Lusuco's Secret Library

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Lusuco's Secret Library StructureIcon.png
The Room
Discovery Lore
This old library has been slumbering beneath Lusuco for years. It tells the story of the legendary Twain children.
Coordinates X: -193, Z: -302
Suggested Level Combat level 40+
Uses Discovery
Requirements Dynamite

Lusuco's Secret Library is a small corridor which contains eight chapters of the book "The Noble House of Twain". To enter, 1 Dynamite, purchased from Lusuco's Explosives Merchant using 5 Gunpowder, must be dropped on the dark grey carpet at [-193, 28, -302] to break the ice wall near the bank.

The Chapters

Chapter I

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter I:
When the portal opened 1000 years ago, magic was not wielded by the hands of man.
Although totally capable of performing spells - just like fire, magic had to be discovered.
There were however, humans that possessed natural magical gifts. Gifts that needed no teaching or practice.
These people were few and far between, and rarely did they possess enough power to fight corruption.
Before the time of Bob however, these people were invaluable and are probably responsible for keeping the province alive.

Chapter II

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter II:
During the early years of the war of corruption, there was only localised defence from these people.
It wasn't until Marius Twain, a particularly gifted man, decided to organise a team.
Being an orphan during the war was very common place. And like many others, this included gifted individuals.
Marius took in any orphaned children with gifts. Gifts for magical prowess, particularly those with elemental magic.
All the children he adopted took on his name, Twain and lived with him in his formidable manor hidden from the prying eyes of the portal.

Chapter III

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter III:
Marius taught them to control their powers and use them to fight the corrupt. His 4 true proteges were Rickeo, Theorick, Dwendle and Mael.
Although other Twains had gifts, they were not really made for war.
With Rickeo's manipulation of fire, Dwendle's control of air and Theorick's ability to govern ice, the largest threats to the integrity of the province were dealt with.
Mael, however, did not possess the same type of powers as his siblings (though they are not blood related, the inhabitants of the house of Twain were always considered a family).
Mael was able to communicate with the dead, or more specifically, the spirits that lingered to walk the earth. He was also able to produce black mystic wisps to damage his opponents.

Chapter IV

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter IV:
Mael was by far the most recluse member of the Twain family, and spent most of his time listening to the woes of the departed that had unfinished business.
Many people considered Mael's brand of magic to be "dark" and avoided him.
"People fear the dead" was the reason Marius gave Mael for his obvious unpopularity among his siblings, "you are a reminder that we are all simply mortal, despite our gifts".
Mael wondered if Marius really was mortal; he seemed to tell stories at least 200 years old. Alas, he was mortal. Marius died of old age and gave the children instructions to continue the House of Twain's noble work.

Chapter V

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter V:
Even in death the corrupt were not entirely vanquished. They often lingered as spirits.
Mael was often left to deal with the angry spirits, for he was the only one able to handle their wrath. The physical elements that defeated them in life, were no match for them in death.
The other siblings grew tiresome with Mael's reluctance to forever get rid of the spirits of the dead that remained, none more so than Theorick.
He frequently reminded Mael that he would freeze his spirit out of him if he didn't take care of the monsters who they dealt with while they were alive.
Mael, however, had his own way, he sought to calm the spirits and send them... "on".
In his anger, Theorick couldn't stand to stay in the Twain manor any longer, and left to live in the nearest town, Nesaak. He protected it with his life.

Chapter VI

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter VI:
Bitter in their old age, the siblings did not fulfill Marius' wishes, they did not seek out gifted children.
They all went their separate ways, all except Mael, who remained in the manor to aid the spirits that sought him.
Their power and influence in the province was severely weakened as communication broke down.
The four children of Twain although powerful and kept the province alive, were not the best symbol of humanity.
Eventually, one by one, the Twains fell. Some to Bak'al - immortal leader of the corrupt, some to corruption itself.

Chapter VII

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter VII:
All dead, except for Mael, who was determined to teach at least one more worthy of his knowledge of the spiritual world.
So, the House of Twain fell into decline. Mael, unable to look after himself in his old age, spent the remainder of his time in a secret library learning arts to pass on to the one worthy.
It was a young Bob who found Mael, and through him, Bob learned spiritual knowledge and the history of Wynn.
Eventually Mael passed on, leaving the souls that could not be tamed in the manor.
They roam the house, aggressive to anyone they may encounter.

Chapter VIII

The Noble House of Twain - Chapter VIII:
To the present day, the Manor remains full of unsatisfied spirits.
It remains one of the few places that monsters from the portal will not go, but that does not mean it is by any means safe.
Rumours float around in the eternal winter town of Nesaak that there are still secrets to be discovered, as Mael had a lot to hide. The House of Twain stood for several centuries protecting this province, but now no original Twain remains.
However, Mael left a will to the last remaining honorary Twai-
The remainder of the last page has been torn out.