From the Bottom

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From the Bottom CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Medium
Difficulty Easy
Location Thanos Bazaar
Province Gavel
Combat Level 81
Starter NPC Nakoba
Reward As follows:

From the Bottom is a medium level 81 quest and is multi-staged. It takes place in Thanos Bazaar.


The player looks around the Thanos market area and barters one item for another until everyone receives the item they want.

NOTE: You'll need to obtain 3 Troll Hair before starting the quest. They can found east of Thanos around (430,-5240).

Stage 1

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy [3 Troll Hair]. Nakoba is at 191, 6, -5236

Troll Hairs are dropped from Trolls that spawn near Thanos.


  • Nakoba: Ah, hey there, human! I'm certain you've noticed the bazaar down here. It's a point of pride for the Dwarves- biggest marketplace of all the Dwarf cities!
  • Nakoba: Specialty items you can't find anywhere else- All sorts of strange, wonderful, unique things. I've been looking for a few sundry items myself here.
  • Nakoba: It's almost all barter, unlike the merchants above that deal in that shiny stuff. Which is...a little unfortunate for me, in a way.
  • Nakoba: You see, I'm a historian by trade, but what I'm really after now is some Troll Hair. See, I really like the sme- er. It's good and sturdy for binding books- wait a second!
  • Nakoba: YOU have some? Phenomenal! I can never get it myself- was never much of a fighter. Um, here! Let me trade you that, for...this!
  • Nakoba: A Decorative Bottlecap Set! These were hard to come by, but I've got two sets of them anyways. Check them out! You'll learn a lot. Thank you very much, by the way!
  • ...this is more useless to you than that troll hair. But, Nakoba did say the merchants barter. Maybe you can get something more useful for these.

Stage 2

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy a [Decorative Bottlecap Collection]. Dobile is at 192, 6, -5219


  • Dobile: Minerals for sale! Minerals for sale! Come get your rare metals! We've got Kanderstone, Wynnic Copper, genuine Almuj Sandstone, real Voidstone from the Sky Islands!
  • Dobile: Human, you there! If you're interested in smithing, you've found the right place! long as you like drinking Dwarven drinks. I'm looking for bottlecap sets in exchange for these.
  • Dobile: What's that look for? Are you new here or something? Never seen a bottlecap collector before? Or is that just your face?
  • Dobile: Wh- That! That's! I! How did you! It...It's in pristine condition! There's not a single cap missing! There's not even any dents from the bottle openers!!!
  • Dobile: There's no way you got those in person! You can't possibly understand the significance of what you're holding!! I! NEED! THEM!
  • Dobile: Here! My rarest metal! Take them! Take them and give me those bottlecaps! I've got to complete my collection!! Give it! Give it! Give it give it give it give it NOW!
  • Dobile: Ahem. I got carried away there. But...those bottlecaps are from the very first Dogun Festival. It wasn't even held in Courag at the time these were made!
  • Dobile: I'd love to talk about them more, but I can't spend too long on the sale, or other customers might go away. But you got a good deal with that Jasplite I gave you!
  • Dobile: Come to think of it, some guy wanted that stuff, but he didn't even have a plain ol' sodapop cap on him! I think he's right close by. Maybe you'd have some interest in what you're selling instead.

Stage 3

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy some [Molten Jasplite Ingots]. Dorroc is at 179, 6, -5228


  • Dorroc: Hm...a human trader? Well, I've heard of you, but I hope it isn't just the standard fare from you.
  • Dorroc: Yes, I've seen quite a few of your type to this bazaar- Using the community forges and smithing tables in all. You seem to have metals in bulk...
  • Dorroc: ...but probably ninety-eight out of a hundred of the metal ingots I've seen humans use have been trash quality! Worthless only for practice! I seek only the finest metals, you see.
  • Dorroc:, of course, you have to prove me wrong by having MOLTEN JASPLITE?! Oh, you must have gotten that from Dobile. Wouldn't have taken you as a bottlecap collector!
  • Dorroc: I've been pestering him for a while about his stock. The metal of the Unseen Blade is very valuable, you see. It's fragile, yes...
  • Dorroc: ...but to wield it is to channel the power of Ockar the Unseen Blade himself! The wartime taskmaster who cowed a hundred demons with a mere dagger!
  • Dorroc: Sneaking behind the lines of the enemy, braving blistering heat! Remaining as a shadow, and cutting through sheer earth and magma without flinching!!
  • Dorroc: ...erm, yes. Anyways! For that, I can give you nothing less than my rarest stock. A Golemlus Power Core. If Qira found out I had this, I'd be worse off than a dead man.
  • Dorroc: She keeps the secrets of those creatures under lock and key- and it must be the ticket to unlocking that particular mystery. Treasure this, human! It is no mere Corkian battery.

Stage 4

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy a [Golemlus Power Cell]. Lodog is at 159, 6, -5285


  • Lodog: Right chief, what can I do ya for? I got all kinds'a machines here. One of 'em's gotta catch your eye, y'hear?
  • Lodog: I jury-rigged this juicer! Put a lemon inside, give it some, heheh, juice, and you'll get yourself lemon juice in a jiff!
  • Lodog: Or how 'bout this coin-shooter? Turn the crank and this'll spit out any coin-sized object like nobody's business. Just, uh, don't aim it at any windows, unless you really hate that window.
  • Lodog: ...what? Oh, I see. You think you got somethin' that'll interest ME instead of the other way round. I gotcha. Well, lemme see it a sec.
  • Lodog: ...okay. I can't make heads or tails a' this thing. What'd you say it was again? Don't tell me this is some Corkus gadget from that not-so-Legendary Island!
  • Lodog: ...a... A Golemlus Power Core...? This... hot DOG! Yahaaah, I'd heard about these wacko golem thingies ages ago, I always wanted to take 'em apart! Aw hell, but this is an opportunity!
  • Lodog: Gotta say, for something that came from that Hive it's a lot less purple and black and spidery-all-over than I expected. The complexity...this has gotta be the real deal, but...
  • Lodog: Feels like someone else made this. That Qira lady doesn't seem like the handsy type, and this is something like 85% mechanics, 15% magic. Just seems out of character.
  • Lodog: Ah, but I'm gettin' away from myself. Tell ya what- prob'ly went through a lotta trouble ta get this, and that means you got guts. You got bravery. You got STONES, human!
  • Lodog: So, how 'bout these Ice Drake Scales then? It fits a brave soul like you, it does! Take 'em with pride, there!

Stage 5

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy the Ice Drake Scales. Mastro is at 157, 6, -5256


  • Mastro: Ardent Magma Crystals for sale! Pure, 100%! Accept no substitutes, unless you're paying in emeralds, in which case kindly substitute...a lot of them!!
  • Mastro: Human! You have a keen eye for prices and values! I can tell by that glint in your eye- a real MAN's spirit! Even if you aren't a man, your spirit shines all the same as a man...!
  • Mastro: A SALES MAN! YES! Macho and brave! Chiseled and strong! Strong enough to carry 200,000 Liquid Emeralds to trade for this brilliant Ardent Magma Crystal!
  • Mastro: ...but hold on a moment. Hold on just one moment. Do I detect...a vein of ICE in that manly aura? A chill, pushing against that spirit of market machismo?
  • Mastro: YES, I DO! Human, you have Ice Drake Scales! I needn't see them to be sure! I was right about you from the start- Such burning passion!!
  • Mastro: AND SUCH NAIVETE! Let me strengthen your MIND! Ice Drake Scales are indicative of a great challenge having been overcome! A truly macho trophy of accomplishment!
  • Mastro: To tame Ice Drakes required UNBREAKABLE will! To overcome the sheerest cold with MACHO HEAT! And to outshine demons of lava and flame with that same determination! Those scales represent such resilience!
  • Mastro: And yet...I must wonder. Such a fiery spirit you have- THOSE SCALES HOLD YOU BACK! Your spirit cannot be contained in such a manner!
  • Mastro: DISRESPECT YOURSELF NO LONGER! I DEMAND YOU HAND OVER THOSE SCALES! But you will not leave empty-handed, no no, friend!
  • Mastro: You have ignited my passion as a salesman, so I shall present you with one of my own greatest accomplishments! For a spirit so WHITE HOT, only an ARDENT MAGMA CRYSTAL is fitting!
  • Mastro: YES! Your soul shines brighter than the shimmer of EIGHT-HUNDRED-MILLION EMERALDS! Forever may your spirit BURN, human!

Stage 6

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy an [Ardent Magma Crystal]. Dohstaj is at 179, 6, -5253


  • Dohstaj: have good money on you.
  • Dohstaj: ...I heard Mastro shouting. He' passionate.
  • Dohstaj: ...he's married to his work. Would I were his.
  • Dohstaj: ...but business first. Wartime artifacts for sale.
  • Dohstaj: ...priciest thing is a Dogun Flameshooter. Practically invaluable. You want it?
  • Dohstaj: ...good doing business.
  • Dohstaj: ...sigh. What a man he is...

Stage 7

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy the [Dogun Flameshooter]. Syni is at 158, 5, -5228


  • Syni: I can't stand this. I can't stand this! SHUT UP, MASTRO! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR SWEATY SPIRIT OR WHATEVER!
  • Mastro: MY MACHISMO CANNOT BE CONTAINED! Your aversion only inspires my salesman's spirit! Ardent Magma Crystals! Pure, 100% gold! 200,000 Liquid Emeralds, 80% off! STRONG bargains!
  • Syni: AAAGH! Stupid, stupid, stupid Dohstaj! I just need him to fork over that stupid Flameshooter and then I can get away from this tripe but he just! Won't! DO IT!
  • Syni: No, look, human! Can't you see the kind of stress I'm under?! I don't care about your Flameshooter, I need to get my hands on Dohstaj's Flameshooter!
  • Syni: ...
  • Syni: ...wait. Wait wait wait that's Dohstaj's Flameshooter how in the world did you get it what what WHAT! How did you snap him out of his...emotions?!
  • Syni: I've been trying to get a hold of that for a week straight! I already have the perfect trade lined up! Please, hear me out!
  • Syni: I have here the Scepter of Draani Thunderwill I! Dohstaj only WISHES he could salvage something this juicy! The real, honest-to-goodness staff of the Wartime King!
  • Syni: A war relic for a war relic. It's only a fair trade! Just be real careful- a theif's been skulking in the yellow stall by the bank trying to steal it from me.

Stage 8

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy [Draani Thunderwill's Scepter]. Yobon is behind the stone walls at 185, 6, -5290

The yellow stall should have the person who was trying to steal the scepter, however it does not have anyone inside of it. A notice is placed outside the stall that says the owner of it is out for a lunch break. By the bank there will be a Melon? Merchant. Right-click the wall behind the merchant to encounter the person who wants to buy the scepter.


  • Yobon: I saw you talking with Syni.
  • Yobon: Pfft. Thief? I'm an honest man. Just following the old footsteps.
  • Yobon: I know you have the Scepter. I'd have thumped you and taken you if you were a Dwarf.
  • Yobon: But how 'bout we work out a deal, instead? Take this tablet.
  • Yobon: It'll explain everything. Dwarven History...if you can read it. I can. Won't let loose my secrets for free though.
  • Yobon: Hand over the Scepter, and I'll hand over the tablet.
  • Yobon: I won't translate it for you, but I'm sure there's some egghead who'll get back to you on what it means in...ten years or so.
  • Yobon: Good things come to those who wait for others to do the work for 'em, as they say.

Stage 9

» Find someone in Thanos who wants to buy your [Eons-Lost Dwarven History Tablet]


  • Nakoba: Well, you've been busy, I see! You've been working this bazaar like a champion!
  • Nakoba: I ought to tell my friends up at the topside shops- they really respect traders who know their way around a deal. You should be able to buy and use more items from the armories!
  • Nakoba: I... haven't had such luck unfortunately. I think you might've picked the place clean, eheh. Don't suppose you've got one last deal up your sleeve, huh?
  • Nakoba: Oh, really? Hah, I was just joking about that, but if you really do have an offer, go ahead and lay it on me!
  • Nakoba: ...
  • Nakoba: Oh.
  • Nakoba: My.
  • Nakoba: HELL.
  • Nakoba: I recognize those runes, they're ancient Dwarven glyphs! This is slab number three! We already have the first, second, and fourth tablets, my team and I- this would finish the collection!

Traded Items

Decorative Bottlecap Collection: The bottlecaps depict ornate stone faces on the tops. There's small writing on the other side. Seems like a full set.

  • Obtained from Nakoba (191, -5237)
  • Sold to Dobile {190, -5219)

Molten Jasplite Ingot: They have brilliant crimson bands running along their surface. Seems light for a metal.

Golemlus Power Core: The metal is old, but meticulously cared for. It feels like you shouldn't be looking at this.

Ice Drake Scales: They feel mildly cold to the touch, and shine in the light. There's an attachment for a pin stuck through one of them...?

Ardent Magma Crystal: The shine is more brilliant than any gold you've seen before... ...but it's incredibly heavy!

Dogun Flameshooter: The stone comprising this device seems positively ancient... There's evidence of external repairs on it.

Draani Thunderwill's Scepter: The craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and it menaces with spikes of gilded obsidian.

  • Obtained from Syni
  • Sold to Yobon (186, -5290)

Eons-Lost Dwarven History Tablet: You can't make heads or tails of the glyphs carved into it. It's preserved perfectly. You've definitely talked to someone who wants this already.


  • A Thanos Dwarf NPC in the Thanos Bazaar mentions the best way to make money is to spend it. He is proven to be correct by this quest, as you start from 3 troll hair to ending up with 4096 emeralds and 40 platinum ingots.
  • This quest was updated in the 2.0 update. For the old quest, see From the Bottom (1.20).
  • The description of Draani Thunderwill's Scepter is a reference to the game, Dwarf Fortress