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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Ancient Wynnic is a rune-like alphabetical writing system invented by the Olm and featured many times throughout the game, as well as in logos and teasers around the game. It was first introduced without any transcription or character list, resulting in a large collaborative effort by the community to "solve" the alphabet.

The player is given an Ancient Wynnic Transcriber after having seen the Wynn Plains Monument discovery, which can be used to translate the very few pieces of Ancient Wynnic found during a normal playthrough.

Ancient Wynnic is not to be confused with regular Wynnic, which is English spoken throughout the game.


  • It appears in many, even most, of the larger Wynncraft logos. The standard logo reads "war of the realms."
  • A dying Olm is seen talking it in the Timeless Ruin discovery.
  • Salted's Gavel Teasers contained some Ancient Wynnic. (The Puzzle & Gavel Teaser #6)
  • Some of the dialogue of Bob in the Wynn Plains Monument discovery is in Ancient Wynnic, specifically the spells he casts.
  • In the Light Forest, there is a cave which has a circle with an Ancient Wynnic E on it.
  • The mage Lanu channels a spell by speaking in Ancient Wynnic during the quest Kingdom of Sand. The translation reads: "By scorching heat and shifting sand, break the barrier that seals this land!"
  • On the extreme southwest of the entire Wynncraft map, there is an Ancient Wynnic phrase on a giant black box covering the area which translated to "Coming Soon". This is Fruma, an endgame province that is to be released.
  • The Eye, on multiple occasions, speaks Wynnic. Namely:
    • At the end of Fantastic Voyage, it will say "Another attempt to evade my sight," and "Begone from my sight, interloper," both in Irish.
    • When you kill an Eldritch Outlook Key Guardian, it says "I will expect you" in Irish.
    • When a Deathknell Wretch reaches the Eye, it says "Begone from my sight", also in Irish.
    • At the end of A Journey Further, Ancient Wynnic text appears reading "And the hero shall blind the ancient seer. Good luck." This text is in English rather than Irish.
  • Garoth speaks in Ancient Wynnic throughout the Timelost Sanctum.
  • Ancient Wynnic appears in each of the festival mysteries.[1][2][3]
  • Ancient Wynnic appears in the Wynnic Symbols player effect, with the letters A, E, and V being depicted.


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