Tisaun Sodeta

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Tisaun Sodeta
Character Info
Aliases Defender of the Citadel
Species Human
Born 879 AP, Troms
Died 944 AP, Canyon of the Lost
(aged 65)
Allegiance Sodeta Guild
Information Founder of the Sodeta Guild, he was a hero of the people, who saved countless lives both in the Corruption War, and as leader of the guild. After his death the quality of the guild and its members declined.
Here lies our great founder, Tisaun Sodeta. May he guide us through the endless fight.
~ Tisaun's Gravesite at the Guild Hall

Tisaun Sodeta was a brave and capable soldier from Wynn Province who later became a mercenary and guild leader. A hero of the Corruption War, he is famous for his single-handed defeat of a horde of one thousand undead. He also founded and led the Sodeta Guild, establishing the system of guilds that persists to this day.


In Wynn Province

Tisaun was born in 879 AP. Originally a prince of Troms, he relinquished his title at a young age to join the military in the defense of the province.[1] As a soldier, he won great acclaim for single-handedly defeating a horde of one thousand undead that laid siege to Troms while its armies were preoccupied; not only was he equipped with only a shoddy chestplate and spear, but he managed the feat without taking a scratch.[2][3]

Alongside many of his fellow soldiers, Tisaun founded the Sodeta Guild, the first of the modern guilds.[3] The Sodeta guildsmen were based out of Delnar Manor deep in the Dernel Jungle, and eventually became well known throughout the province as heroic and honourable warriors in the Corruption War.

In Gavel Province

The Sodeta Guild's exploits ultimately came to the attention of the government of Gavel, who invited Tisaun and his men to relocate to the province's central city, Cinfras. There, alongside an unknown villager partner, Tisaun opened the Cinfras Guild Hall in 925 AP.[1] It was his hope that the guilds would "create a world where anyone willing to fight could become a real hero."[4]

For the next two decades, Tisaun and the Sodeta Guild remained well-regarded heroes in both Gavel and Wynn, protecting the people of the provinces. In 944 AP, however, almost the entire Sodeta Guild was dispatched by the Gavellian government to the Canyon of the Lost in order to defeat an infamous sorcerer practicing illegal soul-binding magic.[5] They never returned; the guildsmen's souls were bound to a remote valley in the Canyons.[6] A gravestone for Tisaun was erected at the Guild Hall, but it is implied that he was among those who disappeared, and his body may not have actually been recovered.

After the disappearance of the Sodeta guildsmen, although the Sodeta Guild still existed, it soon fell into obscurity and disgrace, supplanted by a rapid influx[7] of other guilds more focused on wealth and glory. Today, the Sodeta Guild is essentially a small mercenary band based near Troms, led by Franza, a descendant of one of the original members. According to him, it is unlikely Tisaun would recognize what the guild has become.[8][9]

In-Game References


Tisaun's Grave

A grave dedicated to Tisaun can be found at the Cinfras Guild Hall, protected by the Sodeta Honour Guard. The inscription on the grave reads as follows:

  • The inscription on the gravestone reads "Here lies our great founder, Tisaun Sodeta. May he guide us through the endless fight."
  • An unsettlingly powerful energy seems to blanket the area. There is potential here for... something. But not yet...


  • The battle that gave Tisaun his fame may have been the same one that ruined General Skien.
    • Skien believes Tisaun and his guild as traitors, probably because they sold out to the villagers.
  • The Sodeta Guild is the oldest known guild, and is part of the explanation behind player run guilds that can be made in their place of power.
    • This makes the actions of the player makes sense, as they're randomly running around places that clearly are not their job to worry about as a Ragni soldier, is understandable if you look at them like a member of a guild, who are often compared to mercenaries for hire in the current time.


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