Wynn Plains Monument

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Wynn Plains Monument SiteIcon.png
Wynn Plains Monument
Discovery Lore
This ancient monument only opens to those it deems worthy. Inside is contained secrets of the Wynn Plains that few eyes have ever seen.
Coordinates X: -226, Z: -1500
Suggested Level 20
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Wynn Plains Secret Discoveries found.

Wynn Plains Monument is a Secret Discovery located in the Nivla Woods. It is a monument for all those who have discovered all other Wynn Plains Secret Discoveries. It is shown that Ragni had nearly fallen before Bak'al. During his final push against the fort, Bob appeared from his training and decimated Bak'al's armies. Since then, Bak'al has not been able to set foot in any city.


-226, -1500
Wynncraft Map
  • Enter the monument after finding all other discoveries.


Nivla Forest

886 AP

[1/7] Soldier 1: I-I can’t run anymore. Get back to Ragni and close the gates! We might be able to hold him the-

[2/7] Soldier 2: Are you insane? You saw how that BEAST slaughtered our entire regiment! We're done fo-

[3/7] Soldier 1: Oh no.. He’s here.

[4/7] Bak'al: There is nowhere left for you fools to run. Now witness as the will of my master purges this province for good.

[5/7] Soldier 2: No... NO! GET AWAY- AAAAGHHH!!!!


[7/7] Bak'al: And now, Ragni is left defenseless. This land will be purified, just like the rest.


[1/7] Bob: I will never let this city fall again.

[2/7] Bak'al: Another soldier..? It matters not. End him!

[3/7] Bob: [Wynnic spell]

[4/7] Bak'al: A foolhardy display of power means nothing to me. Again, peons!

[5/7] Bob: [Wynnic Spell]

[6/7] Bak'al: Your power.. it's... I wasn't prepared for this.. Retreat, peons!

[7/7] Bob: Oh no, YOU'RE not getting away!

[1/3] Bob: [Wynnic Spell]

[2/3] Bob: [Wynnic Spell]

[3/3] Bob: [Wynnic Spell]

[1/3] Bob: I spent my entire life preparing for this. I will NEVER let this province fall.

[2/3] Bak'al: The Twains said the same thing to me, once. And just like them, you will fall helplessly at my feet.

[3/3] Bob: I've learned from the Twains' mistakes! I refuse to fall as easily as they did!

By 886 AP, years of attacks left Ragni on its knees.

Bak'al, leader of the corrupt, lead one final attack on the fort to finish it.

However, a hero fresh from his training around the province, returned.

Bob stood against Bak'al for the first time and demonstrated magic unseen by human eyes.

Since then, Bak'al has not been able to enter a city that fell under Bob's protection. Bob stands as the only being in history who could contend with the terrifying leader of the Corrupt on their own.

Bob has been missing since 984 AP.

Ancient Wynnic Transcriber

  • After the cutscenes end you can enter the monument in the past and collect an Ancient Wynnic Transcriber which allows you to transcribe the Wynn symbols shown in some cutscenes.


  • The transcribed things that Bob says is:
    • Rising Uppercut
    • Diving Earthshatter
    • Frost Serpent
    • Arrow Barrage
    • Fire Bomb
  • Bak'al makes reference to the Twains and how they fell against him in battle, leaving the province helpless.