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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

??? CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Short
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Gylia Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 80
Starter NPC ???
Reward As follows:

??? was a level 80 quest added in the Gavel update. It was a bannable offense to reveal any information to any other players about it, both in-game and online; however, it was not against the rules to form groups and collaborate to find and complete the quest as long as the players were at the same stage. It has been replaced with a new ??? quest in the Gameplay Update and it is no longer illegal to reveal it.


Stage 1

Collect a meteor shard from each of the three meteors in Gavel. The meteors are structures made of quartz and light blue glass with the shard on it and can be seen on the map.

 Location   Swamp/Pre-Light Forest   X   -1728  Y   56  Z   -5027  Wynncraft Map 

One meteor shard is between the Swamp and the Pre-Light Forest.

 Location   Gelibord   X   -946  Y   88  Z   -5359  Wynncraft Map 

Another shard is in a small pool on the mountain next to Gelibord.

 Location   Light Forest   X   -809  Y   12  Z   -4912  Wynncraft Map 

The last shard is in a cave beneath a mountain in the eastern Light Forest. To access it, you have to jump down a body of water in the middle of the mountain.

Stage 2

 Location   Eastern Gylia Plains   X   7  Y   42  Z   -5018  Wynncraft Map 

Throw the three meteor shards into a carpet on the north side of the large meteor east of Letvus Airbase. A door in the side of the meteor will open.

Stage 3

Enter the meteor and solve the puzzle. You have to set a correct number for the next door to open. To piece together the code, you must find three observatories in Gavel and look through their respective telescopes at night. An image of constellations should appear in each telescope, and when all three images are combined they reveal the code to be 1754.

 Location   Gert Camp   X   9  Y   121  Z   -5563  Wynncraft Map 

One of the observatories is found overlooking the Gert Camp. To get to this, you must follow a path to the right of the camp and turn onto a wooden path when you approach a cave.

 Location   Thesead   X   821  Y   120  Z   -5010  Wynncraft Map 

Another observatory is found on the highest level of Thesead in house #407.

 Location   Aldorei   X   -768  Y   64  Z   -4507  Wynncraft Map 

The final observatory is located outside of Aldorei, in the Light Forest.

Stage 4

Speak to Mehme.


  • Mehme: Welcome to my wonderful wooden home!
  • Mehme: You are welcome here as long as you don't have any mushrooms or chickens.
  • Mehme: I hate those things. Just my home and me.
  • Mehme: Me and my home.
  • Mehme: Alone.
  • Mehme: My home.

Note: This is the only actual stage of the ??? quest. The following stages are bonus content.

Stage 5

Solve the puzzle to make the parkour appear.

Stage 6

Complete the parkour. The parkour consists of invisible blocks that are "reflected" in the ice floor below. It leads to a secret area containing hints at Mehme's brothers, Yahya and Nohno.

Stage 7

Solve the puzzle to open the door in the secret room.