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There are currently 10 different playable classes in Wynncraft, five main classes and an alternate, visually improved version of each class for ranks VIP, VIP+ and HERO.

Archer.png Warrior.png Mage.png Assassin.png Shaman.png
Main Class
Donor Class
Hunter (VIP)
Knight (VIP)
Dark Wizard (VIP+)
Ninja (VIP+)
Skyseer (HERO)

Each class has its own weaknesses and strengths, and uses different weapons, allowing for different play-styles. As of 1.19, Archer, Warrior, Mage, Assassin, and Shaman each have a counterpart, which are Hunter, Knight, Dark Wizard, Ninja, and Skyseer, respectively. The 1.19 update added the Shaman class, which specializes in crowd control but has very weak defense. Each counterpart uses all the same weapons and armour as their original, varying only aesthetically to their original in spell design, but not in effect. Classes are further customizable by distributing Skill Points and developing the Ability Tree. As of 2.0 Skill Points can be freely redistributed as long as one is within a city, including removing upgrades you have purchased whilst being in the same city. If you leave the city and re-enter it you may not remove any more points. The Ability Tree can be reset by using 3 Ability Shards.

Multiple classes

Players may have different classes, each with different progress. They may switch between them using /class command. Each class is completely separate from the rest except Bank, Trade Market and guild, rank and friends.

Without rank, a player may have a maximum of 6 class slots. 9 with V.I.P., 11 with V.I.P.+ and 14 with HERO and CHAMPION.