Ancient Wynnic Transcriber

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Ancient Wynnic Transcriber

Item Book
Type Untradable
Obtain Enter the Wynn Plains Monument
Usage Translating Ancient Wynnic

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Ancient Wynnic Transcriber is an untradable book obtained by entering the Wynn Plains Monument and viewing the flashback inside. This can be done after discovering every other Secret Discovery in the Wynn Plains region, meaning the Transcriber can only be obtained at level 20 or higher. It serves as a key for transliterating text between the Ancient Wynnic script, found in some places throughout Wynn Province, and English script. The Transcriber contains the Wynnic counterparts to each letter of the English alphabet, numbers from 1 to 10 (as well as 50 and 100), and certain pieces of punctuation.

Most instances of Ancient Wynnic were added to the game alongside the Transcriber and the Monument as part of the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update.

Occurrence of Ancient Wynnic Text

The Transcriber key

Currently, no quests or other content require translating Wynnic text. For the most part, the Transcriber is thus a novelty item, though some instances of Ancient Wynnic do conceal minor bits of lore or other items of note that one may translate if interested. Notable occurrences of Ancient Wynnic script include:

  • In the flashback inside the Wynn Plains Monument itself, the spells cast by Bob are accompanied by exclamations written in Wynnic. In order, these translate as "Rising Uppercut", "Diving Earthshatter", "Frost Serpent", "Arrow Barrage", and "Fire Bomb".
  • In Kingdom of Sand, the Wynnic spell Lanu speaks in order to break the seal over the Sand-Swept Tomb's entrance translates to "By scorching heat and shifting sand, break the barrier that seals this land!"
  • The dying creature found in the underground Timeless Ruin says, in Wynnic: "The olm cannot survive here, it is coming for us."
  • At the end of the quest A Journey Further, an unknown entity says in Wynnic: "And the hero shall blind the ancient seer, good luck."
  • The Eye speaks in Wynnic when Deathknell Gazer is not killed during the boss fight.
  • When Eldritch Outlook Key Guardian is killed, The Eye says "I will be expecting you." in Wynnic.
  • Wynnic has been used on several occasions in official Wynncraft posts, teasers and media.
  • On the rune sealing Orphion in the Realm of Light.
  • The tablets in Fate of the Olm.