Avos Animation Totem (Mob)

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Disambig.png This article is about the mob that resides within the cave of the same name. For the cave, see Avos Animation Totem (Cave).
Avos Animation Totem
Level 98
Health 170,000
AI Type Melee
Abilities Searing Beam, Backstep, Thrown Bomb, Lunge Spin, Lunge Punch, Wind Thrust, Groundslam
Location Avos Animation Totem (Cave)

The Avos Animation Totem is a level 98 miniboss found in its eponymous cave.


The totem is a melee enemy that follows the player and deals damage by coming into contact with them.

Unlike most other mobs in the game, the totem has an array of script spells. There are seven in total:

  • Searing Beam - A rainbow-colored beam will be fired from the totem telegraphed by the zombie woodbreak sound. The beam follows players, and any player caught in the beam will be frozen for two seconds.
  • Backstep - A backwards charge that will scale with the proximity of the player; the closer the player is, the further it will jump back.
  • Thrown Bomb - The totem will fire a single line of fire.
  • Lunge Spin - The totem will lunge towards the player, doing a spin attack to deal damage.
  • Lunge Punch - The totem will face the player and punch them back.
  • Wind Thrust - A non-following beam will be fired from the totem, launching the player upwards upon being hit.
  • Groundslam - The totem will jump high up into the air before slamming down on the ground, dealing AoE damage.


The totem currently has no known drops.


The Avos Animation Totem will always spawn in its cave when rendered.

-1759, 37, -2450
Wynncraft Map

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
AvosAnimationTotem.png Avos Animation Totem 98 170,000 Melee Searing Beam
Thrown Bomb
Lunge Spin
Lunge Punch
Wind Thrust
- - Avos Animation Totem