Version 2.0.4

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Version 2.0.4
Release Date October 6th, 2023



The 2.0.4 update is a minor update to Wynncraft that was released on October 6th, 2023. It is notable for adding Character Banks and making major changes to Lootrunning.


Character Banks

  • A Character Bank will be exclusive to a character. Items in there won't be shared.
  • If the character is deleted, so will the Character Bank.
  • Ranked players can unlock more pages.
  • The first time a Character Bank is opened, all Soulbound items will move into the aforementioned bank.
  • The Character Bank will be the default bank as opposed to the current bank, now renamed the Account Bank.


New Lootrun Camps


  • Missions are objectives given to you after your 4th challenge in a lootrun that you can complete for a major buff.

Beacon Revamps

  • Grey: Choose a Mission out of 3 instead of gain a Reroll.
    • Aqua Beacons increase the amount of missions offered.
    • 3 Max per lootrun.
    • Starts appearing after the 5th challenge is complete.
    • Won't appear if a Mission is already active.
    • They will slowly stop appearing if they aren't picked enough times in a lootrun.
  • Yellow: Spawns a Flying Chest with boosted Loot Bonus instead of buffing the next challenge's rewards.
    • Aqua Beacons increase the amount of flying chests you can open.
  • Orange: Get +1 Beacon Choice for 6 Challenges instead of for the entirety of the lootrun.
    • Aqua Beacons increase the duration of the extra choice.
    • More common.
    • Removed the limit.

Corkian Augments

  • Corkian Amplifiers are now categorized as Corkian Augments.
  • 2 new Corkian Augments were added: Corkian Insulators and Simulators.
    • Insulators will protect an ID when rerolling an item, meaning that it will stay static and can't be buffed or nerfed.
    • Simulators will allow you to reroll an item without increasing its reroll count, causing the reroll price to not increase.
    • Both are incompatible with each other.

End Reward Sacrifices

  • In addition to gaining End Reward Pulls, Sacrifices can also be gained to transfer 50% of your Pulls into the next Lootrun, with the % transferred increasing the more Sacrifices that are made.

New Major IDs

  • Gruesome Knots: Twisted Tether spends twice as much of your Blood Pool to deal triple damage.
  • Coagulate: Blood Connection launches you further and higher upon teleporting to a nearby Totem.
  • Dead Weight: Totem's horizontal velocity is greatly increased at the cost of vertical movement.
  • Expunge: When using Heal, instead cast one instant pulse that heals 20% of your max health.

New Gamemode: Ultimate Ironman

  • Ultimate Ironman is a new Special Gamemode that makes them unable to access any bank whatsoever.
  • Ironman can now access their Character Bank, but not their Account Bank.
  • Current Ironman characters are automatically converted to Ultimate Ironman ones.
  • Added the /ironman command for Ironman characters to permanently remove or downgrade their class.
  • Character banks won't have rank requirements if Ironman characters are being used.


  • Added new Shiny Mythic stat trackers.
  • Several new Void Holes were added to help going up and down Void Valley.
  • Several new items were added.



  • All barriers have been removed in exchange for other anti-camping measures.
  • One-Time and Permanent Boons have been renamed to Static and Dynamic Boons, respectively.

Beacon Tweaks

  • Dark Grey: Reduced the amount of End Reward Pulls from +5 to +3.
  • Red, Green, and Aqua Beacons: No longer has a limit and can no longer appear more than once in a row.

Silverbull Syndicate Level Perks

  • Assistant II unlocks the Green Beacon instead of Elite I.
  • Assistant III unlocks the Interlude Speed Bonus instead of Sentinel II.
  • Sentinel II now increases the default beacon choice by +1.
  • Elite I now unlocks the Grey Beacon insetead of Assistant II.


  • Increased the likelihood of damage and health-related buffs being offered.
  • The Slowrunner, Killstreak, Bad Omen, Madman, and Patient Champion Boons have been buffed.


  • Nerfed all negative effects.
  • The maximum resistance mobs can reach has been decreased from 90% to 84%.
  • Curses of the same type will be merged in the status effect list to save space.


  • Render Distance has been increased from 8 chunks to 12 for players who are using Minecraft 1.16+. 1.15 players will also experience the improved rendering, although potentially with some issues as 1.15 and under is planning to be phased out.
  • The Website API will soon have new types of leaderboards.
  • The Gathering Speed and respawn time of several alternate resource nodes has been adjusted.
  • Jeweling has had some recipes changed:
    • Bracelet: 2 Gems, 1 Oil
    • Necklaces: 3 Gems, 1 Oil


Hotfix #1

Hotfix #1.1

  • The Festival of the Spirits returns for 2023. New features include a revamped Drawing and Guiding of the Spirits alongside a brand new minigame: Banish the Beyond. Detlas has also been revamped into Spooky Detlas for this event.

Hotfix #1.2

This mini-hotfix solely includes some changes to the new minigame Banish the Beyond.

  • The Wanderer
    • A 10 second cooldown to their invisibility has been added.
    • They can no longer destroy Spirit Wells when invisible.
    • They destroy blockades 40% slower when invisible.
    • Slightly reduced their speed when invisible.
  • The Terror
    • The Snares now take less time to disarm but are also less visible.
  • Survivor Syndrome now makes the Escape Beacon glow when you are within a 16-block radius from it.
  • Not Done Yet and Lone Soldier will let you use them to revive yourself if you are currently downed.
  • Parkour's cooldown has been increased from 60 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • Survivors now gain score by avoiding the spirit's attacks to a limit.
  • The Escape Beacon is no longer visible to killed survivors and no longer plays a sound after it has been destroyed.
  • When being revived, downed players can see a progress bar.
  • Break for Beyond, the Music that plays during the escape phase, has been added to the Jukebox.
  • Some changes have been made to Jump Fatigue triggers.
  • The Bunker has had a few more rooms added to it.

Hotfix #1.3

  • The command /toggle now has a new parameter: publicProfile, which allows you to hide some features of your account from the API.

Hotfix #1.4

This mini-hotfix solely includes some changes to the new minigame Banish the Beyond.

  • The Taken
    • They now can only teleport up to 5 times before having to decloak.
    • The time for teleportation between lockers increases depending on how far it is away from where they are teleporting from.
  • The Terror
    • The hitbox for the Snares has been adjusted to fit the visible circular area on the ground.
  • The Vermin
    • A 4 second cooldown has been added to the travelling between Burrows.
  • Ironwood Blockade has been reworked to now increase Spirit stun time to be 30% longer.
  • Healing Streak now only loses 1 state of progress after being downed.
  • Renewed Hope no longer works in the Escape Phase.
  • Blood Rush has been lowered to +2 seconds extended duration.
  • Spirit Wells lose progress more slowly after being attacked.
  • The Blockade stun hitbox has been horizontally reduced.
  • A 10 second grace period has been added at the start of the game, blinding the spirit and makes all the Spirit Wells inactive until the grace period is up.
  • The Woods has been changed to prevent unwinnable scenarios.
  • Ladders and Vines are now interactable to make them easier to climb.
  • Reverted the previous changes made to Jump Fatigue.

Hotfix #2

  • Lootrunning Changes:
    • The Defend Objective health for the Molten Heights Hike and Sky Islands Exploration has been standardized.
    • Various Boons have been nerfed, especially damage-based ones.
    • Grey Beacons appear more often.
    • Easier Missions have been made harder.
    • Gambling Beast now consumes time even if you don't have enough, ending your Lootrun.
    • Several parts of the Molten Heights Hike Lootrun has been changed:
      • The final wave of the Flammagenitus challenge has been nerfed.
      • Anti-Camp spawnrate in the Supply Wagon challenge has been nerfed.
      • The Permafrost Drake miniboss in the Frigid Hollow has been nerfed.
    • Several parts of the Sky Islands Exploration Lootrun has been changed:
      • The Tier 3 [✫✫✫] Loot Chest in The Donjon had its kill requirement reduced.
      • The Malfunctioning Totem miniboss in the Donjon has been nerfed.
      • Mobs in Astraulus' Comet spawn closer to it.
      • The teleportation out of Astraulus' Comet has been sped up.
  • Added guards to Efilim.
  • The Party Finder for The Nameless Anomaly has been moved to the actual raid start positions.
  • Panic Zealot has been buffed.
  • The Place Condensed and The Place Coalesced have had their difficulties adjusted.
  • The Cow King's and the Dyeing Eye's appearances have been updated.
  • A Lutho Citizen NPC has been moved to prevent accidental dialogue initiation.
  • Territorial Discoveries no longer appear when selecting the "All" option in the Content Book.
  • Cheese has been added.
  • Banish the Beyond changes:
    • The base speed of the Taken and the Vermin has been reduced from +20% to +15%.
    • The base speed of the Wanderer has been reduced from +15% to +10%.
    • The Wanderer's decloak time has been reduced by 0.5s.
    • Survivors gain more score by avoiding spirit attacks and stunning the spirit.
    • Survivors now gain score by powering the exit gate.
    • Spirits receive roughly 30% more score for all actions.
    • Light in the Tunnel and Survivor Syndrome can now activate their effects if they are selected after the condition has been triggered.
    • Spirit Wells lose progress more slowly.
    • All left-click interactions are now right-click.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #2.1

  • 30 Spectral Tickets can be redeemed at The Seer as a make-up for the second +50 Spectral Tickets failing to activate. There is now a new +50 Spectral Tickets event scheduled for November 5th, 2023 at 8:00 UTC.
  • The Cheese has been fixed.

Hotfix #2.2

  • The 2023 Festival of the Spirits has ended.
  • Killing wave mobs in the Twisted Jungle speeds up the wave spawns.
  • A failsafe has been added to Fantastic Voyage.
  • Server stability has been improved.
  • Nerfed the droprate of Mythics and Shiny Mythics, which also refreshes the End Reward Chest for the week this was implemented.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #3

  • Killing mobs in the Twisted Jungle room of The Nameless Anomaly will speed up wave spawns.
  • Added a failsafe for Fantastic Voyage.
  • General improvements to server stability.
  • Nerfed the drop rates of Mythics and Shiny Mythics in the Lootrun End Rewards, thus refreshing the rewards the week this hotfix was pushed.
  • An item was added to display stats in the Banish the Beyond minigame in the Isles of Fiction.
  • Added merchants from Banish the Beyond to the Isles of Fiction.
  • A small path was added to the Aquaculture Aquifer cave.
  • The Slay Spiders miniquest's location was moved.
  • A "Hard Melee" was added to the boss of the aforementioned raid. The range is increased and it can knock players in the air.
  • The Shout Bomb tooltip was updated to make it better reflect advertising rules.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Hotfix #4

Hotfix #4.1

Hotfix #4.2

Hotfix #4.3