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Selchar CityIcon.png
A screenshot of Selchar from the centre of town
Discovery Lore
Founded in 970AP after the waves calmed, this city became the bridge between Gavel and Wynn. It flourishes in trade and enjoys a safe haven from the dangers of both provinces.
Coordinates X: 100, Z: -3150
Suggested Level 25
Standard Merchants
Weapon Merchant Level 23, 26
Potion Merchant Level 20, 25, 30, 35
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Seasail Merchant
Potion Merchant
Treasure Merchant
Weapon Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Quest Starts Craftmas Chaos
The Envoy Part I
Type/Biomes Ocean Island
Island Size Large
Docks South: 75, -3060

Selchar is a town located on an island in the Ocean off the shore of Nemract and was added as a part of the "Ocean" update. The city has one bank with many merchants. A Weapon Merchant, an Item Identifier, Blacksmiths, a Treasure Merchant which buys treasures, and a Scroll Merchant can be found. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a Liquid Emerald Merchant or a Powder Master.

The town features two islands (And a tiny third one) all connected with bridges, and speckled with caves on the sides with a few chests. Due to its abundance of amenities, and access to both the V.S.S. Seaskipper and C.S.S. Wavebreaker, it is frequently occupied by players despite being level 25, as it remains useful until after level 93 where content in Corkus can be accessed via Kandon-Beda's hot air balloon.


In 970 AP, Selchar was founded and inhabited by Humans and Villagers alike long after the mages of Mage Island calmed the waves of the Ocean. It quickly became the center of trade in the region, having one of the busiest ports in the world. Shortly after its founding, however, the city's government refused to allow the mages to establish a magic academy in the city, forcing the mages to relocate it elsewhere, on an island now known as Grookwarts.[1]

Lately, the city has also garnered the attention of envoys from Corkus, who are trying to get Corkus recognized as a province from the other provinces of the world, due to the city's position as the crossroads between lands. They have also established a travel system between Selchar and Corkus through a ship named the C.S.S. Wavebreaker.[2]



Points of interest


  • The Docks are located on the southern side of the island. They are distinguishable as they are at a significantly lower elevation
  • The Main Island is the large area of land populated by buildings
  • The Western Island is connected to the Main Island via a bridge to the west.


  • The Hourglass Tower is very similar to the one in Detlas, and was constantly spawning hourglass sand, which was needed for the removed Sister City quest. It is located on the southern side of the Main Island.
  • A Bovine Church is located on the stairs leading up to the Main Island from the Docks.
  • The Bank is the only building found on the Western Island, connected with a bridge to the Main Island.

Seasail Boats

Crafting Stations

  • A Tailoring Station is located near the Blacksmith

  • A Weaponsmithing Station is located near the Weapon and Armor merchants.

  • An Armouring Station is located next to the Weaponsmithing Station.

  • A Scribing Station is located to the North side of the island, next to the Trade Market.

  • An Alchemism Station is located to the South West side of the center island, next to the Treasure Merchant.

  • A Jeweling Station is located on the docks.

  • A Woodworking Station is located next to the Jeweling Station.

  • A Cooking Station is located across from the Jeweling and the Woodworking Station.


  • The Treasure Merchant is found in a merchant style tent on the southern side of the Main Island. It buys man items found in the Seavale Reefs in exchange for Emeralds.

  • The Seasail Merchant is found on the southern side of the Docks in a small hut. The merchant buys now discontinued passes for the V.S.S. Seaskipper.

  • Selchar's Emerald Merchant is found in the Bank and it operates in the same way as all other Emerald Merchants.

  • Selchar's Blacksmiths are located in the centre of the Main Island and work as per normal.

  • Selchar's Potion Merchant is located in a large building on the west side of the Main Island. It sells a variety of Level 20-35 Potions as well as the exclusive Potion of Drunkness.

  • Selchar's Scroll Merchant is located in a smaller building on the west side of the Main Island. The Selchar Scroll can be purchased for 40 Emeralds.

  • Selchar's Weapon Merchant is located to the south-east of the Main Island and sells Level 23-26 Weapons.

  • Selchar's Item Identifier is located in a building to the south-east of the Main Island and functions as normal.





  • The name "Selchar" is derived from Grian's real name, Charles.
  • The original version of the town was made by pinkvest123 and blueshirt123, without the use of any external building plugins, for a contest hosted by Grian during the summer of 2012.