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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

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Other Information
Corkus is an island pseudo-province that was added to Wynncraft in the 1.16 Corkus Update.
The slow release of the Fruman population into the province of Wynn began a thousand years ago, at the start of Wynn's corruption outbreak. [...] 350 years ago, however, a splinter group left Fruma through the mountains on the northern coastline. This was a feat previously thought impossible due to the unnatural mountain range and another, heavily guarded passage. These rebels were highly skilled workers who, much like the Wynn recruits, lost the memories of their origins once they passed through the mountains. Confused, scared and vulnerable, they migrated to a large island close to the northern gate: the island of Corkus.
~ From Chapters II and III of The Isle of Industry

Corkus Island is a high-level island of limited recognition near the western edge of Wynn's Ocean. It was added to the map in the 1.15 Wynnter 2016 Update, but initially could not be accessed by players. On 24th March, 2017, Wynncraft released a trailer for Corkus, and it was fully released in the 1.16 Corkus Update on 7th April. A full changelog of the update can be accessed here.

The island can be accessed primarily by the C.S.S. Wavebreaker, a ship that ferries people from Selchar to Corkus; however, this method of travel is only available at level 83, after starting The Envoy Part I and beginning the storyline of Corkus. It can also be accessed at any time by water (either by swimming or by traditional boats). After completing The Envoy Part II, the player will also gain access to a hot-air balloon route between Corkus City and Kandon-Beda in Gavel. There are three major settlements in Corkus: Corkus City, Relos and the Avos Territory up north.

Storyline in brief

The original inhabitants of Corkus were the Avos, a race of avian humanoids who live in a shamanistic society, with beliefs and practises entrenched in spritual and natural magic.[1]

In 650AP, a group of separatist humans managed to escape the monarchy of Fruma through the northern mountains. Like all that exit the Fruman borders, they lost their memories, and migrated to the nearby island of Corkus.[1]

Many of the Avos took the humans in with a warm welcome, and granted them a place to live in.[1] Some Avos, including their prince, did not approve of the humans, and led a part of their people underground, where they eventually died.[2]

In the end, it seems like the prince was right after all, as the humans began taking more land and resources to themselves. The Avos granted them their own borders, and moved to live high on the mountains. The entire island of Corkus is officially Avos territory, though this is not the case in reality.[1]

The Corkian humans were skilled workers, and formed an industrial nation. When they left Fruma, they did not know a bit of magic, but instead, they mastered an entirely new type of magic: Eletromagic, the magic of machines. They utilized this new form of magic to create new and advanced machines to help them.[1]

As the humans grew stronger, the Avos hid a powerful artifact which legends speak of, the Necklace of a Thousand Storms, inisde a well-hidden chamber. To this date, no one has found the necklace.[3]

The Corkians seeked for more and more recognition, which they did not do via conquest or economical domination, but their national monument: The Factory. A man named Cerid, who is thought to be the smartest person on Corkus, spent years designing it[1], and most importantly, the Antikythera Supercomputer, the heart of the factory.[4] The Antikythera Supercomputer was an artificial being of Electromagic, and even more intelligent than Cerid himself. The Factory could produce an army of mechs in a matter of weeks.[1]

But, the Corkians did not expect that the Factory and the mechs would go against their creators. As the human-avos conflict got worse, and the Antikythera Supercomputer saw what the humans did to the Avos, it simply followed its prime order: "Attack the highest immediate threat".[4] The machines started to rebel agains the humans, but the Factory was shut down in time. Some mechs still remain, searching the island for spare parts.[1]

Currently, the human population of Corkus still has limited diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, and strive to gain recognition. There are still separatist groups, who don't want either the warring humans of Wynn or the greedy villagers of Gavel to their nation, with many of them running free.[5]


Corkus Island is divided into two main regions:

Human Territory

The lands of Corkus that the humans own are infested with mechs, being produced from their own factory. There are two major settlements, Corkus City and Relos, both filled with devices of electromagic.

Avos Territory

The northern mountains of Corkus are inhabited by the native Avos. Mechs are rarely seen here, and when traversing the area, you will more likely encounter the many native species of the Avos Territory. Recently, there have been conflicts between the humans and the Avos, so getting here may be difficult.


Corkus was initially conceived by Wynncraft Forums member MrCoffeeTime, in a suggestion thread that was lost in the 9/7 forum wipe, although here's a revamped version of a Corkus suggestion thread: click here. He suggested an island province called Corkus that the player and other humans would originate from; the original thread included ideas for Corkus City, a region called "Corkus Outsides", Relos, and Legendary Island. The thread quickly became a meme on the Forums, and was the subject of an April Fools joke by a moderator of the server, Tantibus, which caused confusion among some players.

On August 29th, 2016, almost 4 months later, it was confirmed that Corkus was to become a real place in Wynn lore; in fact, Tantibus' April Fools thread did contain some true information about the upcoming expansion. Though it included some significant changes from the original suggestion, Corkus was officially released in April 2017. An easter egg homage, including a recreation of the original map of Corkus and the phrase "MAGISTER CAPULUS TEMPUS" (a Latin approximation of MrCoffeeTime's name), can still be found in a hidden room beneath Corkus City.

In-game references

Before the release of Corkus, the island was referenced by the Engineer on Selchar, who spoke of a province he came from that was neither Wynn nor Gavel. He said "Perhaps one day you'll be allowed to visit, but it's invite only." Following the release, the Engineer was removed, and Olivin took his place on Selchar introducing players to Corkus. A villager on the docks named Neny also refers to "the bird island" and visiting Corkian delegates.

The book on Ocean history in Llevigar's Library also mentions Corkus as a largely-unknown island inhabited by masters of industrial magic.