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Upcoming Content
The following page contains information about content that is currently not implemented in Wynncraft but officially announced and confirmed for future updates.

Version 2.1
Release Date Summer 2024





Version 2.1, also known as the Rekindled World update, is an upcoming major update to Wynncraft.

Mob Rework

World Events

  • New limited-time World Events will periodically appear across the game world
  • A new Major World Event: Prelude to Annihilation
    • Will appear at the Roots of Corruption about once a week on all worlds simultaneously, accessible to all players of level 30+
    • Involves a boss fight against the new, colossal "world-ending mega-boss" Annihilation
    • Awards Corrupted Caches containing new and extremely powerful items
  • When a World Event starts, players will be brought to an instance with their own party for the fight
    • There is a max party size for World Events
    • The fight still starts all at once for everyone on all worlds


  • Added a new Silverbull Syndicate, the Raid Division
    • Players are forced to sign up for it at level 65
    • Added Silverbull Gambits, optional player-specific enhancements that can be enabled in Raids to increase difficulty in exchange for greater rewards
  • Added a Guild Raids system, where enhanced Raids can be started when all party members are part of the same Guild
    • Guild Raids are even harder but reward SR and Aspects for yourself and your guild
    • Raid completions are tracked Guild-wide
  • Raid difficulty now scales client-sided to each party member's power, and players of all levels can team up together and experience a similar challenge
  • Improved all challenges and bosses in all Raids
  • Improved the Party Finder for Raids
  • Added Aspects, new rewards from Raids and Guild activities
    • Aspects improve player abilities, and are upgraded the more Aspects are collected
    • Shared across all characters and take up no inventory or bank space
  • Raids now have instruction rooms before a challenge providing a brief overview of it
    • Time is not used in instruction rooms
  • Rewards are given out in Regular and Aspect Pulls
    • Regular Pulls give normal items
    • Aspect Pulls give Aspects
  • Runes have been removed from the reward pool
  • Music transitions have been improved
  • Raids give more rewards if you do not die during a challenge
  • Raids now have a clear time limit
  • Raids show the amount of players it's waiting on when trying to advance to the next section
  • Improved Raid Buff rooms
  • Players cannot disconnect from an active Raid to join another world anymore


  • Aspects buff certain abilities
  • Up to 5 can be active at once across your account
  • Raids rotate their Aspect rewards weekly
  • Aspects are upgraded by collecting more of them

Nest of the Grootslangs

  • Now requires exactly 4 players
  • Tower Room (previously 3 Platforms): The tower spawn point is always shown. Grootslang Whelps will assault the tower and destroy it if they aren't killed.
  • Egg Hold Room: Eggs crack more often, and mobs always spawn now
  • Resource Room: Merged into one room with the challenges being the cannon puzzle, slime parkour, and Encroaching Tunneler miniboss
  • Slime Carry Room: The slime is now a hammer which now has additional uses aside from breaking rocks. Only the hammer wielder can now break rocks.
  • Miniboss Platform Room: The party is now forced to split between the upper and lower areas at the start of the room and cannot freely swap between them anymore
  • Reworked the Grootslang Wyrmling fight

Orphion's Nexus of Light

  • Now requires exactly 4 players
  • Removed the Decaying Clouds Hold Room
  • Platform Hold Room: Mobs have been buffed
  • Tower Room: The player carrying the Darkness Crystal glows purple
  • Resource Room: The puzzle was replaced with a new minigame
  • Invisible Maze Room: The maze now has checkpoints which requires players to split up when reached in order to reveal the next part of the path
  • Reworked the Orphion and Parasite fights

The Canyon Colossus

  • Removed the 3 Platforms Hold Room
  • Raid rooms have been restructured in how they appear:
    • Lava Parkour Room (1a): The area with lava has a better flow
    • 2 Platforms Hold Room (1b): Mobs have been buffed
    • Maze Room (2a): Miniboss golems are more difficult
    • Golem Room (2b): Entirely reworked to escort Golems throughout the canyon, defending them from enemies as they make a path forward for you
    • Resource Room (3a): Entirely reworked and now takes place in front of the Colossus
  • Reworked the Canyon Colossus fight

The Nameless Anomaly

  • Berserker Berry Room: The berry holder can no longer use Powder Specials
  • Stump Hold Room: The player holding the platform becomes bombarded with projectiles at all times. Void Holes now spawn even when no one is on the platform. The Heart of Darkness is now stronger but doesn't prevent players from holding the platform.
  • Dark Cave Room: The cave has been combined into one room. The parkour section was removed, and the Shadowlings and Chiropterror are stronger.
  • Tree Room: The outer area has expanded to now have 4 Soul Shrubs available. Once a Soul Shrub is killed, it will not respawn until all other shrubs have been killed as well.
  • Capture the Bulb Room: There is now only one Blue Bulb to defend. Bulb Keepers are now stronger and spawn more often.
  • Void Matter Room: Once 4/5 Void Matter has been collected, Void Hole spawners become unstable and spawn enemies much more rapidly, but can be killed in order to progress the waves.
  • Reworked The Nameless Anomaly's fight

Map Changes



Soul Points & Teleportation Scrolls

  • Teleportation Scrolls will no longer be consumed on use, instead having charges that slowly regenerate over 10 minutes
  • To use a Teleportation Scroll, you will stand in place for 4 seconds as the timer counts down, moving during the countdown cancels it
  • Charges are account-wide
  • Soul Points have been removed, and instead the death penalty is ingredients and materials
  • Dungeon Teleportation Scrolls were completely removed from the game
  • All prices of Teleportation Scrolls have been increased


  • Added various new items and Major Identifications
  • Mastery Tomes received some balancing changes[2][3]
    • The Brute, Sadist, Mastermind, Arsonist, and Ghost Tomes of Allegiance had their skill points increased from 3 to 4 at the cost of losing their elemental damage
    • Weapon Mastery Tomes no longer have skill points attached to them
    • Mastery Tomes no longer give base stats
    • Mastery Tomes are no longer Soulbound
    • Tome slots are now only locked behind Combat levels
  • Added new Mythic Items that can be obtained from defeating Annihilation[4]
  • Some Major IDs have been reworked



  • Improved the Music system to play high-quality songs in-game
  • Several new instruments were added
  • The music system now avoids restarting a song when you continually fade in and out of its region
  • Music timing was improved


  • Guild chat was improved
  • The maximum tax upgrade was changed from 60% to 70%
  • Tomes from objective completions have been buffed (1/1/1 to 2/4/8)
  • Emerald and Tome Seeking upgrades are now limited to 5 territories maximum



  • 2 new abilities were added: Exhilarate and Bloodlust
  • Removed Precise Strikes
  • Several other minor changes were made to the Warrior's ability tree


  • Chilling Snare was added
  • Removed Minefield
  • Several other minor changes were made to the Archer's ability tree


  • Freezing Sigil was added
  • Reworked Sunflare
  • Removed Dynamic Faith
  • Several other minor changes were made to the Mage's ability tree


  • Shadow Siphon was added
  • Several other minor changes were made to the Assassin's ability tree


  • Removed Blood Moon
  • Several other minor changes were made to the Shaman's ability tree


  • Added new random events to Lootrunning that can be beneficial or harmful during a run
  • Added new Missions to Lootrunning
  • Added a new Lootrun Camp in the Canyon of the Lost[8]
    • Bantisu Air Boosters were added to assist with the lootrun, unlocked after completing The Canyon Guides
  • Repair Scrap has been removed
    • Crafted items can now be repaired using Emeralds
    • Existing Scrap can still be used, but it can no longer be obtained
  • The Bank now has around 7% more storage space[9]
  • Running out of sprint no longer drains Mana
  • Nametags no longer have a transparent box behind them, are hidden when behind blocks, and scale with a mob's size to make them easier to see
  • Quest tracking has been improved
  • There are more unique death messages and you can now see what killed you
  • Content Book coordinates were improved
  • Reduced the volume of some Qira Hive boss spells
  • The teleport sequence out of Astralus' Comet in the Sky Islands Exploration was sped up
  • A sundial cave was added in the Almuj Desert
  • All Scarecrows have been updated
  • A failsafe to Memory Paranoia was added
  • An anti-camp spell was added to the Communication Monopole challenge in The Corkus Traversal
  • Sayrr's spawn location was updated
  • Cave hologram rotations were tweaked
  • The Archaic Villager Statue was removed
  • Az Runes are now a one-time reward from some caves in the Llevigar Plains and Olux Swamp
  • The Az Rune minigame was removed
  • Narder's skin was changed
  • The amount of leaf blocks per purchase in housing was increased from 4 to 8
  • Several Loot Chests were moved around, added, or removed in the Wynn Province
  • The volume of the Mysterious Obelisk fast travel between Nemract and Tempo Town was decreased
  • Description holograms to Fast Travels were added
  • Tunnel Trouble's dialogue was updated
  • There is a new restriction to the Horse Merchant in Ternaves
  • Many visuals were changed with some miscellaneous items
  • NPC appearances in Recover the Past have been updated
  • The Silverbull Company Headquarters was changed for the new Raid Syndicate
  • A change was made to the Tier 6 Loot Chest in Shattered Minds
  • The anti-camp mechanics in Lootruns have changed to now only target players in camping spots rather than everyone standing too high
  • Boss Altar holograms were updated
  • Elves now have ears
  • The Watchman Secret Discovery was improved
  • If you are detected AFKing, the server puts you in AFK mode, which reduces the packets you receive


Work on 2.1 was announced in a Twitter post from Salted's personal account in January 2024:

we're gonna be releasing another major update before fruma.
it will be a bit of a different update, as we don't want to slow down the development of fruma too much. but it'll also be very special and cool, y'all will like it, i think! stay tuned
~ Salted[10]

Another post was made in April 2024 from the Wynncraft Twitter account alongside an image of an Aspect (at the time unnamed):

For the past year, the team has been working on 2 major updates at the same time: Fruma and another yet-to-be-named update.
We're hoping to unveil the latter before summer. Stay tuned! This is something the entire Minecraft community will want to see 🔥
~ Wynncraft[11]

In the last week of May 2024, 2.1 teasers would start to be released by the day. The third post about 2.1 was made teasing the removal of Soul Points[12]. A day later, a post was made on the Item Team Thread on the forums regarding changes to Mastery Tomes[2]. A mysterious image would later be unveiled alongside a statement about Detlas a day after:

A Detlas citizen reported hearing a horde of monsters on the outskirt of the city. More updates coming soon.
~ Wynncraft[13]

Two more posts were made regarding Detlas on May 30th:

It's not looking good. Scouts have been dispatched to gather more information. Check back in a few hours.
~ Wynncraft[14]
Scouts have returned. This is no horde. We must protect the province at all cost. Check back tomorrow for orders.
~ Wynncraft[15]

On the final day of May, a post was made regarding the support of all Detlas soldiers alongside another image:

Over the coming week, all soldiers are to return to Detlas to prepare for this threat. Sharpen your weapons, and steel your mind. We face Annihilation. We cannot fail. Final orders coming tomorrow.
~ Wynncraft[16]

Additionally, the Wynncraft account icons and banners across all social medias changed to a more hellish color scheme. On June 1st, 2024, the final orders were given for all civilians to evacuate Detlas. In addition to this, the 2.1 trailer was announced to premiere a week from then, alongside the note that those who watch get a pet. A short was released that same day which showed a Shaman walking into the Silverbull Company Headquarters, who briefly looked at the Lootrun Chief and then a new NPC, later shown to be associated with the Raid Syndicate in the trailer. In addition to everything else, Detlas would receive several changes, these being:

  • The removal of all Detlas Citizens in the town due to them being evacuated.
  • The replacement of Detlas' normal music (Triumphant Citadel) with a more ominous soundtrack that would be constructed throughout the week (War's Knell).
  • Ragni Soldiers appearing in Detlas.
  • Admiral Aegis being in the center of Detlas to warn players of the attack and to direct them to the 2.1 website.

On June 2nd, the Kiwi Pet was revealed to be the pet that players would receive upon watching the 2.1 trailer[17]. A day after that, another teaser image was released later followed by an announcement confirming that Repair Scrap was removed[18]. After that, another image was revealed alongside a short showing a rebuilt Detlas Suburbs alongside a brief glance at a teaser image near the end. Another day later, a short was released which showed a random Lootrun event happening. Soul Points were later confirmed to be removed from the game[19] alongside another short being released showing an Archer wandering the Nivla Woods before being ambushed. On the final day before the trailer was released, a final short was made showing a rebuilt Roots of Corruption as a Warrior was going closer to the Corruption Portal. A greater look at the roots was shown in another tweet, quickly followed by another crude image shown to Media ranks. A few hours later, Salted announced that all the teasers in the buildup to 2.1 were finished which he posted alongside the final crude image shown, combining all of the other images into what is now known as Annihilation.

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