Fantastic Voyage

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Fantastic Voyage CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Location Jofash Docks
Province Ocean
Combat Level 90
Starter NPC Relend
Reward As follows:

Fantastic Voyage is a a long level 90 quest, starting in the coastal town of Jofash Docks and playing out on Gateway Island and in a mysterious place.


Relend is looking for his old friend who adventured to Gateway Island. After finding the player, Relend tries to find his old friend he lost, all while both him and the player stumble upon a mysterious place of darkness...

Stage 1

» Speak to Relend.

1304, 35, -4043
Wynncraft Map


  • Relend: Let's go, just you and me! On a grand voyage across the sea!
  • Relend: We'll go in search of a long-lost island, old chap! And here I have the guidance map!
  • Relend: The map, oh so grand! Why, I have it here in my hand!
  • Relend: It's a map to a magical place! I sure hope it doesn't vanish without a tra-

A parrot will then swoop in and take the map.

  • Relend: Good grief! That raucous parrot is such a little thief!
  • Relend: If we are to explore the ocean blue, that parrot you surely must pursue!

Stage 2

» Retrieve the map back from the parrot.

You have to talk to several different NPCs in Jofash Dock.

Fine Jofash Resident


  • Jofash Resident: Oh... H-hello...
  • Jofash Resident: C-Can I help you...?
    • [1] Just saying hello. [EXIT]
      • Jofash Resident: Ah... A-Alright...
    • [2] Are you alright?
      • Jofash Resident: Uh? O-oh, yes, sorry...
      • Jofash Resident: I'm doing j-just fine... Just... I'm just fine...
      • Jofash Resident: ...
      • Jofash Resident: I feel p-pretty good actually.
    • [3] What are you doing?
      • Jofash Resident: Uh? I'm just... uh...
      • Jofash Resident: I'm n-not sure... uh, actually...
      • Jofash Resident: ...
      • Jofash Resident: ...w-what are you doing?
    • [4] What's with Relend?
      • Jofash Resident: Uh? R-Relend..? Rel and w-who...?
      • Jofash Resident: Uh... I-I'm sorry, I don't know who you m-mean...
      • Jofash Resident: I'm, uh, well I'm, uh...
      • Jofash Resident: ...
      • Jofash Resident: ...sorry, I d-don't know...
    • [5] Have you seen a parrot around here?
      • Jofash Resident: Uh? O-oh a parrot?
      • Jofash Resident: L-L-Like a b-bird?! I l-love birds!
      • Jofash Resident: I will look for it... Human...
      • Jofash Resident: Y-you can count o-on me... I will find the bird.

Jofash Clairvoyant


  • Jofash Clairvoyant: Welcome, welcome! How can I be of service to you, o' traveler?
  • Jofash Clairvoyant: How can I be of service to you, o' traveler?
    • [1] Just here to say hi. [EXIT]
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Hello... hello! You have said... hello!
    • [2] What service do you provide?
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Why, I am glad you asked, though I knew you would, of course!
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: For you see... I am gifted with foresight, the future's memories come to me like no other!
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: For the low, low price of [1 LE], your future will be foretold!
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: What do you say? Ha-ha, I ask out of courtesy, for I know what you will choose.
    • [3] Can you tell me my fortune? [1 LE]
      • -[1 LE]
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: A wise choice, though expected, o' traveler!
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Now... I must consult the spirits...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ......
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ............
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ........................
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Aha! O' traveler! Your fortune is as clear to me as the sky on a very clear day!
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: You...
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are being watched!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...will grow a little bit older, very soon!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are really nice!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...will feel disappointed!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are going to lose [1 LE]!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...should've watched your step!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...were homeless!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are now breathing manually!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...will find prosperity!
        • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are going to be homeless!
        • Recently did Recipe For Disaster:
          • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...enjoyed local cuisine!
        • If you went through the Bread Enthusiast's dialogue about Bread:
          • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...really like bread!
        • Refund:
          • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...are going to get... a refund? What!? Oh, come on!
          • [+1 LE]
    • [4] What's with Relend?
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Relend! Oh, the spirits have much to say of that man...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: More than most, he has seen... More than perhaps most should...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Do not be fooled, o' traveler! Many a map has been snatched from his gnarled grasp...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: ...perhaps your fortune shall reveal more! Worth a shot, hey?
    • [5] Have you seen a parrot around here?
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Aha... another one who follows the winged reaper...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Yes... o' traveler... I have seen the parrot many a time... yes, indeed...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: Today, however, the wraith flies a unique way, one my eyes have not glimpsed.
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: The keeper of the Tavern by my southern stall-mate will know its whereabouts...
      • Jofash Clairvoyant: wary, o' traveler.

Tavern Owner


  • Tavern Owner: Howdy, welcome to Jo's Tavern. What can I get for ya?
  • Tavern Owner: What can I get for ya?
    • [1] I'm alright. [EXIT]
      • Tavern Owner: No worries, let me know if you need anythin'.
    • [2] How are you doing?
      • Tavern Owner: Oh, me? I'm doing just fine, mate.
      • Tavern Owner: This place is pretty popular among sailors, so we get a decent amount a' traffic for such a small place.
      • Tavern Owner: 's the only thing keeping me here, quite honestly. Lots'a crazies in this little town, it's nice to meet some normal folk, ya know?
    • [3] Can I grab a Nemract Whiskey? [5 E]
      • Tavern Owner: One Nemract Whiskey, comin' up!
    • [4] Can I grab a Jofash Rum? [4 EB]
      • Tavern Owner: One Jofash Rum, comin' up!
    • [5] Can I grab a Llevigar Pinot? [6 EB]
      • Tavern Owner: One Llevigar Pinot, comin' up!
    • [6] Can I grab an Ahmsord Absinthe? [18 EB]
      • Tavern Owner: One Ahmsord Absinthe, comin' up!
      • Tavern Owner: sure you like this stuff?
    • [7] What's with Relend?
      • Tavern Owner: ...Relend? That old guy out front?
      • Tavern Owner: Typical resident here, if you ask me, totally nuts.
      • Tavern Owner: 's a weird one for sure, always speakin' in his little rhymes. Somethin's really snapped up there.
      • Tavern Owner: I've had loads a' folk come in here real angry 'bout the guy.
      • Tavern Owner: 'pparently he takes 'em for joyrides 'round the sea and gets all sorts'a labor out of 'em, then just drops 'em back here.
      • Tavern Owner: Ha! Guess he knows how to get some free work done, I'll give 'im that. Maybe he ain't so insane after all, eh?
    • [8] Have you seen a parrot around here?
      • Tavern Owner: ...Oh, you're goin' out with Relend, hey? You sure?
      • Tavern Owner: You know he's nuts, right mate? Y'not gonna find any treasure or anythin'.
      • Tavern Owner: Well, whatever, mate. Yeah, the parrot's out on the patio, to the right of me, last I checked.
      • Tavern Owner: Have a nice trip, mate, if ya can catch it, that is. Heh...

Sleeping Jofash Resident


  • Sleeping Jofash Resident: Zzzzzzzz...
  • He seems pretty comfortable, best not to disturb him.

Bread Enthusiast


  • Jofash Resident: Hey-o, human! What can I do for ya?
  • Jofash Resident: What can I do for you?
    • [1] Just saying hi. [EXIT]
      • Jofash Resident: Aye!
    • [2] What are you doing?
      • Jofash Resident: Oh, you know me, pal, just doin' the rounds.
      • Jofash Resident: Waterin' the pots, starin' at the water, potterin' the sta-
      • Jofash Resident: ...wait, scratch that last one.
    • [3] Favorite type of bread?
        • Jofash Resident: You know what, I’m glad you asked.
        • Jofash Resident: Lots of people these days are going crazy for that ‘all-natural, multiple grains, bred ethically’ garbage.
        • Jofash Resident: Really, I wish some of those nutters sit down and take a good bite of some raw, authentic Rye, or a hearty whole-wheat.
        • Jofash Resident: That’s the stuff that puts hairs on your chest, my pappy used to say. Good, strong, proper bread from out in the fields.
        • Jofash Resident: We used to be farmers, you know. Out near Maltic. WHEW! Glad I moved here though! Not many places serve better rum than good ol’ Jofash!
        • Jofash Resident: Back to the point at hand, though, bread. Man oh man I feel like I could go on forever about this.
        • Jofash Resident: You know what people always miss when talking about bread, the CONSISTENCY! The consistency is consistently the most im-
        • Jofash Resident: Oh, haha, ‘consistently,’ didn’t even mean to do that. Heheh...
        • He seems distracted. Best to walk away while you can...
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Ah, there you are! The ol’ train of thought gets derailed sometimes, you see.
        • Jofash Resident: But I can tell that you’re a real enthusiast for bread!
        • Jofash Resident: Back to the topic at hand! Consistency! The consistency is consistently the most important part of any good loaf.
        • Jofash Resident: Overusin’ so-called “refined” grains is a sure and done way to get runny slop that’s not fit for the pigs.
        • Jofash Resident: Come to think, you shouldn’t feed pigs refined grains anyway. It’s hard on their digestion.
        • Jofash Resident: Of course! Digestion. A topic I’ll get to later!
        • Jofash Resident: Anyway, whole grains are where the money’s at! I’d swear it on these plants.
        • Jofash Resident: What you want is a thick-crusted, chewy loaf that you can savor! Not some frail morsel that collapses under its own weight. Why, the things I’ve seen...
        • He begins to list off a seemingly endless amount of examples.
      • [3] Bread.
        • It looks like he’s nearly finished.
        • Jofash Resident: In particular, have you seen some of the scraps sold at Ahmsord? Ridiculous!
        • Jofash Resident: I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Sky’s Kitchen is great and all, but what passes for bread there is intolerable. No substance at all!
        • Jofash Resident: What you’ll want to do is get it straight from the fields, right from the soil! Well, not literally, but from the countryside! Leave breadmakin’ to those who’ve been workin’ with grain before they could walk on two legs!
        • Jofash Resident: Heck, I bet even I could do better than those snobby sauciers.
        • Jofash Resident: Right. Digestion. The fiber in whole-grain bread is a lifesaver.
        • Jofash Resident: Did you know that whole-grain bread has four times the fiber of white bread? Now you do!
        • Jofash Resident: Helps keep you full and fit. Want to avoid lookin’ like a loaf of white bread yourself? Fiber’s your man.
        • Jofash Resident: Nothin’ beats a rich, fresh-ground fresh-baked loaf with a slab of flat-iron steak. Red meat and fiber make a real man, as my pappy once said.
        • It seems like he’s lost in reminiscence.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Oh, how time flies. Where was I? Right, white bread.
        • Jofash Resident: That stuff’s poison, I tell you! Not a lick of nutritional value!
        • Jofash Resident: It’s more milk and sugar than bread! Hardly somethin’ you’d want to eat, never mind something for which you’d pay extra!
        • Jofash Resident: Those hawkers can pretend that it’s an upper-crust good all they want, but we all know that it’s just a waste of dough.
        • Jofash Resident: Heheh, I did it again! Sorry, sorry, I’ll get the train back on track. Heh...
        • Jofash Resident: Blendin' grains? Why jumble the flavors and textures? Just make two loaves of bread instead of one! Or several, if we're talkin' about more than two types of grain.
        • Jofash Resident: Say, that reminds me! Bread’s probably the most versatile food. You can make it from just about any type of grain.
        • Jofash Resident: But just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Who could stomach somethin’ like “Oatmeal-Bran Fusion Delight”? WHO WOULD EVEN MAKE BREAD OUT OF OATS?!
        • Jofash Resident: Just a waste of food, in my opinion. Sure, it may be like the hottest new culinary sensation now, but it’ll die out like any other idiotic fad in just days. I’m positive that nobody’s eatin’ it for the taste, that’s for sure. Like “Seven Colors of the Grainbow,” or “Hearty Hemp-tastic,” or...
        • He doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: ...and don’t get me started on “Pain au Cinfras”! But really, Oatmeal-Bran Fusion Delight is among the worst. Oh! That reminds me about a better use for oats.
        • Jofash Resident: If you want to avoid bein’ three sheets to the wind after a busy night of Jofash Rum, then eat a hearty bowl of oatmeal.
        • Jofash Resident: Sounds crazy, I know. But it actually works. Take it from me; I’ve tried it!
        • Jofash Resident: While anythin’ made of grain helps, oats are particularly good at this.
        • Jofash Resident: And I’d bet my bread that you’d rather eat oatmeal than Oatmeal-Bran Fusion Delight, whatever that’s supposed to be.
        • Jofash Resident: Though, it seems like you can’t just get a good loaf of bread nearby. Sure, there’s sailin’ biscuits, but that hardly qualifies!
        • Jofash Resident: I can’t stomach the fancy stuff, so I just make my own. Not only is it cheaper, but it also tastes much better.
        • Jofash Resident: It isn’t too difficult. Besides the obvious, you’ll just need some salt and yeast. Grab something to write with, y’hear? Take some notes!
        • It seems like he's waiting expectantly.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Ready? Right, let’s get started! The less ingredients you use, the closer you’ll be to makin’ a real loaf! Not the wannabe poundcakes eaten by wannabe spendthrifts.
        • Jofash Resident: There’s a common misconception that you need sugar for the yeast to start risin’. Not true!
        • Jofash Resident: Give it some time, and bread without sugar will rise just as well. If you want somethin’ good, you need to put in the time and effort for it!
        • Jofash Resident: Get it right, and you’ll have the perfect taste and texture for nothin’ more than a few hours of your time!
        • Jofash Resident: Let me make it clear: you don’t want sugar in your bread. It’ll do a number on its taste and your teeth.
        • Jofash Resident: I’ll cover the taste first. The sugar fights with the raw, savory flavors of an otherwise respectable loaf of bread.
        • Jofash Resident: It also fights with your teeth. Bread’s quite sticky as it is, and the sugar doesn’t do it any favors.
        • Jofash Resident: Why, I can still remember the time that I got a cavity. Cried my eyes out, I did.
        • Jofash Resident: Eventually, my pappy had enough, and he went for the ol’ string-on-a-doorknob trick. He got me good there, though it took him a few tries.
        • He’s thoughtfully rubbing his jaw. Best to leave him be.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Ah, it seems like I got distracted. Back to the topic at hand.
        • Jofash Resident: You aren’t goin’ to get quite as much of an effect on your digestion than coarse-ground whole-grain bread. It keeps most of the fiber intact, after all.
        • Jofash Resident: You know how fruit juice contains next to no fiber because none of it goes into the juice? It’s the same deal with white bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Fruit juice was banned in my household. As my pappy liked to say, a real man only drinks hard spirits and the sweat runnin’ down his face! Though I wasn’t allowed to have the former, not yet at least! Heheh! So I drank milk instead.
        • Jofash Resident: Say, if you haven’t done so already, try bread dipped in milk! Go on! There’s nothin’ quite like it. Don’t accidentally drop the bread into the milk, of course.
        • Jofash Resident: You’ll end up with a bloated mess with the consistency of a sponge. And you should know by now that consistency is everythin’!
        • Jofash Resident: While we’re on the subject of milk, do you know some folks can’t drink it? Oh, yes, they can try, but sooner or later their belly will protest.
        • Jofash Resident: It’s the same deal with bread! Stick with whole-grain, nothin’ added. That way, you don’t have to worry about surprise milk appearances and whatnot.
        • Jofash Resident: You got that? Let me know when you’re ready for more. Say, you know what? I oughta talk a bit slower to help you digest what I’m sayin’. Oh! “Digest”! I did it again! Heheh...
        • He’s beaming with pride.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Right, then, somethin’ that really peeves me is people who use bakin’ powder. What’s wrong with some good ol’ yeast?
        • Jofash Resident: Too little of it, and it’ll go plum flat in the oven. Just a little too much of it, and your bread’s going to be as bitter as wormwood!
        • Jofash Resident: The only way to get a size that’s just right is the long way! Wait until the yeast works its magic, and bake it right as it reaches its good size.
        • Jofash Resident: There’s also nothin’ quite like the smell of yeast as it causes the dough to rise! Works up quite the appetite, it does.
        • Jofash Resident: Some people put the cart before the horse and think that yeast works like bakin’ powder. Try that, and you’ll end up with scorchin’-hot bricks in your oven.
        • Jofash Resident: No, you have to do it right, and doin’ it right means leavin’ some of the work to the yeast.
        • Jofash Resident: Unless you like flat breads. I can’t see why anyone would, though. Bread’s supposed to be puffy and chewy, not some dough jerky!
        • Jofash Resident: Though that may not be the case for other pastries. For one, I’ve never once heard of a pie with a chewy crust.
        • Jofash Resident: Really, the beauty in bread lies with it’s simplicity! No complicated steps, no chances for the dough to rebel. Certainly not as fickle as somethin’ like a cream puff.
        • Jofash Resident: If you treat the dough with respect, the bread will respect you in turn. It’s simple stuff, really! No finnickin’ around with stiff peaks, or needin’ half a dozen bowls to mix in, or getting a flaky dough just right, or...
        • He proceeds to rattle off several grievances about pastry making.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: ...and not to mention that just about everythin’ needs butter in some shape or form! Really, what’s with it? It’s not like the stuff grows on trees!
        • Jofash Resident: Makin’ the pastry shiny. Makin’ it taste rich. Makin’ the dough thick. There’s no end to it! Bread’s so much simpler to handle.
        • Jofash Resident: Though some people insist upon puttin’ butter in the bread. Not just on it, but in it! There’s more butter than bread at that point!
        • Jofash Resident: I don’t have anythin’ against butter itself, mind you. It’s great on toast! Just I think it oughta stay on the toast rather than in it.
        • Jofash Resident: Not to mention that there’s a time, place, and occasion for it. If you put butter on everythin’, you’re goin’ to get sick of it real quickly. Eat it in moderation! Your tongue and your emerald pouch will thank you.
        • Jofash Resident: Of course, there’s always margarine, but why settle for somethin’ inferior? You shouldn’t settle for anythin’ less than the quality you’d expect from your bread!
        • Jofash Resident: Though, now that I look at it, bread does get a reputation for bein’ a breakfast food. That’s ridiculous! It’s got a place in every meal of the day!
        • Jofash Resident: Sandwiches? They’ve got bread in ‘em. Casseroles? Any respectable one has it as a shell. Breadsticks? It’s in the name for cryin’ out loud!
        • Jofash Resident: Done right, and it’s also great as a side. I already mentioned having a fresh-ground fresh-baked loaf of whole-grain with a slab of flat-iron steak, but really, a well-sliced loaf and some dippin’ butter can transform a family dinner into a banquet!
        • Jofash Resident: They’re almost as versatile as potatoes! Actually, even more so, I’d say!
        • Jofash Resident: As my pappy liked to say, a real man’s got to earn his daily bread through his own toilin’. As you can see, I’ve taken his advice to heart!
        • Jofash Resident: ...I feel that I’m missin’ somethin’ important that I wanted to discuss. Hang on for a bit, would you?
        • It seems like he’s deep in thought.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Ah, of course! I can’t believe that I forgot! I wanted to cover some thoughts about bread consistency.
        • Jofash Resident: Namely, the two extremes: too chewy, and not chewy enough. I already spoke on hardly chewy bread plenty, but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.
        • Jofash Resident: And in this case, bread chewiness is a good thing. You don’t want your bread to be too chewy, got it?
        • Jofash Resident: Too chewy’s a step right towards bread that’s outright rubbery. Your teeth’ll bounce right off it!
        • Jofash Resident: Sure, too much give in the dough’s awkward and sets you up for bitin’ your own tongue, but too firm of a loaf can lead to much of the same.
        • Jofash Resident: They always say never bite off more than you could chew, but you oughta be careful not to bite off any less than that, either!
        • Jofash Resident: No, just right and chewy’s what you want. Don’t settle for anything more or less!
        • Jofash Resident: Hmm, come to think. You seem really interested in discussin’ bread with me!
        • Jofash Resident: Lean in for a second, would you? I’ve got somethin’ important to say.
        • He’s waiting expectantly.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Listening? Right! Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to shout in your ear.
        • Jofash Resident: You’re just about the only person that I’ve been able to have an honest conversation about bread with.
        • Jofash Resident: Usually, bread gets brushed off as some kind of dull fodder. Dismissed as too borin’ and too plain, I tell you! That’s what leads to unnecessary excess as people try to make it into something that it’s not.
        • Jofash Resident: But us? We’re different, we’re visionaries, and we know the truth about what really makes a good loaf!
        • Jofash Resident: Tell ‘em off, I say! They can’t follow the thoughts of bread enthusiasts like you and I otherwise!
        • Jofash Resident: Ah! Right, never did I get to answerin’ your question. About my favorite type of bread, that is...
        • Jofash Resident: Plain ol’ coarse-ground wheat.
        • Jofash Resident: Sure, it may be simple, but if you were payin’ any attention at all, you’d know for sure why that’s everythin’ that I’m lookin’ for.
        • Jofash Resident: And that just about sums up the basics! Let me know if you want to hear anythin’ more.
      • [3] Bread.
        • Jofash Resident: Let’s continue! Have you ever seen a baker wearin’ a fancy hat? Have you ever wondered how that corresponds to how well they bake bread compared to somethin’ else?
        • You don’t have the time for this.
      • [4] What's with Relend?
        • Jofash Resident: Hah! That crazy coot, you're chattin' with that feller?
        • Jofash Resident: He's wack-o, y'know... Singing his songs all day, somethin's not right upstairs.
        • Jofash Resident: You do you, buddy, but I'd steer clear.
      • [5] Have you seen a parrot around here?
        • Jofash Resident: A parrot? You know where you are, right?
        • Jofash Resident: I see plenty parrots every day, I don't keep track.
        • Jofash Resident: I'll keep an eye or two out for one, though, sound peachy?

    To find the parrot, you first must go to the Jofash Clairvoyant who will say that the Tavern Owner will know more. After talking to the Tavern Owner, the parrot will appear on the patio. Upon being interacted with, it will fly away to a palm tree. You then ask the Fine Jofash Resident if they have seen a bird, and when you get far enough away from him, he finds the parrot in a palm tree.

    • Jofash Resident: H-H-HUMAN!!!
    • Jofash Resident: I-I-I SAW IT!!! THE B-BIRD!!!
    • Jofash Resident: IT'S IN T-THE TREE, HERE! IT'S HERE!!!
    • Jofash Resident: I f-found it... The bird...

    After interacting with the parrot in the tree, it will drop the map.

    • Looks like the parrot dropped the map! You should get this back to Relend.

    Stage 3

    » Set sail aboard Relend’s ship.


    • Relend: You have the map! Thank you for the assistance!
    • Relend: Now let us set sail, and cover some distance!
    • Relend: I'm sorry, new friend, to be of haste!
    • Relend: However I sense power in you, and we have no time to waste!
    • Relend: So off we go, to find an old friend, that would be ideal.
    • Relend: I'll captain the ship up at the steering wheel.

    Stage 4

    » Speak to Captain Relend aboard the Little Wing.


    • Relend: Welcome aboard, I suppose I can consider you my first mate. Although, it appears we now have a problem on our plate.
    • Relend: You see those spikes all around my boat? Well, we're about to ram into them like a goat!
    • Relend: I'd steer around them, but it appears the wheel is all smashed. I need you to craft a new one before we both get splashed!
    • Relend: There's a Crafting Table at the front near all the crates. Now hurry up, else the ocean floor awaits!

    Stage 5

    » Bring a Wooden Board, a Center Piece, and a String to the Crafting Table.

    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the steering wheel and an optional thing to do.
    • Wooden Board is found on top of the mast, you have to parkour across the sails to get there.
    • Center Piece is found in the storage compartment.
    • String is found on the bow of the ship.

    While atop the masts for the Little Wing, there will be a Familiar Parrot that when interacted with will fly between the two masts. However, if you grab the Wheat Seeds in the living quarters at 2637, -4128 and give them to the parrot, it will fly away. The Familiar Parrot will resurface later in the quest.

    • ...
    • This will probably work... You should show Relend.

    Stage 6

    » Bring the Steering Wheel to Captain Relend.


    • Relend: Ah, thank you for helping me in my time of need. Let's maneuver through these spikes at a steady speed!
    • Relend: Although, at the last minute, there is something I have to confess. I have never captained a ship with any success.
    • Relend: I think before we get into any real danger, we should turn around. Could you man the wheel and get us back to solid ground?

    Stage 7

    » Man the wheel of the Little Wing.

    • Relend: Now you're the captain, hope the sea's not making you nauseous. Steer this ship, but you'll have to be cautious!

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    RagingCurrent.png Raging Current 90 100000 Melee
    Blindness Immune
    Knockback Immune
    Heavy Wave
    ✽ Dam - Ocean

    To man the wheel of the Little Wing, you have to not collide with any rocks or objects that can sink the boat.

    • Relend: Nice steering, although your maneuvers are a bit brash. Hey, watch out! I think we're about to-

    Stage 8

    » Find Relend inside of the wreck of the Little Wing.


    • Relend: As you can see, my ship has become a shipwreck! Now please help me, I am trapped in the lower deck!
    • Relend: Amazing work, seems you got below deck rather quickly! You're going to have to get through this wreckage to free me!
    • Relend: Wow, so you managed to work your way through after all! Maybe to free me, you can use that cannonball?

    Stage 9

    » Save Relend inside of the wreck of the Little Wing.


    • Relend: Thank you for freeing me, now let's leave this mess! Although, I don't know how to do that, I have not even a guess.
    • Relend: When the ship crashed, it was buried beneath the sand! But the good news is that we're finally back on land!
    • Relend: We should probably get of this place, it feels rather small. Perhaps you can try to break through that weak spot in the wall?

    Stage 10

    » Exit the shipwrecked Little Wing.


    • Relend: It looks like we're going to be stuck here for a while. Come and speak to me so we can find a way off of this isle!

    Stage 11

    » Speak to Relend on the beach.


    • Relend: Gateway Island... we've finally arrived. I'm just thankful that we survived.
    • Relend: Well, all this adventuring has me hungry for stew. We'll need ingredients, whatever's on the island will have to do.
    • Relend: Meat is definitely something we need to reap, try and get [10 Raw Mutton] from those sheep.
    • Relend: And perhaps you could get [5 Edible Mushrooms] from the western cave, just make sure not to get the kind that will send me to my grave.
    • Relend: I feel like something is missing from this medley. Oh, how about you get [1 Coconut] from atop that tree?
    • Relend: And if you could fetch [7 Berries], that would just make me merry!
    • Relend: Check your quest book if you ever need a recap. And to make sure you don't get lost, take this map.

    Stage 12

    • Bring 10 Raw Mutton, 5 Edible Mushrooms, 1 Coconut, and 7 Berries to the Cooking Pot.
    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the soup and an optional thing to do.
    • Raw Mutton is obtained by killing sheep around the island
    • Edible Mushrooms are farmed from a mob in a cave on the beach where you first land (19955 28 -4490)
    • Coconut is obtained atop the tree next to Relend
    • Berries are harvested from [Berry] mobs around the island

    If you gave the Familiar Parrot Wheat Seeds from earlier in the quest, then it will arrive later on and will give you some items needed for the quest as well as other Ingredients. After giving the items, the parrot will then fly away.

    • The Parrot drops a few scraps into your palm.
    • +4 Berries
    • +3 Edible Mushrooms
    • +2 Succulent Crab Meat

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    Berry.png Berry 0 1 None - -
    Gateway Island
    Coconut.png Wynn Coconut 0 1 None - - WynnCoconut.png Wynn Coconut Gateway Island
    Palm tree at 19983, 44, -4480
    Sheep(FantasticVoyage).png Sheep 90 4720 Passive - -
    Raw Mutton
    Gateway Island
    TropicalMonkey.png Tropical Monkey 89 4575 Ranged - - - Gateway Island
    TropicalWildcat.png Tropical Wildcat 91 6150 Melee - - - Gateway Island
    ToxporeMushroom.png Toxpore Mushroom 89 3575 Melee
    Knockback Immune
    ❋ Weak
    ✤ Dam
    ✤ Def
    - Gateway Island
    Cave at 19953, 24, -4497
    ToxporeBeetle.png Toxpore Beetle 90 4170 Melee - ❋ Weak
    ✤ Def

    Edible Mushroom

    Toxic Mushroom
    Gateway Island
    Cave at 19953, 24, -4497
    • ...
    • This looks... edible. You should see what Relend thinks.

    Stage 13

    » Give the Odd Stew to Relend.


    • Relend: Well, this stew has a rather odd flavor. But any food we can get here I shall savor.
    • Relend: What remains of my ship won't protect us very well. We'll need to find shelter, as you can clearly tell.
    • Relend: To the east, I can just barely make out a tent. Go and look for my friend there. I'm simply hellbent!

    Stage 14

    » Check out the tent to the east.

    • This tent doesn't seem to have had any residents in a long time. Maybe Relend has other ideas.
    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to an unfinished letter inside the tent.
    In the tent you can find an unfinished letter.

    It reads:

    • Dear Nilrem...

    Stage 15

    » Report back to Relend.


    • Relend: So the tent was all empty and run-down? All of this bad news is making me frown.
    • Relend: Allow me to borrow your map for a second. We'll have to find him somewhere else, I reckon.
    • Relend: I know we can come up with a solution using our wits. Perhaps we can use an explosive to blow that big rock to bits!
    • Relend: Let's think of some materials we can get here. There isn't much on this island, I fear...
    • Relend: First we're going to need [5 Gritty Sand]. Where to get it? Try the beach at the back of the island.
    • Relend: Next up is [Sawdust], you'll need three. I think the best place to search would be the largest tree.
    • Relend: Finally, [1 Black Powder], found in a place that is very unique. You'll have to brave your way to the volcano's peak.
    • Relend: You'll need those items you craft the bomb, I just told you where to look. If you forget what you need to find, check your quest book.

    Stage 16

    » Bring 5 Gritty Sand, 3 Saw Dust, and 1 Black Powder to the Crafting Table.

    Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the items for the bomb.
    • Gritty Sand is found at the end of a cave with spiders in it
    • Saw Dust is located on top of the hill
    • Black Powder is looted by climbing up the volcano, which will then erupt after getting it, sending you back down.
      • ...
      • The volcano is erupting!

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    SawDust.png Saw Dust 0 1 None - -
    Saw Dust
    Gateway Island
    Around tree at 19960, 78, -4598
    GrittySand.png Gritty Sand 1 1 None - -
    Gritty Sand
    Gateway Island
    Beach at 19993, 29, -4647
    YoungWolfSpider.png Young Wolf Spider 90 7120 Melee Charge ✹ Weak
    ❋ Dam
    ❋ Def
    - Gateway Island
    Cave at 19923, 33, -4581,
    from Wolf Spider Eggs,
    from Nesting Wolf Spiders
    WolfSpiderEgg.png Wolf Spider Egg 92 500 Neutral Melee - - 3 Young Wolf Spiders Gateway Island
    Cave at 19923, 33, -4581
    WolfSpider(FantasticVoyage).png Wolf Spider 92 7770 Melee Charge ✹ Weak
    ❋ Dam
    ❋ Def
    - Gateway Island
    Cave at 19923, 33, -4581
    NestingWolfSpider.png Nesting Wolf Spider 95 8400 Melee Arrow Storm
    ✹ Weak
    ❋ Dam
    ❋ Def
    3 Young Wolf Spiders Gateway Island
    Cave at 19923, 33, -4581
    TepidfurBat.png Tepidfur Bat 92 7075 Charge - -
    Bat Ear
    Gateway Island
    Volcano at 19926, 81, -4610
    MoltenOreStone.png Molten Ore Stone 93 2080 Melee Self-Destruct ✽ Weak
    ✤ Dam
    ✹ Def
    - Gateway Island
    Volcano at 19926, 81, -4610
    BlackPowder.png Black Powder 0 1 None - -
    Black Powder
    Gateway Island
    Volcano peak at 19989, 132, -4624
    • ...
    • That looks dangerous! You should go blow open that boulder now.

    Stage 17

    » Use the explosive on the boulder.


    • Relend: Incredible, The explosive blew right through the stone!
    • Relend: Let us progress into this mysterious zone.

    Stage 18

    » Enter the cave.

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    CaveSlime.png Cave Slime 92 7000 Jumper ❋ Weak
    ✤ Dam
    ✤ Def
    - Gateway Island

    Stage 18

    » Advance deeper into the cave.

    • Relend looks to be waiting for you.
    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    CaveSlime.png Cave Slime 92 7000 Jumper ❋ Weak
    ✤ Dam
    ✤ Def
    - Gateway Island
    SilentOmen.png Silent Omen 95 1 Neutral Melee - ✦ Dam 1 Omniscient Omen Gateway Island,
    Gateway Passage
    OmniscientOmen.png Omniscient Omen 95 10000 Ranged Teleport
    Heavy Teleport
    ✦ Dam - From Silent Omens


    • Relend: For adventurers like us, an incredible cave, perfect to explore.
    • Relend: Surely where my old friend ventured - just as I swore!
    • Relend: Long ago, a strong adventurer like yourself reached out to me for a wonderful sail. It truly is a gripping tale!
    • Relend: We became best friends on our quest. But then he vanished, oh how he was the best.
    • Relend: And we've finally made it to where he'd been. I can't wait to see him again, I don't know where to begin!
    • Relend: A mystical portal! This must be where my old friend got lost!
    • Relend: We must go through and find him, whatever the cost.
    • Relend: I can't believe it! I simply can't speak!
    • Relend: I always told the others I wasn't a freak. Old friend, I'll look for you until the bitter end!

    Relend will then run away from you at an insanely quick speed.

    Stage 19

    » Find Relend in the strange place

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    SilentOmen.png Silent Omen 95 1 Neutral Melee - ✦ Dam 1 Omniscient Omen Gateway Island,
    Gateway Passage
    OmniscientOmen.png Omniscient Omen 95 10000 Ranged Teleport
    Heavy Teleport
    ✦ Dam - From Silent Omens
    AntipollenCapitulum.png Antipollen Capitulum 94 15000 Burst Ranged
    Blindness Immune
    Knockback Immune
    ✦ Dam
    ✹ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    FallenEvoker.png Fallen Evoker 97 16000 Crawl Push
    ✦ Dam
    ❋ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    GazeFromTheAbyss(Level99).png Gaze from The Abyss 99 32000 Crawl Heavy Multihit
    ✦ Dam
    ✦ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    MalformedMyocardial.png Malformed Myocardial 96 10000
    Blindness Immune
    ✹ Dam - From Myocardial Vasculars,
    from Myocardial Drifters
    MyocardialVascular.png Myocardial Vascular 96 24000 Melee Blindness Immune
    Heavy Charge
    ✹ Weak
    ✤ Dam
    ✦ Def
    1 Malformed Myocardial

    Myocardial Leg
    Gateway Passage
    MyocardialDrifter.png Myocardial Drifter 100 28000 Rapid Ranged
    Blindness Resist
    Knockback Immune
    Heavy Arrow Storm
    Heavy Flamethrower
    ❋ Dam
    ✦ Def
    1 Malformed Myocardial Gateway Passage
    MiasmicEyuard.png Miasmic Eyuard 92 10000 Melee
    Knockback Immune
    Heavy Meteor
    ✹ Dam - Gateway Passage
    StrangeStalk.png Strange Stalk 96 14000 Melee
    Knockback Immune
    ❋ Dam - Gateway Passage
    VisceriteMaggot.png Viscerite Maggot 90 6000 Melee - - - Gateway Passage
    PeculiarOne.png Peculiar One 90 63000 Melee
    Self-Destruct ❋ Dam
    ❋ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    VexingGuard.png Vexing Guard 94 24000 Melee Charge
    Heavy Charge
    ✦ Dam
    ✦ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    EldritchMesothelae.png Eldritch Mesothelae 100 34000 Melee Blindness Resist
    Knockback Resist
    Slowness Resist
    ❋ Dam
    ✦ Def
    - Gateway Passage
    LurkingMetasomal.png Lurking Metasomal 100 65000 Melee Blindness Immune
    Heavy Charge
    Heavy Explode
    Heavy Multihit
    ✤ Dam
    ✤ Def
    - Gateway Passage

    When you catch up to Relend, a mysterious entity will be watching you.


    • Relend: A foreign land filled with danger, to the brim...
    • Relend: It must be where he vanished to, regardless of how grim.
    • Relend: My friend... Where do you think we are?
    • Relend: Whatever it is, I feel that we're being overseen from afar.
    • Relend: With all this danger, I still hope my good friend is still okay.
    • Relend: My goodness! Keep your wits about, we may be in for a fray!
    • Relend: Aagh... New friend... are you there?
    • Relend: Don't...give up... we must find him, I swear...

    A mysterious being will then appear in front of you.

    • ???: Iarracht eile m'uaireadóir a imghabháil. (In Wynnic)
    • Relend: I promise I'll find him, I'll do it, without a single scar!
    • Relend: AAARRGHHHHH!
    • ???: Imithe as mo radharc, idirghabhálaí. (In Wynnic)


    • The strange dimension is cursed by Realm of Dern.
    • The run-down tent contains the beginning of the first Sealed Letter, so it is believed to belong to Bob the Warrior.
    • This was the only quest above Level 75 that didn't take place in the Gavel Province before the Corkus update.
    • Relend speaks entirely in rhyme.
    • The name of the quest is a reference to the 1966 Sci-fi/Fantasy film of the same name.
    • The area you are in during the last stage of this quest is a hidden section of the Abandoned Mines, adorned with the corpses of those unfortunate enough to stumble through the passage, in Wynn, which could be foreshadowing the darkness that you will come to.
      • There are also a few Dernic Seed nodes where you exit.
    • This quest was updated in 2.0. For the original quest, see Fantastic Voyage.
    • One of the Jofash Clairvoyant's fortune could be foreshadowing the same overseer encountered in the Gateway Passage.
    • The Bread Enthusiast's last piece of dialogue says it has 564763 lines of dialogue.
    • The dialogue said by the being encountered in the last stage of the quest roughly translates to (from Irish): "Another attempt to evade my sight." and "Begone from my sight, interloper."
    • Relend's old friend he mentions could possibly be Bob.