Admiral Aegis

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Admiral Aegis
NPC Info
X: 520 Z: -1627
Species Human
Location Detlas Barracks
Quest Involved Mushroom Man, Elemental Exercise, Arachnids' Ascent, A Hunter's Calling

Admiral Aegis is the admiral of the Detlas Army and is a recurring character in the Spider Questline. He makes his first appearance in Mushroom Man, meeting up with Aledar to discuss how he defeated an undead army before seeing Tasim and the player. After finding out about the threat the Nivla Woods spiders have become, he tells the trio of new recruits how to prepare before the siege. He makes his second appearance in Elemental Exercise, congratulating the player and Tasim for defending Detlas from a siege of the corrupted and mentions that they need to become a little stronger before they are ready to attack the Infested Pit. Admiral Aegis makes his final appearance in the Spider Questline, telling the trio the plan he has to raid the pit. After the pit has been successfully raided, he then asks Tasim to defend the small town of Elkurn.

He makes a non-canon appearance in the quest A Hunter's Calling, where an alternate version of himself is fighting against Bak'al and is killed in the battle.


  • Admiral Aegis: Hm... Ah, hello there! Good to see you around, recruit. Is there anything you need?
    • [1] What are your plans for the spiders in Nivla Woods?[1]
      • Admiral Aegis: We plan to send a force into the spider den to clear them out, and hopefully find the source of their aggression.
      • Admiral Aegis: ...But that's nothing you need to be concerned about. We'll take care of it. If you're looking for something to do, I believe Lieutenant Van was looking for soldiers.
      • Admiral Aegis: Your friend Aledar is a part of that mission- you can speak to him to learn more.
      • Admiral Aegis: In addition, you'll want to visit Captain Ragon and get some training. It's always worth honing your skills.
      • This quest requires completion of Taking the Tower and Elemental Exercise to start.
    • [2] What can I do around here to help?
      • Admiral Aegis: Ah, yes, let me think. Let's see...
        • Didn't complete Tunnel Trouble:
          • Admiral Aegis: ...I believe I told you that Captain Fenor outside the west gate was looking for aid, yes? I don't believe anyone has gone to help, yet.
        • Didn't complete Taking the Tower:
        • Didn't complete Elemental Exercise:
        • Did all the tasks:
          • Admiral Aegis: ...Well, to be honest, I'm not sure what else there is for you to do around here! All three items on my list have been resolved.
          • Admiral Aegis: You should have received a Content Book when you reached Ragni, yes? The book can always serve as a guide if you have no ideas. It might be worth a try!
    • [3] What's it like being the leader of Detlas' military?
      • Admiral Aegis: Well... It's tough, but it's rewarding work.
      • Admiral Aegis: This province needs protection, that much is clear. From the mindless corruption, yes, but there are also many bad actors who are very human.
      • Admiral Aegis: The latter is harder to deal with than the former, for me. I can fight corrupteds all day, but when it's another person I need to deal with...
      • Admiral Aegis: Well. It's not my favorite part of the job, is all I'll say. It's something I try to leave to other high-ranking officials in the military, when possible.
    • [4] What were you doing in Almuj?[2]
      • Admiral Aegis: Ah... Right. I suppose I did say something about that.
      • Admiral Aegis: The Admiral of Almuj, a man named Amerigo, is a frustrating individual to speak to. He's very good at what he does, but I can't say I enjoy his company.
      • Admiral Aegis: He requested my presence in Almuj to resolve the case of a traitor in our ranks. A higher ranked soldier in Almuj's military was caught consorting with and aiding bandits in the desert.
      • Admiral Aegis: There are many groups of such bandits, most of which actively oppose our government. To aid them, all while having such a position... I'm sure you can see the issue.
      • Admiral Aegis: And yet, the traitor's case was complicated. You see, he was the brother of a commander stationed in Nemract, a man by the name of Takan.
      • Admiral Aegis: Amerigo suspected that Takan would take issue with the sentencing of his brother, so he summoned me to speed up the proceedings.
      • Admiral Aegis: The traitor was executed, of course. Such treason couldn't be allowed. And, yet... I find myself wondering how Takan will react.
      • Admiral Aegis: ...In any case. That should answer your question. The politics of having such a position are my least favorite part of it... But, they are necessary.
    • [5] I don't need anything.
      • Admiral Aegis: Very well. Have a good day, soldier.


Detlas Barracks
520, 67, -1627
Wynncraft Map

Admiral Aegis is located on the third floor of the Detlas Barracks.


  1. This option will disappear after Arachnids' Ascent has been completed.
  2. This option is available after completing Elemental Exercise.