Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light

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Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Tags Unlocks Raid
Location The Realm of Light
Province Gavel
Combat Level 79
Starter NPC Lari
Required Quest Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light
Reward As follows:

Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light is a long level 79 quest in which the player and Lari enter The Realm of Light to try to rid it of any dark influences.


The player and Lari enter The Realm of Light, after the events of Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light, and look around to find any dark influences in the Realm for them to destroy.

Stage 1

» Meet up with Lari at [-1053, 46, -4363].



  • Lari: ...
  • Lari: <playername>... Achara... I do not believe I can ever atone for what I have done to you. An apology simply isn't enough.
  • Lari: As infuriating as what you did was, you were following orders... I had every right to be angry, but to try and take your life was ten steps too far.
  • Lari: Even though it is not enough, I will say I am sorry for the pain I caused you. The Guardian was right, in the end.
  • Lari: Without you carrying out Orphion's will, we would not be here. You truly are necessary in this, and I believe I have finally made peace with that.
  • Lari: It has been a long time since I had a partner willing to help me in this way. I was unused to it, I suppose... Still.
  • Lari: If you'll be willing to aid me, it would be a great relief. It has been a thousand years since I entered the Realm of Light...
  • Lari: I can only hope things have not changed much. I remember how it was, right down to the last petal...

Stage 2

» Walk towards the portal with Lari.

Light Portal
-1048, 74, -4345
Wynncraft Map


  • Lari: Wait a moment, <playername>. I have one more thing I would like to say before we enter.
  • Lari: I... I need to thank you. For helping, as you have. For staying by me as you have. There was one other before you like that...
  • Lari: I promise that you will not meet the same fate as him. I will fight with you to the bitter end, achara.
  • Lari: It's time, then. To visit Orphion.

Stage 3

» Jump into the portal after Lari.
You will be shown a cinematic view of The Realm of Light before falling to the entrance near Lari.

Stage 4

» Talk to Lari at [-856, 58, -6002] in the Realm of Light.



  • Lari: Welcome to the Realm of Light then, <playername>. Once you've re-oriented yourself, come over here.
  • Lari: It's so much smaller than it used to be! There used to be many more landmasses, all connected to each other...
  • Lari: I feel... I feel everything in here. With Orphion's light, I can tap into the very core of the realm.
  • Lari: And I can feel disturbances. There are dark creatures here, where there should be none!
  • Lari: I mean, even look at this creature. The light emanating from it is-
  • Lari: Wait. Wh... Why is it attacking you!?
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PinkWoolly.png Pink Woolly 72 6000 Melee -


- The Realm of Light
Near Entrance

Kill the creature to progress.



  • Lari: Its mind was addled by darkness. Poor thing was terrified... Nothing for it though.
  • Lari: I suppose your more ruthless nature is a good thing, in this case. We each will need to fight, if this is as widespread as it feels.
  • Lari: I'll have to prepare myself for that... Being willing to take action will not make it any easier on my conscience.
  • Lari: But I will set that aside, until the day this all becomes a memory. We'll both need to seek the Nexus of Light, Orphion's home. Follow me!

Stage 5

» Follow Lari to Orphion's Nexus of Light at [-801, 90, -6302]



  • Lari: I should have expected this. With the connections severed, of course the bridge to the Nexus would be gone.
  • Lari: This must be because of that horrid parasite... The Guardian of the Forest informed me of the situation afterwards.
  • Lari: The gap may be too far for me to carry you over... Is there a way I can bypass this, I wonder?
  • Lari: Perhaps I can try to bridge the gap myself. Let's see if this will work.
  • Lari: [Gavellian Spell]!
  • Lari: That ought to have worked! Is the Nexus too far to reach?
  • Lari: There has to be some way over... Maybe the direct method is- Hm? Another creature?
  • Lari: This one doesn't seem hostile, <playername>... I'll try and talk with it.
  • Lari: Its mind is whole, but it's wary of your presence. You should stay back, just in case.
  • Lari: So tell me, achara. What is it you sought me for?
  • Lari: Ahh, I see. You wish to see your master once more as well...
  • Lari: The monoliths? Are they what's severed the connections?
  • Lari: Ahh, I understand. I assure you, we will fix this!
  • Lari: It said that the connections to the rest of the realm were severed intentionally by Orphion, in order to protect them.
  • Lari: Two monoliths on this landmass controlled the connections, and they are being drained of their light- As such, they closed the bridges.
  • Lari: The light is still there- But it must be drawn back out. We have our task ahead of us now, achara. We need to go to the first monolith. Follow me!

Stage 6

» Search for the monolith Lari was talking about at [-737, 66, -6052].



  • Lari: I never knew the monoliths kept the realm together as they did. You can see that it is inactive, yes?
  • Lari: There should be bright bands of color going along it, and light pouring from it. This is where we play our roles, <playername>!
  • Lari: It may be getting drained, but there is certainly still light within it, and if that parasite is battling Orphion we should be able to recharge it.
  • Lari: I'll tap into the monolith... You'll need to enter it, and find its core. I'll send a part of Orphion's light with you to activate it once you do.
  • Lari: [Gavellian Spell].
  • Lari: The damage here is minor- Nothing that can't be fixed, thankfully.
  • Lari: Its aura is lowered- Now your soul must enter. I will keep you safe, <playername>.
  • Lari: Allow my magic to open your senses... Good luck, achara.

Stage 7

» Enter the monolith.
You will be transported to a strange area containing only the monolith. Walk under it to enter.

Stage 8

» Find a way to fill the monolith with light.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to fill the monolith with light.

You will first be sent to a strange room containing only a series of doorways. After a set amount of time, you will be transported to the next room. In the next room, you must parkour to the exit at [-153, 19, -9003] by right-clicking the green particles at [-138, 7, -9014] and quickly parkouring across the platforms that spawn. In the next room, the parkour is a bit more complex. First, right-click the particles at [-119, 7, -8975], then the particles at [-119, 7, -8988]. Then, parkour over the wall and right-click the particles at [-139, 7, -8976]. All of the platforms will have spawned at this point, so quickly parkour over the second wall and jump down the hole to enter the next room. In the final room, first right-click the particles at [-128, 7, -8962], then the particles at [-122, 7, -8947], and then the particles near where you spawned in at [-114, 7, -8956]. Parkour up the steps to the top of the first wall, and right-click the particles at the top at [-121, 15, -8963]. Then, parkour over the final wall, jump down, and right-click the particles at the bottom to repair the monolith.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
LurkingAnathema(FirstMonolith).png Lurking Anathema 85 -
Charge AI -

- First Monolith
Doorways Room

Stage 9

» Follow Lari to the next monolith at [-895, 79, -6014].



  • Lari: Welcome back, <playername>. I had few troubles dealing with the creatures trying to get close. Did you have issues inside?
  • Lari: The light is starting to pulse out from the monolith again, so I would say you've succeeded. I suppose we do make a decent team?
  • Lari: Look! The colours are returning to the monolith! It's definitely reactivated. I'll run ahead and get to the other monolith.
  • Lari: Follow the path! The way there is up the big cliff where we first entered the Realm.

Go to the coordinates given in the quest book to find Lari and continue the dialogue.

  • Lari: I'm unsure if you can feel the light returning from the monolith, but I can. I almost feel reborn, with all this energy!
  • Lari: The rift ahead ought to take us to the second monolith, but it doesn't seem to be working, and I'm unsure why.
  • Lari: See? It's inert, which is... Odd. These aren't connected to the energy of the monolith.
  • Lari: It shouldn't be inactive as it is. There's some dark influence around here, but I can't seem to place it.
  • Lari: My only guess is that it's interfering with the rift's energy. I've already scoured the hill though- No dark patches to be seen.
  • Lari: Do you think you could take a second look-
  • Lari: ...maybe you won't need to, after all. That was...
  • Lari: The gliders!
  • Lari: Back up! I'll hold them.
  • Lari: We've found the disturbance... Even beyond this, I'll need to charge the rift with energy to activate it.
  • Lari: Go in peace, tortured ones! Be at one with the light!
  • Lari: Get the rest of them, <playername>! I'll charge the rift!

Stage 10

» Defeat the darkened creatures and progress to the monolith.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BlindingGlider.png Blinding Glider 80 14000 Melee Charge, Meteor


- The Realm of Light
Next to Rift


  • Lari: Thank you, achara. The rift is charged again- Just walk into it!

Walk into the rift at [-938, 83, -6040].

Stage 11

» Enter the second monolith at [-991, 76, -6112].



  • Lari: The process here should be roughly the same. I bring down the barrier, you enter and charge it with the light I provide.
  • Lari: I'll need to focus the energies of the monoliths to reconnect the Nexus of Light to the mainland here, so you'll be alone.
  • Lari: I'll leave a barrier around you. Few creatures live on these cliffs, but best to be certain, of course.
  • Lari: Once you're done, meet me at the cliff near the Nexus. If we're to free Orphion from the parasite, having you along would be a great help.
  • Lari: Good luck, achara. I will see you soon.

As with the first monolith, you must walk under it to be transported inside, and then you must wait in another strange doorway room.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
LurkingAnathema(SecondMonolith).png Lurking Anathema 85 -
Charge AI -

- Second Monolith
Doorways Room

You will then be transported to a large, open room with mirrors for walls and a large mirror on the floor. After the dialogue, the mirror on the floor will emit a series of particles and spawn a miniboss which you must kill to fix the monolith.

  • If you were to look into a mirror... what would you see?
  • Yourself?
  • Or something that another person wants you to see?
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
YourReflection.png Your Reflection? 80 250000 Melee Vanish
Arrow Storm
- - Second Monolith

Stage 12

» Return to the bridge at [-801, 91, -6309].
A short cutscene of the two fixed monoliths sending their light energy over to the bridge, where Lari is, will play. Then, you must travel to the bridge yourself.



  • Lari: Careful, <playername>! Step back a moment!

Lari will cast a spell to create the bridge to the Nexus.

  • Lari: There. The connection to the Nexus is established, and so we'll cross.

Cross the bridge and meet Lari on the other side.



  • Lari: Wait! Something... Something's not quite right...

A dark portal will appear in front of you.

  • Lari: Something's emerging from the gate!
  • Bak'al: Weaklings. You will not interfere.
  • Lari: Interfere?! You're one of the dark!
  • Bak'al: You. Elf girl. You are to be eliminated.
  • Lari: You're the one trespassing in realms not your own!
  • Bak'al: Fool. The Beast quakes with our influence. This land is ours.
  • Lari: <playername>. I think. I found someone. Who deserves to be killed. Help me out?
  • Bak'al: I will not waste my time with that specimen. Now. Face death.

Bak'al will block you from following him and Lari with a magic barrier, but it will break soon after they leave.

Stage 13

» Continue up the road towards Orphion's Nexus of Light.
You will be stopped by more barriers three times on the road, and you will have to kill creatures of darkness to break each barrier.

Note that the wicked magus deals enough damage to drain your hp quick, so avoid his attacks.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DarkHive.png Dark Hive 75 1200 Melee - - 4 Hatchlings Nexus of Light Road
Hatchling.png Hatchling 75 1200 Melee - - - Dark Hive
WickedMagus.png Wicked Magus 80 60000 Ranged Arrow Storm, Meteor

- First Barrier
CicadaHusk.png Cicada Husk 85 35000 Ranged Web, Meteor


- Second Barrier
TheCentipede.png The Centipede 92 67500 Melee Charge, Flamethrower, Multihit

- Third Barrier

Once you have passed the third barrier, continue to the end of the road. A cutscene of Lari fighting Bak'al will play.



  • Lari: <playername>!! Stay back! I'm keeping up but he'll destroy you if you get close!!
  • Lari: AGH, ENOUGH OF THIS! You aren't allowed here, foul thing!
  • Lari: [Gavellian Spell]! [Gavellian Spell]!

Lari will trap Bak'al and summon a powerful sword of light to attack him with. Bak'al will summon a portal and attempt to leave.

  • Lari: No! You won't run- I'll kill you before that!
  • Bak'al: You shall not. Surely your god will smile seeing me leave.
  • Bak'al: We have already won. Your peon is outmatched.
  • Lari: It's not over... IT CAN'T BE, DON'T YOU- TAKE THIS!

Lari will knock Bak'al into the portal and follow him in, closing the portal and ending the quest.

Epilogue Stage

After the quest has finished, going towards the raid keeper for Orphion's Nexus of Light will trigger the following dialogue:

  • There's a faint buzzing in your ears...
  • <playername>... I apologize for leaving you like that. I felt like this was my only chance at defeating this plague - by attacking its core.
  • I have a slight idea of where I'm headed, but... If I'm able to handle him, then maybe I'm powerful enough for this.
  • I've never been one to say goodbyes, but thank you for everything. I know you'll find people just as strong as you are to rescue Orphion in my place.
  • I- I see the end of this... Tunnel. There's- Wait...
  • By the light what is that thing?! S-Stay away f-
  • The buzzing stopped.


  • In stage 8 there is a Glitch that prevents you from clicking the particles at (-119, 7, -8975). This problem can be overcome with a high jumping horse.


  • This quest replaced the old The Realm of Light quest in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update.
  • The Gavellian spells Lari uses in stages 5, 6, and 13 translate to "Athcheangail!", "Biodh an solas seo anois.", and "By the light, I summon thee, aether's judgement! Aid me!".
  • The theme that plays during the fight scene in stage 13 is Genesis of the End.
    • The dialogue in stages 5 and 6 translate from Irish and Scottish Gaelic to "Reconnect!" and "Be this light now.