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Gale Nasin
NPC Info
Location The Qira Hive
Quest Involved The Qira Hive

Gale is an NPC and boss who appears in The Qira Hive. Her lore and appearances have only been partially implemented into the game so far.


Spirit of Gale
Level 101
Health 210000
AI Type Unknown
Abilities Charge, Arrow Storm, Aerial Bombardment, Sonic Boom
Elemental Properties
Weakness Fire
Damage Air
Defense Earth Thunder Air
Location The Hive, Air Division

Spirit of Gale is the final boss of the Air Division in The Qira Hive. She is an archer, so she uses a rapid ranged main attack and arrow storm spells, as well as charge, during the fight. She does not have any boss minions. Gale will also have two unique spells.


One of these two spells will be cast at random every 15 seconds. Once you are halfway through her HP, she will use one every 9 seconds, as shown by this dialogue:

  • Gale: Whoa, you're really keeping up! Maybe it's time for me to cut loose a little bit!

Aerial Bombardment

Projectiles will gradually appear along the top of the arena in a line stretching the length of the arena. The projectiles will fall 2 seconds after they have appeared, and they deal 6000 Air Damage around the area they land in. The attack is telegraphed by one of the following lines of dialogue:

  • Gale: Haha, look out below! Dropping some bombs on ya!
  • Gale: Eyes on the skies down there! INCOMING!
  • Gale: Bombaaaardmeeeent!! Better get moving!

Sonic Boom

Projectiles will appear around the edges of the arena with lines showing their path, before suddenly rushing to the other side, dealing 5000 Air Damage in a short radius and knocking the player in the direction the projectile was moving if hit. The damage lingers for 2 seconds after being hit by a projectile, but can only hit you once. This attack is telegraphed by one of the following lines of dialogue:

  • Gale: Woo! Betcha didn't even see me rush by, huh?
  • Gale: It's a fight to the finish, but we can have fun with it, right?
  • Gale: What a rush, huh? Let's keep up the pace!


Gale is the only member of Qira's army who was not artificially created by Qira. Despite not being one of Qira's creations, she fights for Qira willingly for a currently unknown reason, and is the leader of the Air Division in The Hive. She is dead and exists in spirit form - her grave can be found in the tunnels in the back of the Hive, at the coordinates [329, 129, -5693]. She has a lover, Ohms, who is also dead, and they both dedicated mementos to each other upon their deaths. Both Gale's memento to Ohms, Gale's Sight, and Ohms' memento to Gale, Ohms' Wish, are obtainable pieces of equipment. There are two more items named after Gale - Gale's Freedom, a chestplate that can be purchased in the Hive Shop for an air voucher, and Gale's Force, an air-based legendary bow that supposedly summons Gale's spirit to fight alongside its user.

Festival of the Blizzard

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Gale (The Qira Hive)
NPC Info
X: 366 Z: -5483
Location The Qira Hive

Inviting Gale to Detlas

The Qira Hive
366, 42, -5483
Wynncraft Map

Gale will speak with you when trying to invite Yansur to Detlas.

  • ...a gust of wind whistles by your sounds like someone talking.
  • ????: Hey, meet me down below. Just east of the servant's rooms. Wanna talk with you a sec!

You can speak with Yansur again to make Gale tell you where she will be again.

  • ...a gust of wind whistles by your sounds like someone talking.
  • ????: Remember, just east of the servant's rooms! Wanna talk with you a sec!

After Speaking with Yansur

  • Gale: Heya! So I heard Yansur blustering about a festival, right? I'm curious about it.
  • Gale: Oh, it's in Detlas, huh? Over in Wynn... Wow. That's... It's been like, a couple centuries since I've been over there, give or take!
  • Gale: I think miss tall, black, and ominous owes me a favor or two, too- I betcha I can finagle my way over there for a few weeks! So what's it all about, anyways?
  • Gale: ... ... ...
  • Gale: Okay, SOLD. You had me at "tacky sweaters!" Like, I COLLECT stupid shirts! It's a hobby of mine for cryin' out loud, WOW am I glad you stopped by! I'll be there, heehee!
  • Gale: And I might just give her a surprise too, before I head over there...

Gale will then burst into white particles and disappear.

In Detlas

Gale (Detlas)
NPC Info
X: 427 Z: -1504
Location Detlas
427, 83, -1504
Wynncraft Map

Gale can be found in Detlas alongside Orja.

First Conversation

  • Gale: Cripes, I've got to get out more. I didn't even know they made airships! And such fancy ones too...
  • Gale: I coulda flown over first-class! I just...flew myself over like an uncultured chump! Least I still got it, I suppose.
  • Gale: And hey, means I get to the festivities earlier! This place is already great- Oh she is going to HATE when I come home in this sweater, check me out!
  • Gale: ...what? Just cause I work with her doesn't mean I can't make some jokes at her expense! You oughta see my collection of stupid shirts, really.
  • Gale: Well, anyways! Merry Craftmas or however! I don't remember Detlas getting snow this time of year, but I'm not complaining, helps the mood!
  • Gale: Soooo...any gossip you feel like sharing? I've got the word on the wind, considering I'm basically made of the stuff now!

Second Conversation

  • Gale: Y'know, I wasn't kidding about pulling my punches in our bout. I coulda gone way harder on you, but then I might've actually killed you, and that just woulda been a huge mess.
  • Gale: Yeah, I really don't envy that new girl, Orja. She has to clean up after the losing contestants. She, uh. Had to get used to seeing bodies. Trying to make sure she never has to see one in my room, at least.
  • Gale: ...
  • Gale: Okay, enough of that heavy stuff! I came here to party, not to wallow over the unsavory bits of work! Gimme the lowdown, whatcha wanna know?

The dialogue options will appear with the last line of dialogue.

Following Conversations

  • Gale: So! Gimme the lowdown, whatcha wanna know?
    • [1] Are you really not allowed to celebrate at the Hive?
      • Gale: As a matter of fact, we aren't. But it ain't cause of Qira, I can tell you that much! It's that stupid, stuffy Yansur! He's so stuck up his own hind end that if he doesn't like your definition of fun he'll say it's "against the rules", and he's so stubborn about it that no one bothers anymore.
      • Gale: Yeah, we tell Qira about it, and she gives Yansur what-for, but it doesn't really...stop him? He's persistent, I'll give him that much. But he's got a newcomer this year that's sorta burning his toast, if you know what I'm saying.
      • Gale: Orja! Sweet, innocent Orja. Qira snapped up that beggar girl from Gelibord, so she wasn't really aware of Yansur's...habits yet, and she hung up some decorations in her room.
      • Gale: She's a little meek, but if you actually get on her nerves- Hoo golly she's got words. To. USE! She isn't taking ANY of Yansur's nonsense! That, and she read all her rights and all the rules really hard when she got here.
      • Gale: She just didn't want to mess up and lose her new home, but it also means that she knows when to call out Yansur when he says something's against the rules. He absolutely hates her and I am living for it.
      • Gale: ...oh, don't give me that look, you know as well as I do that's a turn of phrase! Don't go getting pedantic on me now~
    • [2] What kinds of shirts do you have?
      • Gale: Heehee...I thought you'd never ask. Me and that T-shirt guy...we're partners in crime! He didn't used to sell at what I now know is the airbase, though- He had a travelling cart he'd sell from, and he's got THE best sense of humor.
      • Gale: First off, I got this one from him like, the second I got here! Seriously, check it out, it's amazing!
      • Between the images of snowflakes and pine trees, the sweater says "Don't SWEAT it- SNOW big deal".
      • Gale: Yeah, this isn't even the best one. Qira always threatens to find where I hide the shirts and then burn 'em, but I know she's just, y'know. She's joshing with me! Even if hers is so much more formal than it needs to be.
      • Gale: She couldn't believe it when I came back to the Hive wearing my "I met Qira Gavel and Lived to tell the tale" shirt! Her face got all, you know how whiter-skinned folks' faces get all red? That's her equivalent.
      • Gale: Of course I only ever wear it ironically, but if you can't laugh at yourself, then...well, you probably haven't got a good sense of humor! Um, lemme think...
      • Gale: I got one that has a bunch of fake cloth spider legs hanging off it, the classic "I'm with stupid" shirt with an arrow pointing directly at my face, oh! I got one with my own face on it! And, oh god I nearly forgot about this one...
      • Gale: It says "How to keep an idiot busy- See other side of shirt" on both sides- Yansur did SEVEN LAPS before trying to slap me and forgetting I can go incorporeal, and he put so much into the swing that he just fell over on the floor! Pffffkhaaahahaa!
    • [3] Those goggles look like they're Corkian.
      • Gale: Okay, look. Buddy, chum, friendly friend-o-mine. If you compare my stuff to those braggarts again, I might just have to smack you upside the head.
      • Gale: Yeah, the Corkians use goggles all the time, but they don't even use them FOR anything, aside from fashion. These are a practical piece of gear! I mentioned that I flew over here myself- ghostly or not, do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to have wind blowing in your face?
      • Gale: When you're flying around like I always do, these things come in so, so handy. Like, what if a weird bug happened to cross your flight path?! Happened more than once to me and it wasn't any good!
      • Gale: And besides that, me and someone I really, really cared about made these goggles special. Those cheapo ones they make in Corkus...bleh! No good, no good at all. Where's the love? The individuality?
      • Gale: Yeah, they might be able to make a bunch of the same thing really quickly, but compared to making them by hand, one at a time? Just can't compete.
      • Gale: ...did my bias come through? Sorry, I just- I had a REALLY bad experience with some Corkian folks one time. They...really, REALLY got on my nerves, and on Qira's, and...
      • Gale: ...brr. Did...did it just get colder or is that just me?, I. Um...yeah! Special goggles! Not Corkian! Don't insult this craftsmanship, please!
    • [4] Can you share any secrets about Qira?
      • Gale: Oh, you want the juicy stuff. I getcha! Yeah, with her being so mysterious and sorceressy and all, there's a lot of rumors. There's one in particular that a lot of people wonder about. It's sorta private, though...ready?
      • Gale: That rumor is true- she does have a personal stash of chocolate! Some people see her over in Cinfras buying from the candy shop, and they just can't believe their eyes. I don't know how many emeralds she's dropped on those Cocoa Caps- total chocoholic!
      • Gale: Yeah, she's sorta picky when it comes to food, actually. She loves cherries and cherry juice, but can't stand blueberries. And according to her, the bass in the canyon are "factually inferior" to things like oysters and shellfish.
      • Gale: I mean, can't blame a girl for having preferences, y'know? I still LOVE fried dough and powdered sugar...I know those have a name, and it's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember what it is! But aside from that, lemme think of what else there is...
      • Gale: It's kind of an open secret that she's got trade deals with Aldorei and the dojo for all sorts of things. Her and that Dojo sensei talk a lot. It's definitely not anything romantic- She just refuses to get into any kind of personal relationship with anyone! But, makes you wonder, yeah?
      • Gale: Oh! And her full name ISN'T Qira Gavel, but don't tell anyone! It's fun to watch her huff at the postage.
    • [5] You brought Orja along?
      • Gale: Yep! I mean, Qira let her come along during the Spring festival too. She's trying so hard, so I figure why not have her get out of the Hive every once in a while?
      • Gale: The most finagling it took was convincing the girl herself to come along, really. I think she still just...sort of doesn't feel like she deserves this yet, and that's... It's nuts!
      • Gale: Orja's super committed! Like, I know you can hear me, girl!- She does the work of three people, just to justify her being there or something. Or maybe it's to keep her hands busy?
      • Gale: Either way, she deserves a break! To just live a little, y'know? I just HAD to get her away from Yansur, and that Psycho.
      • Gale: I know she's already enjoying her trip- she was whooping and hollering the whole flight over with me, and you should've seen her face when she saw all the holiday decorations!
      • Gale: Oh, and, eheheh...between you and me? I think Qira and Orja have a lot in common. They're both workaholics and chocoholics!~
    • [6] You're fidgeting with something in your pocket.
      • Gale: What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I...I guess I am. Why, uh...why'd ya ask?
      • Gale: Hey, what do you mean I'm acting weird?! I've seen how you all act around the square here! Y'all are crazy, heheh. ...I'm acting defensive? ...I. I guess so. ...yeah, I suppose I'm just...reflecting a little on things now.
      • Gale: Being out of the Hive is a bit liberating– but I've still got obligations there. This isn't a forever-thing, just...a little vacation. I bet if I asked she'd let me go out way more, it's just. Y'know. Y'know? I– ...
      • Gale: ...ugh, this is tough Agh, WORDS! Mouth! Speak!
      • Gale: ...I. I always wanted to...explore, and to have a place I could come back to. first home...wasn't it. They said I couldn't leave, no matter what.
      • Gale: Not without someone looking over my shoulder the whole time, at least...but it's so restrictive, being stuck in one place forever. It's different with the Hive, cause I'm choosing to stay there, but... Can't help but think it feels a little bit the same.
      • Gale: So...this thing's been burning a hole in my pocket the whole time. I don't want it anymore. I've got other more important keepsakes. All this thing has on it is bad memories. But...well, it feels like if I give it away, I'm leaving a part of myself behind? Does that make sense?
      • Gale: It's almost been like holding a grudge. I left that place out of spite, really. But holding a grudge for that hurts a little. It's a lot of effort– and itself, it's restrictive, too. I want to be free from that.
      • Gale: I leaving behind something bad, or am I leaving behind something important? Or, or maybe it's both. I really don't know.
      • Gale: ...I guess for someone like you, this wouldn't have all that baggage, though. And...I hear gift giving is a big thing at this festival, so. How about you take it?
      • Gale: Wouldn't have gotten to process all this if you hadn't told me about this festival, so I sorta owe you one anyways. Here– take it. As much as I hate the thing...keep it safe for me, okay?
      • Gale: And hey, keep your eyes on the skies and your ears to the breeze. Looking up and forward is way better than looking back. I know someone who probably would've appreciated learning that sooner than they did.
      • [+1 Crest of the Highlands]
    • [6] Just saying hello.
      • Gale: Well! I'd probably be cooler with that if we knew each other much at all, but I can't really do much with a plain ol' "Hey how ya doing," yeah?
      • Gale: It's just gonna be that we each say "Oh, I'm doing good, you?" and then you say something in return and the conversation doesn't go anywhere.
      • Gale: Nothing but stale air, y'know? But, I'm not annoyed about a simple courtesy call, either. Hope you have fun doing whatever, anyways!