:

  • Book(3D).png First Chronicles of Siegfried - [-1860, -4492]
  • Book(3D).png Second Edition of "Achievements of Siegfried" - [-1867, -4507]
  • Book(3D).png Third Tome of Llevigar's History - [-1862, -4521]

Once you have all three books, go to the room at -1855, -4543, and then place each book on their respective shelf. Each shelf will have a number which signifies what book to place. After doing that, a bookshelf to the west side of the library will open up to reveal a hidden room with a
Dusty Key hidden within. Go to the bookshelf with a keylock at -1849, -4503, which then opens the door to Llevigar's Secret Library.


Chapter I: Wynn History, Part 1

  • Wynn History
  • Chapter I
  • Before 1000 years ago, not much was known about the Wynn province. It used to be a Human dominated province, mainly agricultural.
  • Most of the population migrated from Fruma, to escape the monarchy in search of new lands. After the opening of the portal, things took a turn for the worse.
  • The evil that was unleashed from the theorised realms war almost brought the province to its knees.
  • However, ironically it is the distinguishing event that made Wynn the center of the world.
  • Fruma initially abandoned all ties with the province and closed its doors to the undead, and its migrants.
  • The province waged war on its enemies for centuries, creating legends and ultimately a province of warriors.
  • The war became so second nature to the province that children were able to kill before they could talk properly.
  • Community and a strong national presence made the province admirable and formidable.
  • End of Chapter I.

Chapter II: Wynn History, Part 2

  • Wynn History
  • Chapter II
  • Fruma, weary of the fact they boarded an abandoned province of warriors reopened their borders to offer their support in the form of fresh recruits.
  • Too little, too late for many. The villagers from Gavel had already established their money driven society into the war torn province.
  • The Villagers successfully aided the Wynn province in their war against the creatures of the portal.
  • They introduced the long needed magical arts, that the Fruma province withheld from the educational circuit, reserved only for the servants of the monarchy.
  • Now there appears to be a strong alliance between all 3 provinces, through the proxy of Wynn.
  • Villagers benefit monetarily from Wynn, Wynn benefit from the magical knowledge of them in exchange.
  • The population gain from Fruma made up for the huge loss of life during the conflicts. However, the war wages on.
  • Legends such as Bob will continue to rise and Wynn is predicted to become one of the most powerful provinces in the world.
  • End of Chapter II.

Chapter III: Gavel History, Part 1

  • Gavel History
  • Chapter III
  • Gavel history is well documented throughout the province.
  • It is home to many species, the dominant of which is the Villagers. Elves, Dwarves, and Gerts also share this land with us, among other magical creatures.
  • It was previously home to the Doguns, which were nearly wiped out in a bloody war with the Dwarves.
  • Villagers, through capitalist mentalities, developed and dominated most of the Gavel province.
  • Scientific advancement, aided by the fortune made from the Wynn war propelled them to the forefront of the world's powers.
  • The inhabitants of Gavel have developed their magical skills over a large period of time. Magical studies suggest that each major race has its own variation of magical skills.
  • End of Chapter III.

Chapter IV: Gavel History, Part 2

  • Gavel History
  • Chapter IV
  • The new fortunes made by the Villagers has allowed them to reconstruct an entire city to welcome the cheap labour arriving from the Wynn province.
  • Llevigar, constructed of expensive quartz is the icon of the province and holds immense industrial magical power to encourage more movement of people to the province.
  • Villagers are not often not willing to do tasks that involve a lot of travelling or combat.
  • Therefore, they have benefitted immensely from the movement of adventurers from the Wynn province, to whom they share the rewards of business ventures.
  • Often a very small share is given to the work force. Magical skill, money and the natural resources of Gavel allow it to thrive as a multicultural society.
  • Gavel proclaims itself as the most advanced province in the world.
  • End of Chapter IV.

Chapter V: Gavel History, Part 3

  • Gavel History
  • Chapter V
  • And yet, a darkness still spreads through the province. For years, a terrible Decay has overtaken the northern reaches of Gavel.
  • As the population grew desperate, some would go on to seek out darker solutions to their concerns, turning to dark magic to stave off-
  • The remaining pages of this book seem to have been ripped out...

Chapter VI: Fruma History

  • Fruma History
  • Chapter VI
  • The Fruma province is the homeland of Humans. Its history is deep and complex. Their borders have been closed only until recently.
  • Historians from Gavel have been sent there to research the mysterious land but were turned away.
  • All that is known is that the land is operated entirely by a powerful monarchy with magical powers that are far in advance of our own.
  • It is believed they withhold magical education from the general public so that the monarchy can be depicted as gods to their subjects.
  • Villagers have not intruded upon Fruma as every convoy to extend the hand of friendship has never returned.
  • Recent developments has shown a huge increase of recruits originating from Fruma joining the Wynn war.
  • They eventually make their way to Gavel in pursuit of adventure after discovering the powerful establishment of the Wynn province.
  • Hopefully we can learn more about Fruma from these people, although initial reports show that they seem to know very little about their own origin.
  • End of Chapter VI.

Chapter VII: Ocean History

  • Ocean History
  • Chapter VII
  • The ocean has always operated as a buffer zone between the Gavel and Wynn province. It was mostly uninhabited for centuries, as the ocean was rough and deadly.
  • It wasn't until the discovery of water magic on a huge scale that mages were able to settle the waves to allow movement of boats across the ocean.
  • Since the wave calming over 100 years ago, the islands in the ocean have been heavily colonized by Humans and Villagers alike, mainly to avoid the creatures of the portal.
  • Although secluded, the islands offered a very desirable haven from the war for many humans, and offered great naval commerce locations for the Villagers.
  • The largest of all islands, Corkus, was not colonised by either Wynn or Gavel, but rather by a group of separatists from Fruma.
  • Not much is known about this land, only that it is incredibly advanced and although the people originally did not know a spell between them, they are now masters of industrial magic.
  • However, much like Fruma, the people there are incredibly secluded, and it is unknown to which province their allegiance holds.
  • Gavel has a lot to learn from the mechanical land of Corkus.
  • The End.

Llevigar Archivist

If you have completed the Secret Discovery, Far Above the Clouds, and after talking to the dragon, you will receive a book titled 'Wealth or Knowledge'. Go to the enchantment table in the middle and the Llevigar Archivist will appear.

  • [- Wealth or Knowledge]


  • Llevigar Archivist: Ahem. Here to return a book, are you? Let me see that.
  • Llevigar Archivist: Wealth or Knowledge... Yes, I remember this book. Sixteen years overdue.
  • Llevigar Archivist: Well, seeing as you certainly aren't the fellow who borrowed it, I suppose I won't fine you for it. Where did you find this, anyway?
  • Llevigar Archivist: ...A dragon in the clouds? Certainly sounds like somewhere he would go. Well, regardless, welcome to Llevigar's Library!
  • Llevigar Archivist: If you need me for anything, I'll be around. Otherwise, feel free to peruse our literature.
  • Llevigar Archivist: Hm... Yes, hello. Do you need anything?
    • [1] How well-versed are you in the history of the world?
      • Llevigar Archivist: Well, I suppose I'm something of an expert on history. You likely wouldn't find someone more knowledgeable than me... Unless they lived through it, of course!
      • Llevigar Archivist: Ah, that aside. Is there a region you're particularly interested in?
        • [1] Tell me about Wynn.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Wynn... Yes, yes, of course. You know, the humans in Wynn have never held history in as high regards as us Gavellians. As such, most of the information we have is... shall I say, incomplete.
          • Llevigar Archivist: You humans instead chose to focus more on the present, rather than the past. That thousand-year war of yours has kept your people uniquely invested in the now.
          • Llevigar Archivist: And, well... I think that's quite an admirable quality of your people. That you have survived a millennia of constant onslaught from the Corruption, and you still have hope for the present. For the future.
          • Llevigar Archivist: So much of what we know of your history is directly tied to your war - from the event that started it all, to the modern politics of your cities. The Corruption is a constant all throughout, in a way that's unique to your province.
          • Llevigar Archivist: And so, despite my interest in the history of the rest of the world, it is Wynn alone that fascinates me in this way.
        • [2] Tell me about Gavel.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Gavel... Let's see here. I suppose a rather interesting period in our history which is relatively unknown is the time after Remikas' rule... And the Wars of the Cousins.
          • Llevigar Archivist: After the death of Gavel's first king, the province saw a time of relative peace. His eldest daughter, Marika the Admired, had a long and peaceful rule until her passing in 463 BP.
          • Llevigar Archivist: The crown was thus given to her son, Emil I. However, following the assassination of an advisor in his court, his legitimacy as king came into question.
          • Llevigar Archivist: His two cousins, Alhard and Sivelle, claimed that Emil I was unfit to rule. Being children of Remikas' eldest son, Aramis, they believed they had a claim to the throne to the throne themselves.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Alhard rebelled first, and later his children followed in his footsteps. The kingdom was split, with Alhard and Sivelle presiding in the Kander Forest, and Emil I holding the citadel of Cinfras.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Over the following decades, these civil wars would continue. Many times would these two factions come into conflict over who truly deserved the crown, prolonging the split of the monarchy.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Eventually, in 431 BP, this conflict would finally come to an end. Sivelle's daughter, Raemin, took the crown, and finalized her victory by having her enemies beheaded. And thus, this period of history has come to a close.
        • [3] Tell me about Corkus.
        • [4] Tell me about Fruma.
        • [5] Not at the moment.
          • Llevigar Archivist: Very well. I'll return to my work.
    • [2] What's your favorite book?
      • Llevigar Archivist: Oh. I'll have to think on that question for a moment.
      • Llevigar Archivist: ...Don't tell anyone this, but one of my favorites is a book titled 'The Long-Winded and Painful Death of Sweeney S. Greenville.'
      • Llevigar Archivist: It is, as the title states, rather long... But it keeps a good sense of humor throughout. And humor is something I don't often find at this job of mine.
      • Llevigar Archivist: I've worked here for nearly forty years, myself. It's quiet work, but something I take solice in.
    • [3] Who was the one that borrowed Wealth or Knowledge?
      • Llevigar Archivist: Oh, don't get me started. He was a nice enough fellow, I suppose. Didn't cause many problems while he was here.
      • Llevigar Archivist: He seemed interested in a variety of topics, and he read through many books while he frequented our library.
      • Llevigar Archivist: I'm unsure if he ever found what he's looking for, though. We have history, yes, but what he was looking for was more... exotic.
      • Llevigar Archivist: Then, of course, he took one of our books and never returned it. For that, he has lost my respect.
    • [4] What's the deal with the book with the torn-out pages?
      • Llevigar Archivist: Oh! Chapter five, is it? Yes, it's an oddity in comparison to the rest of the set.
      • Llevigar Archivist: As for the reasoning for its removal... It's forbidden knowledge, you see. Ever since that Decay has taken hold, well...
      • Llevigar Archivist: Let's just say our government does not look kindly upon talk of dark magic, and leave it at that.
    • [5] I'm just passing through.
      • Llevigar Archivist: Well, hello then, fellow library-goer. If you don't mind, I'll get back to work now.


  • This secret discovery was actually added as a tribute to the removed quest, The Fortuneteller. It alongside Far Above the Clouds were content within the quest that got recycled.
  • The Llevigar Archivist's dialogue has several references in it.
    • The Wars of the Cousins is a reference to the Wars of the Roses in England.
    • 'The Long-Winded and Painful Death of Sweeney S. Greenville' also appears in the quest Beyond the Grave, as well as Out of My Mind.
    • The person who borrowed Wealth or Knowledge was likely Bob.
  • Before 2.0 Chapter 5 was Fruman History, while Chapter 6 was the history of a place of shadows.