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Corkus City CityIcon.png
A screenshot of Corkus City
Discovery Lore
The main city of the patriotic Corkians, refugees from Fruma who settled on the island. They've used the art of electromagic to build machines.
Coordinates X: -1615, Z: -2924
Suggested Level 85
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 81-88
Weapon Merchant Level 82-88
Potion Merchant Level 80, 85, 90, 95, 100
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Powder Exchange
Quest Starts The Envoy II
Involved Quests The Envoy I
A Hunter's Calling

Corkus City is the capital city of the Corkus Province. It has a Bank, Item Identifier, Powder Master and Blacksmith, along with the new Powder Exchange, which currently only exists in Corkus. There are many tier 1 and tier 2 loot chests in the city, as well as two tier 3 loot chests.


Corkus City was founded by the Corkians, a group of Humans who escaped their homeland of Fruma 350 years ago by crossing its northern mountain range, reaching the island of Corkus.[1] They settled on the island and founded the city under a democratic government led by the City Council.[2] However, there was a population native to the island that already lived there for a long time: the Avos, a bird-like humanoid species that lived in the highlands.[1]

The Avos welcomed the Fruman refugees to the island, but as the Humans kept spreading and expanding through the land, they were forced to only settle in the mountains of Corkus, in the modern-day Avos Territory.[1] Not all Avos were content with letting the Humans take over the island, one example being the Phoenix Prince, who would later lead his people underground and create a city. As the Avos were not adapted to living underground, they slowly lost their feathers and died out.[3] Nonetheless, the Humans and Avos were allied and mostly on good terms.

As they were left to their own devices for hundreds of years, the Corkians, who'd lost all of their magic knowledge after crossing the Fruman mountains, invented a new type of magic named electromagic with which they built most of their modern infrastructure: from mechs to batteries.[1] At some point, they even built the Factory, a massive structure which they called their "national monument". The Factory could produce an entire army of mechs in a week.[1] However, the intelligent mechanism which led the Factory, the Antikythera Supercomputer, later went "haywire" and started defying the Corkians as it believed that they were destroying the island and threatening the Avos.[4]

Relations between the Corkians and Avos soon soured further, as the Avos believed that the Humans were harming the environment with their inventions and with the desperate Factory-produced mechs that travelled through the island, scavenging scrap metal for spare parts and at points threatening the City itself just to obtain new material.[5][6] As the Factory began actively working against the Corkians, they shut the entire structure down, which continues to lay dormant to this day.[1]

When the Ocean's waves were calmed by the mages of Mage Island a hundred years ago,[7][8] the Corkians built a large port behind the City's castle, the Corkus Docks, with which ships could enter and leave Corkus at any point. At some point, they also established a hot-air balloon travel system with the Villagers of Kandon-Beda. Corkus Island was still recognized to be Avos territory by all other provinces,[1] which prompted Corkus City to send out envoys to cities such as Selchar in an attempt to gain recognition, creating a travel system between the two cities through the C.S.S. Wavebreaker ship.[5]

However, a group of patriots called the Corkian Separatists didn't want to welcome tourists and envoys from Wynn or Gavel, their leader claiming that if they did, the Wynn Humans' bloodlust and the Villagers' greed would ruin the province, which up until that point had remained relatively peaceful, far from the Corruption War or the Decay. They set up hideout in the docks of Corkus City, where they remain hidden to this day.[9]



Points of interest

Hot Air Balloon

  • The stairwell to the Hot Air Balloon is located to the east, with arrows and signs pointing out where to go. The Hot Air Balloon travels to Kandon-Beda in Gavel and vice versa. In order to use the balloon, you must have completed the quest The Envoy Part II.


  • The north gate goes towards the geysers and the Avos Territory.
  • The east gate goes into the Corkus Castle, Corkus Docks and a small vault which can be entered through a hole in the wall in the outskirts of the city.
  • The south gate heads towards Relos (on the left) and the Fallen Factory (on the right).
  • The west gate heads towards a forest (on the left) and The Five Gears Diner (on the right, used in The Envoy Part I).


  • The Corkus Castle is east of Corkus City, and has many loot chests and easter eggs for the player to find.


  • A Potion Merchant is located at the north-west corner of the city centre.

  • A Weapon Merchant is located further north, on the left.

  • A marketplace with a few crafting stations is directly opposite the weapon merchant.

  • An Identifier is located in the north-east corner. It also opens up at the back, to the marketplace mentioned above.

  • A Bank is directly opposite the Identifier, in the south-east corner, with entrances on the south and east paths.
  • The Blacksmith is outside of the Bank, at the corner of the city centre.
  • The Trade Market is on the opposite of the city centre from the Blacksmith.

  • A Liquid Emerald Merchant is located on the lower level of the Bank.

  • Directly opposite the Bank's south entrance is a Scroll Merchant, in the south-west corner.

  • An Armour Merchant is located on the west side.

  • A Powder Master is further south, on the left.

  • The Powder Exchange is directly opposite, on the right.


Security Bot N4T17


Seasail Boats

C.S.S. Wavebreaker travels to Selchar and vice versa.



  • Corkus City is mainly built with wood, bricks and stone bricks, like most of Corkus Island.
  • There is a Talking Mushroom dialogue inside the city. If you go to the southern gate, and get on top of the wall, there will be a cannon. Pressing the button will trigger a dialogue and send you flying into a hot air balloon, above Corkus City.
  • There is a secret room underneath the city containing a map of the original Corkus concept map along with "MAGISTER CAPULUS TEMPUS", a Latin approximation of MrCoffeeTime's name.