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Lootrunning is an activity for endgame players that involves looting a procedural series of Caves and challenges, primarily to acquire Mythics, Emeralds, and other valuable items. Players can join the activity for free by speaking to the Lootrun Chief inside the Silverbull Trading Company Headquarters east of Cinfras; after signing up, a lootrun can be begun at one of the Lootrun Camps scattered around the endgame regions of Wynncraft.

The Lootrun Division

Players can participate in lootrunning by signing up to the Lootrun Division, a part of the Silverbull Trading Company and the first "Silverbull Syndicate" to be released. The Lootrun Division tracks players' progress in the activity, allowing them to level up and unlock new features in their lootruns. Levelling up through the Division ranks is intended not to be particularly grindy, but should ease players into the system at a good pace.[1]

Lootrun XP is given at the end of each completed run based on the number of challenges completed. Failed runs (those that end with the completion of fewer than the minimum number of challenges) will not provide any XP. The XP earned from any lootrun is also capped at 500 XP, or up to 600 XP including the daily bonus.

Lootrun Division Ranks
Rank Title XP Required Total XP Perks
1 Rookie I 0 0 None
2 Rookie II 100 100 +Aqua Beacon
3 Rookie III 100 200 +Orange Beacon
4 Assistant I 100 300 +1 Beacon Reroll per run
5 Assistant II 100 400 +Green Beacon
6 Assistant III 120 520 +50% Walk Speed in interludes, +5% chance for Vibrant Beacons
7 Sentinel I 150 670 +Dark Grey Beacon
8 Sentinel II 190 860 +1 default Beacon Choice per run, +1 default Boon Choice per run
9 Sentinel III 240 1100 +White Beacon
10 Elite I 300 1400 +Grey Beacon
11 Elite II 380 1780 +1 End Reward Reroll per day
12 Elite III 480 2260 +Red Beacon
13 Admiral 600 2860 +5% chance for Vibrant Beacons (10% total)
14 Commander 750 3610 +1 Beacon Reroll per run
15 Master 1000 4610 +Rainbow Beacon
16 Grandmaster 4000 8610 None

Starting a Lootrun

Players who have joined the Lootrun Division can start a lootrun by travelling to one of the Division's Lootrun Camps and speaking to the Lootrun Master. Each camp is associated with a lootrun in its respective region, each of which has differing challenges and rewards. Starting a lootrun in a region also requires having completed certain Quests and most of the Caves in that region. There are currently four lootruns available:

Speaking with the Lootrun Master will allow you to verify your current loadout, including Armour, Weapons, Accessories, and Potions, all of which cannot be changed during a run. Assuming the region's lootrun has been unlocked, you will be able to begin the run after verifying your equipment. Note that there is a ten-minute cooldown after starting a lootrun before you can attempt it again.

Your first run at each Lootrun Camp each day provides +100 Lootrun Division XP, +5 Reward Pulls, and +1 Reward Reroll (at Elite II rank or higher).

Lootrunning Mechanics

The Timer

As soon as the run begins, a timer of a few minutes will start (visible on the in-game sidebar). When the timer runs out, the run will end, regardless of how many challenges you've completed. Time can be gained by reaching and completing challenges. Failing a challenge or dying at any point during a run will return you to the Lootrun Camp, reduce your remaining time by 1 minute, and (except when dying outside a challenge) reduce your total number of attemptable challenges by one. Dying during a run will not cause you to lose Soul Points.

The timer is normally capped at 15 minutes and will not allow you to get any more time than this. The only exception is a currently active Red Beacon - if you pick up a Red Beacon, the challenges gained from it will not add time to the timer on completion. However, having these challenges active allows you to go beyond the normal 15 minute cap and gain as much time as you want (through Green Beacons). Note that when the extra challenges are over, the timer will automatically drop back to 15 minutes if you were over that.


At the start of your run and after each challenge, you will be offered several Beacons to choose from (three by default). Each Beacon is a different colour and points to a different, randomly-selected challenge in the region; the colour of the Beacon denotes what effect you will receive if you complete the challenge it points to. There are eleven different Beacon colours, each with different effects:

Lootrun Beacons
Colour Default Effect Required Rank Max Uses
Blue Beacon Choose a Boon out of 3 Rookie I Unlimited
Purple Beacon +1 Curse, +1 End Reward Pull Rookie I Unlimited
Yellow Beacon Spawn 1 Flying Chest Rookie I Unlimited
Aqua Beacon +100% next Beacon effects Rookie II Unlimited
Orange Beacon +1 Beacon choice for the next 5 Challenges Rookie III Unlimited
Green Beacon +120s Time Bonus; mobs gain no Buffs this challenge only Assistant II Unlimited
Dark Grey Beacon +3 Curses, +3 End Reward Pulls Sentinel I 1
White Beacon +5 Challenges to this lootrun Sentinel III 1
Grey Beacon Choose a Mission out of 3 Elite I 3
Red Beacon +2 Challenges to this lootrun; gain no Time Bonus for completing them Elite III Unlimited
Rainbow Beacon Only Vibrant Beacons can appear for this lootrun Master 1

Some Beacons can only be taken a certain number of times in a single run, as shown in the above table, after which they will no longer be offered. Aqua, Green, and Red Beacons will also never be offered more than once in a row.

A set of Beacons can be rerolled up to twice per run (after ranking up), rolling both new challenges and new Beacon colours. After reaching the Assistant III rank, each Beacon offered will also have a small chance to be Vibrant, doubling its effects. The bonus of an Aqua Beacon can stack both with those of Vibrant Beacons, with the Vibrant bonus being calculated last. For example, taking a Vibrant Aqua Beacon followed by a Vibrant Yellow Beacon will spawn 6 Flying Chests rather than the default 1, by the following formula:
1 x [(100%[2] + (100%[3] x 2[4])) x 2[5]] = 6


During a standard lootrun, a minimum amount of challenges are required to open the ending chest, though better rewards will be obtainable from completing more challenges. Challenges come in 5 different types:

Type Objective Notes Loss Conditions
Spelunk Loot all chests in this cave Only Tier III and IV Loot Chests need to be opened. Player dies
Slay Mobs Slay all mob waves - Player dies
Slay Target Slay all targetted mobs The targeted mob usually doesn't spawn instantly. Player dies
Destroy Destroy the objective The objective has a set amount of HP, and acts as a mob without AI. Player dies
Defend Protect the objective for long enough Only some mobs will target the objective. Player dies, or objective is destroyed

After each completed (or failed) challenge, all mobs spawned will receive buffs to their health and damage, making subsequent challenges harder (except when a Green Beacon challenge is completed). The mob scaling per challenge differs between Lootrun Camps, with lower-level lootruns having steeper scaling to compensate. Mob stats don't scale continuously, but rather on the base stat of a mob. The formula for mob scaling is as follows:

b + (bmx) = s

Each variable represents the following:

  • b: The mob's base stat value.
  • m: The modifier for this mob's stat.
  • x: The amount of challenges attempted.
  • s: The final/current amount of the stat for this mob.

Using the Lutho Citizen as an example, the final amount of HP for a Lutho Citizen on Challenge 13 would be calculated using the following equation:

100,000[6] + (100,000 x 0.5[7] x 13[8]) = 750,000


Whenever you complete a challenge marked by a Purple or Dark Grey Beacon, one or more Curses will be applied to you for the rest of the lootrun, buffing all mobs you encounter in challenges. There is generally no limit to the number of Curses that can be applied; they stack (additively) with each other as well as with the normal mob buffs after each challenge. Curses are derived from the base stat of a mob instead of being continuous. Each Curse can buff mobs' resistance, health, damage, attack speed, or walk speed. Notably, however, mobs can only receive a maximum of 84% damage resistance from Curses.

To calculate how a mob will be affected by Curses, a modified version of the equation mentioned previously is needed:

b + (bmx) + (bcn) = s

The values from before mean the same thing as mentioned before, and the two new variables each represent the following:

  • c: The modifier to the mob stat the curse provides.
  • n: The number of curses this mob's stat is affected by.

Using the Lutho Citizen example from earlier, the final amount of HP for a Lutho Citizen with the aforementioned conditions with 3 curses providing +35% HP would be calculated as such:

100,000 + (100,000 x 0.5 x 13) + (100,000 x 0.35[9] x 3[10]) = 855,000



Whenever you complete a challenge marked by a Blue Beacon, you will be offered a choice between three or more Boons. Boons are beneficial effects that affect the rest of your lootrun; Dynamic Boons have an ongoing effect, while Static Boons provide an immediate buff based on your progress through the run so far.

Boons can provide buffs to various Identifications, including Skill Point bonuses, Loot Bonus, Loot Quality, Spell Damage, Health Bonus, Life Steal, Mana Regen, Mana Steal, Walk Speed, and Enemy Weakness. Most Boons which can stack multiple times have a maximum limit; for example, choosing a Looter Boon that provides +10% Walk Speed for every four items found in chests can only provide a maximum of +150% Walk Speed, even if you have found more than sixty items.

Lootrun Boons
Name Boon Type Description Max Stacks
Persnickety Dynamic Once you've been offered a Blue or Purple Beacon more than 6 times this Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] -
Picky Looter Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] everytime you get offered a Yellow Beacon x15
Heavensent Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] for each Beacon offered x15
Slowrunner Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] when less than 6m is left on the timer -
Clockworker Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] for every minute left on the timer x15
Looter Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] for every 4 items offered to you from a Chest x15
Serendipity Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] everytime you open a Chest x15
Bad Omen Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] everytime you get a Curse x10
Midas Touch Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] everytime you get a Boon x8
Killstreak Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] for 60s everytime you kill 3 Mobs. Duration resets after every kill x100
Persistent Champion Dynamic For the rest of your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] everytime you complete a Challenge -
Patient Champion Dynamic Once you reach 5 Challenges completed during your Lootrun, gain [EFFECT] -
Parsimonious Static This time only, immediately gain [EFFECT] for every 4 items offered to you from Chests this Lootrun x15
Madman Static This time only, immediately gain [EFFECT] for every Curse you currently have x10
Lightbringer Static This time only, immediately gain [EFFECT] for every Boon you currently have x6
Mob Slaughter Static This time only, immediately gain [EFFECT] for every 10 Mobs killed this Lootrun x20
Retrograde Champion Static This time only, immediately gain [EFFECT] for every Challenge completed during this Lootrun x15


After completing four challenges in a run, as well as whenever you complete a challenge marked by a Grey Beacon, you will be offered a choice between three or more Missions to take on. A Mission is a bonus objective that can be completed during your lootrun, providing an effect for the rest of the run once completed depending on the type of Mission selected. Only one Mission can be taken on at a time, and you will not be offered any Grey Beacons as long as one is already active. A maximum of four Missions can be completed in a single run, providing End Reward Rerolls, Sacrifices, and other benefits.

Mission objectives are randomized, and may include gaining time, earning End Reward Pulls, opening chests, getting Boons or Curses, or being offered a certain number of Beacons. Compleating missions rewarding End Reward Rerolls or Sacrifices on the last challenge of a run will not grant a reward.

It is also worth noting that some Mission effects are rarer than others. Cleansing Ritual and Equilibrium for example are considered to be one of the best Mission effects to get which are rarer than others.

Lootrun Missions
Name Reward Effect
Cleansing Greed After opening a Flying Chest, remove one of your Curses.
High Roller Gain +2 End Reward Rerolls.
Materialism All Challenges now additionally have the Yellow Beacon effect. Yellow Beacons cannot appear anymore.
Orphion's Grace Boons are now 50% more effective.
Cleansing Ritual After finishing a Challenge, consume 1 Curse to gain +1 Challenge.
Equilibrium After getting a Curse, get a random Boon.
Inner Peace Curses are now half as effective.
Backup Beat Every time you add +360s to your timer, gain +1 Beacon Reroll
Stasis While picking a Beacon, your timer does not decrease. (Max 5m)
Gambling Beast After finishing a Challenge, consume 300s from your timer and gain +1 End Reward Reroll.
Redemption Gain +1 End Reward Sacrifice.
Ultimate Sacrifice Gain +1 End Reward Sacrifice and +2 End Reward Rerolls. When 120s drops on the timer, lose 1 Boon. Gaining time can delay this.



Alongside regular chests, successfully completing a lootrun will allow you to open the Reward Chest back at the Lootrun Camp. The Reward Chest will roll one set of items for each reward pull earned during the run, and is unaffected by Loot Bonus or Loot Quality identifications. The Reward Chest can contain various items, listed here in order from highest to lowest rarity/priority:

Shiny Mythics are the rarest items available from the Reward Chest, and are an exlusive reward from lootrunning. Shiny Mythics function the same as regular Mythics, but include a cosmetic counter for a certain statistic (i.e. Mobs Killed or Dungeons Won using the item), as well as having an enchanted glint effect.

The Reward Chest only has 36 item slots, so the pulls will exceed the number of slots in long runs. However, as items are ordered in the chest by priority, the truncated items will always be the lowest-priority pulls from the entire chest. This means that, although a Reward Chest with 100 pulls will truncate all but the 36 highest-priority items, you will still have 100 chances of getting a Mythic, since if one is rolled it will be pushed to the top of the chest.

Current estimates are that the player will, on average, receive mythics per pull is ~0.04% (1 in 2500), means that you need 2500 Effective Pulls to get a mythic surely. (Effective Pulls calculated like: Pulls * (Rerolls + 1) )

After completing a lootrun, the reward pulls earned will be claimable from the Reward Chest for up to two hours before expiring. The Reward Chest at each Lootrun Camp resets weekly, generating a new set of possible rewards, as well as a new Shiny Mythic.


Note that the following strategies assume you are at least Master level.

General Tips ✨

Short Runs

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The strategy here is to finish the run as quickly as possible after getting a Grey Beacon. Grey Beacons are the key to high-level lootrunning as they allow you to get multiple runs worth of items in a single run.

If you are offered a Grey Beacon, you should not just take it. Try to chain it with an aqua to get 2 or more rerolls for your final reward. Once you have acquired the Grey Beacon you should attempt to kill the run as soon as possible. Killing the run is done by gathering curses and stacking pulls until it is no longer feasible to continue. The recommended way to do this is stack Aqua, Purple and Dark Grey Beacons.

You should aim to do no more than 20 or so challenges.

If you are offered a Dark Grey Beacon at the start, just take it and make the run as short as possible. This will give you a good number of pulls per hour.

Long runs

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The following page contains information about content that is outdated as of update 2.0.4 and has not been updated yet. You can help Wynncraft Wiki by updating it.

Long runs can't really be forced. Start the run by getting an orange beacon as they are vital for forcing good beacon combos later

You may choose to do a long run if you get:

  1. High tier Boons, like enemy weakness or damage,
  2. A Rainbow Beacon, or
  3. A stacked white with 10+ challenges.

Now you should try and balance:

  1. Not running out of challenges by using White and Red Beacons,
  2. Not running out of time by using Green Beacons,
  3. Ensuring you can stay alive using Blue Beacons.

Because the mobs naturally stack, you need Boons to keep up with their scaling. In a perfect run, you should always feel as strong as you felt in the first challenge.

For long runs, you want to avoid curses at the start. We can use Beacon manipulation to do that late in the run.

Early in the run, you should get:

  1. Grey Beacons stacked to at least +2 rerolls,
  2. At least 1 extra Beacon choice using Orange Beacons. 4 Beacon choices (+2) is optimal.
  3. A Rainbow Beacon,
  4. Enough challenges to complete using White and Red Beacons,
  5. Boons to carry you through the middle of the run which will give you almost no Boons.

Mid-run, you will find very few Blue Beacons, but mostly Aqua, Yellow, Red, and Purple Beacons. You just have to get through this so you can get to the run's late game. Use this time to improve your setup if possible.

At around 35 challenges, you are in the late game. This is where the real fun starts.

From now on you will mostly find Red, Green, Blue, and Purple Beacons. You should start stacking as many Purple Beacons as you can. As soon as you feel yourself falling behind, use Blue Beacons to get more Boons. This way you can get over 60 challenges completed.

With every challenge granting 1 pull, and getting around 20 extra pulls from Purple and Dark Grey Beacons, you are looking at a 60 to 80 pull chest with at least 2 rerolls.

Rules for Beacon Picking

  1. Yellow is the worst Beacon, you should almost never pick it.
  2. Green is only valuable with a Red Beacon active.
  3. Don't pick Grey if it's unbuffed, unless you are after challenge 13.
  4. You should prefer Aqua stacking over taking singular beacons. For example, you could take 3 Purple Beacons or 2 Aqua and 1 Purple for the same reward, but you want to use Aqua to super-charge rare Beacons like White, Grey and Dark Grey.
  5. If your Boons do not keep up with mob scaling late in your run, just take easy spelunks to stack a few more challenges.


Notes & References

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