Aldorei's Secret Part II(1.20)

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 2.0 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Aldorei's Secret Part II(1.20) CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Aldorei Town
Province Gavel
Combat Level 76
Starter NPC Legolus
Required Quest Aldorei's Secret Part I
Reward As follows:

For the updated version of this quest, please see Aldorei's Secret Part II.

Aldorei's Secret Part II is a long level 76 quest and is the conclusion to the Aldorei's Secret quest line, unlocked after completing Part I.

As of the 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update, the quest has not been updated, while Aldorei's Secret Part I has. As a result, many of the NPCs in the quest will refer to actions or events that took place in the previous version of the first part, but do not take place in the current version of it. You can either read the page for the 1.19 version of Aldorei's Secret Part I in order to understand the NPCs, or simply ignore them. This quest will be updated in the Spellbound update.


Inside Togak's Dungeon beneath Aldorei Town, the player discovers the motives behind the Sol Embassy's actions, information about the Realm of Light and the War of the Realms. The outcome of the quest, and the series, is dependent on the choice made at the end of Part I. A powerful armour set is given as a reward to those who chose to let Korben go in Aldorei's Secret Part I.

Stage 1

» Speak to Legolus (Requires completion of Part I and either the Receipt or the Elven Medallion from there).

 X   -139  Y   92  Z   -4445  Wynncraft Map 


  • Legolus: You're that human Elrund let into Aldorei Town, right? How wonderful. I could actually use your opinion on a matter. Fresh eyes are always better on an old scene.
  • Legolus: I believe the Sol Embassy are more than what they appear, I can tell that they are hiding a dark secret.
  • Legolus: Today I saw something that might just prove it. See that house over to the south? The man living there, Soway, has been extremely reclusive for weeks.
  • Legolus: He's locked his door and all of his windows, and he hardly ever leaves his house anymore.
  • Legolus: Today, I watched as Soway was attacked by a mysterious figure. Soway escaped, but I do not know where.
  • Legolus: Soway has always been very outspoken about the Embassy, campaigning for the doors of Aldorei to be open.
  • Legolus: The embassy has always just been a friendly organisation attempting to keep Aldorei free of greed. But now I'm not sure what to think.
  • Legolus: If we're going to uncover the truth, we first need to find Soway. He lives up in the house to the south. The door is locked, you'll have to find another way in.

Stage 2

» Find a way into Soway's house, to the south of Legolus.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get into the house.

To get into the house, go to its back. There is an opening, which proceeds the quest.

 X   -190  Y   140  Z   -4337  Wynncraft Map 


  • Note: If you're reading this, then the worst may have happened. The Sol Embassy has become corrupt.
  • Note: They claim to wish the province rid of greed. But then why do we hide? Close our gates to those who could be saved from corruption.
  • Note: The Embassy were once noble. I suppose some of them still are. But they have started taking increasingly lethal measures.
  • Note: My only hope is that someone outside the Embassy's grasp finds this, and more importantly acts on it.
  • Note: Just know this, Aldorei is no longer safe.
  • Note: Do not look for me, I do not want to be found.
  • It seems that Soway isn't here, you should probably go back to Legolus and see if he has any ideas of what to do next.

Stage 3

» Return to Legolus and tell him of your findings.


  • Legolus: You've returned! But with a grim expression... was Soway not there? He couldn't have just vanished into thin air.
  • Legolus: He's our only lead on discovering what is happening in this town, we have to find him. Soway must be hiding somewhere, but where could he have gone?
  • Legolus: He couldn't have left the town, we would have known. Let me think, maybe he's hiding.
  • Legolus: I've got it! You see the shrine to the southwest? There is some kind of ancient device underneath it, no one has figured out how to operate it.
  • Legolus: Soway might have figured out how it works, and opened up some kind of secret room. He may be hiding down there! Maybe if you figure out how to open it too, we can find him.

Stage 4

» Activate the device beneath the shrine in Aldorei Town.

 Location   Shrine   X   -202  Y   102  Z   -4377  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to activate the Aldorei shrine.

There is a puzzle that must be completed to open the cave where Soway is hiding; once it is completed, the wall behind the shrine will explode and give access to the cave.

There are eight stone plates that surround a beacon, with eight clay blocks beneath it, a reset button nearby, and a sign saying "Create a light that shall pierce the heavens". Each button switches the polarity of the three clay blocks closest to it, either from clay to emerald blocks or vice versa. The goal is to have all eight clay blocks switched to emerald blocks, at which point the beacon will activate and the puzzle will be resolved. You can set all eight blocks back to stained clay at any time with the reset button. The solution is to step on each pressure plate exactly once, in any order.

Alternatively, a much easier solution is to simply circle around the beacon, stepping on each pressure plate once.


  • Soway: A human? Here? How did you gain access to the town?
  • Soway: I see, and you came across my note in the process. Well, you have stumbled upon quite the scene here.
  • Soway: This could be perfect. If they have given you access to the town, that means they have a degree of trust in you.
  • Soway: Who? The Sol Embassy of course! They used to be good, attempting to uphold some old morals. They basically want to free the world of greed.
  • Soway: But Villagers, by nature, are so. Just sealing off Aldorei from Gavel was not enough for them.
  • Soway: They started taking down the greedy; rather than rehabilitating them. They framed me.
  • Soway: They made me seem greedy, so naturally the whole town turned on me. I had to hide. You have to save us from this secret oppression.
  • Soway: I need you to infiltrate the embassy; and kill Togak. Be warned, Elves are different to other species - and their defences are also different.
  • Soway: The entrance to the Embassy's lair is within the trunk of the cherry tree within town. You'll have to do a bit of climbing to get there, though.

Stage 5

» Enter the Embassy's lair through the cherry blossom tree.

 Location   Cherry Blossom   X   -288  Y   104  Z   -4414  Wynncraft Map 

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TreeCicada.png Tree Cicada 77 4500 Melee - -
Mashed Insect
Aldorei Town
CherryBlossomPetal.png Cherry Blossom Petal 78 4750 Melee - ✤ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Aldorei Town

Stage 6

» Speak to Togak.


  • Togak: Something feels very different, as if your arrival has made the light of this room glow even brighter.
  • Togak: Greetings, Human. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Togak, leader of the Sol Embassy.
  • Togak: I must admit, you have done well if you have managed to discover me, there have not been many outsiders to discover this chamber before you...
  • Togak: Your species have been resourceful to say the least. I'm guessing Soway lead you here to act against us.
  • Togak: How un-elf like of him. You should know, there are two sides to every coin. A different side to every story.
  • Togak: You are like so many others, leading weapon first, head later. Instead of just running in and attempting to kill everything, listen to the other story for once.
  • Togak: Head through the large passage behind me. Attempt to enter the embassy, we will teach you as you progress.
  • Togak: Perhaps then, your views will align with our own. As you begin to see the truth.

Stage 7

» Enter the chamber behind Togak.


  • Togak: Our story begins, almost at the beginning of Gavel itself...

Stage 8

» Escape the first room of Togak's Dungeon.

» Note: This is fairly simple parkour. Avoid the enemies!


  • No one understood the connection between Gavel and the Realm of Light better than ourselves, the Elves.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:EmbassyGuard.png Embassy Guard 77 4500 Melee - - - Togak's Dungeon

Stage 9

» Battle through the second room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Fight through this area.


  • The Light told us, through various means, that the path to happiness is through selflessness. And it was true; those who followed good morals lead a happier life.
  • However, there were still those, who could not follow. The villagers, our neighbour and ally for centuries, were not so keen on following a greedless life.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EmbassyDruid.png Embassy Druid 79 5600 Ranged - ✽ Dam
✽ Def
✦ Weak
- Togak's Dungeon

Stage 10

» Solve the puzzle in the third room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Stand on the stone pressure plates to extinguish flames, and wood to light them. Match the sign at the front of the room.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The correct sequence.
The correct sequence is the first, fourth, and fifth fires from the left on in the top row, and fourth fire from the left on in the bottom row.

Keep standing on the pressure plate until all fires are ignited and work from right to left.


  • They loved money. So much so that they became increasingly more desperate to acquire it. But still, it was not the end of the world.

Stage 11

» Battle through the fourth room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Another simple fighting room.


  • That is, until a thousand years ago. Something happened between the realms, and to this day we are unsure exactly what caused it.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EmbassySorcerer.png Embassy Sorcerer 79 8000 Ranged - ✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Togak's Dungeon
File:EmbassyGuard(Lv79).png Embassy Guard 79 4650 Melee - - - Togak's Dungeon
EmbassySorceressKaeli.png Embassy Sorceress Kaeli 85 14000 Rapid Ranged Heal
✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Togak's Dungeon

Stage 12

» Get across the fifth room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: This parkour moves as you jump across, and can be very difficult, especially with walk speed armor.


  • Being immortal, we saw the effect of the realms war on Gavel. The forests to the north began to decay. The mountains began to erupt. Light, was fading.

Stage 13

» Run through the sixth room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Make it to the other side before the timer runs out.


  • We were powerless, monsters began to emerge from all sorts of places we hadn't imagined. And so, the villagers set to explore lands across the sea.

Stage 14

» Climb the sunflower in the seventh room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Simple parkour around the stem to get to the top.


  • They found Wynn, a province at war. Once we discovered the bloodied history of your race, we learned about your portal.

Stage 15

» Battle through the eighth room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: The top of the sunflower has some enemies.


  • The portal, which opened 1000 years ago, about the same time Gavel began to decay. A clash of the realms of Light and Darkness.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EmbassySorcerer.png Embassy Sorcerer 79 8000 Ranged - ✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Togak's Dungeon
EmbassyBruteSahton.png Embassy Brute Sahton 85 14100 Melee - - - Togak's Dungeon

Stage 16

» Solve the puzzle in the ninth room of Togak's dungeon.

» Note: Step on the pressure plates to redirect the mirrors. Bounce the light from the generator to get to the sunflower.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Solution to the puzzle.


  • Two forces which should never touch. It seems Gavel got off lightly, after hearing about the hundreds of years of torment the Wynn province endured.

Stage 17

» Confront Elrund inside the tenth room of Togak's Dungeon.


  • Elrund: Hello again, Human. So now you know. You know about the realms, and what we Elves believed has happened.
  • Elrund: Now you see, we act in the greater good of all. You were not alive when Gavel was pure.
  • Elrund: It was so vastly different and magical, you can't even imagine. We Elves have seen the slow decay first hand, and it hurts our soul.
  • Elrund: Please understand we only act in the greater good of the province. You of all people must understand this, acting as a warrior for your own.
  • Elrund: Soway is part of our embassy, the whole scenario was set up to get you here. A test of will, if you will.
  • Elrund: I told you, the tests we give here in Aldorei are vastly different to what you are used to.
  • Elrund: Now you have a choice. To your right you can battle Vidobe, and earn access to the Elvish vault, where you may claim thousands of emeralds as a reward.
  • Elrund: To the left you may leave unscathed, and unrewarded. We live in hope that you will take what you have learned here and spread the word of greedlessness.
  • Elrund: The decision lies in your hands alone...

Stage 18

» Choose.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to which door to choose.
Since you will obtain 10240 emeralds by doing so, it is recommended that you choose the left door. However, you will only get the emeralds if you choose to give the boots to Kansard on Aldorei's Secret Part I. Also choosing right will make you fight vidobe (a boss with around 50k hp but will NOT give you any extra emeralds.


  • We believe the greed of the villagers weakened the purity of the Light realm. Although, we may be wrong. We, the Sol Embassy have been trying to restore it, ever since...

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
GrandMageVidobe.png Grand Mage Vidobe 85 53500 Ranged Heal
Heavy Explosion
✤ Dam
✤ Def
✽ Weak
- Togak's Dungeon

Stage 19

» Speak with Togak once more.


  • Togak: I must first apologise. The tricks, after deceit, after a ploy. You must not know what to believe anymore. Or perhaps you haven't understood this whole time.
  • Togak: A test of intelligence, endurance, and good nature. All of these in the hope that one action you took during your time in Aldorei was the right one.
  • Togak: You see, here is the truth, and all the truth. The Sol Embassy was formed to test the non Elvish people.
  • Togak: After some of the Villagers became greedy, we did not know who to trust with the secrets of Aldorei.
  • Togak: The whole thing is one giant test. Most don't get past the valley.
  • Togak: There are a few that have, and I must say the Human race have done a great deal better than the Villagers.
  • Togak: Considering you come from a land of corruption, you still have a great deal of nobility in you.
  • Togak: What we told you about the Realm of Light fading is true. We Elves do not know what to do except attempt to keep it alive.
  • Togak: You must be tired of all these ruses. The truth is, the whole ordeal surrounded, one simple but important decision you made on your way here.
  • Togak: Do you act for the greater good? You may remember being given a pair of boots by Elrund.
  • Togak: And you came across two people who both wanted them for very different reasons.
  • Togak: Well, the true test lies there. Did you act out of selflessness, or out of greed?
  • Togak: For it is not the large acts of killing some great beast or helping save a village that define you. It is the simple, small, everyday decisions that make you who you are.
  • Togak: You alone know what you chose to do with those boots. If you chose greed, return to Corak, if you chose decency, return to Kansard.

Stage 20

» Turn in your Receipt to Corak or give an Elven Medallion to Kansard.


If giving the medallion to Kansard:

  • Kansard: This medallion... I remember when I gave it to you. I was smiling ear to ear when you left.
  • Kansard: You had made the right decision, even before you entered the town.
  • Kansard: Most people would instantly take the money, without even hesitating. Greed, in its purest form.
  • Kansard: You have earnt what I am about to give you. It should help you on your journey to and through the Canyon of the Lost. Good luck, Human.

If giving the receipt to Corak:

  • Corak: It was not long ago that we met in that cave. I remember it well.
  • Corak: You passed all the tests, except the one that mattered. The one of greed.
  • Corak: You instantly took to the money, without even considering how it would make Kansard feel.
  • Corak: As such, you have failed. You will receive no reward from us, in the hope that it will teach you that selflessness is it's own reward.


  • Legolus, like Elrund, follows the Lord of the Rings-related naming pattern (replacing a vowel with a "u").
  • Retrieving the quest item using the /fixquests command will give you the Receipt, no matter which item you had.
  • This quest was updated in 2.0. For the current version, see Aldorei's Secret Part II.