Gylia Plains

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Gylia Plains RegionIcon.png
Gylia Plains on the Wynncraft map.
Coordinates X: -200, Z: -5200
Access Points Light Forest to the southwest
Kander Forest to the northwest
Canyon of the Lost to the east
Suggested Level 70
Quest Starts Purple and Blue
Fallen Delivery
Acquiring Credentials
The Hunger of Gerts Part I
The Hunger of Gerts Part II
Flight in Distress
Aldorei's Secret Part II
The Bigger Picture
Murder Mystery
Involved Quests Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light
Type/Biomes Plains

Gylia Plains, also known as Cinfras County, is the name for the grassy region of farms, plains, and trees stretching from the edges of the Kander Forest and Light Forest to the vast Canyon of the Lost in the east. At the center of the region is the grand central hub of Gavel, Cinfras, next to the massive Guild Hall and the towering Letvus Airbase. The northern section of the plains is dominated by Lake Gylia and the Gert Camp, where the Hunger of the Gerts quest-line takes place. Aldorei Town to the south may also be considered to be a part of the Gylia Plains, despite being located fairly close to the Light Forest. The recommended minimum level for Cinfras, level 75, reflects quite well the level 70-80 mobs which surround it in the Gylia Plains. Numerous quests are scattered throughout the region.

Points of interest


  • Cinfras - The main attraction of the region and the central hub of the province, Cinfras is a large trading metropolis for Villagers. With this, it contains all the merchants and amenities one could expect from a city of its magnitude. The city itself is bordered to the east by a towering mountain, with every other compass direction barricaded by towering walls and cliffs.
  • Aldorei Town - Situated east of the much greater Aldorei Valley, this humble town is exclusive to those who have passed the convoluted trials of the Elves. However, though their elaborate tests seem to cease upon gaining access to the town, the Elves have many more rituals that await (as explored in Aldorei's Secret Part II).


  • Bovine Bedrock - Bedrock has shot out the ground, and some strange bovine creatures have made it home here.
  • Raiders' Rockhill - Watch your step around the Rockhill! Bandits and raiders are known to lurk around and keep their stolen treasure inside.
  • Bandit Groundbreaking - The bandits menacing the Cinfras County are trying to dig a new hideout here.
  • Root Slingers' Rut - The roots themselves attack those who swim into the rut here.
  • Burning Bog - Kandrekk warlocks have claimed a bog hidden behind ancient Gylia Ruins, and seek to watch the world burn.
Bovine Bedrock
-608, -4904
Wynncraft Map
Raiders' Rockhill
-111, -4621
Wynncraft Map
Bandit Groundbreaking
-287, -5552
Wynncraft Map
Root Slingers' Rut
-177, -4864
Wynncraft Map
Burning Bog
-411, -5205
Wynncraft Map


  • Guild Hall - Accessible through Cinfras's eastern gate, the Guild Hall of Cinfras is a large room wedged into a mountain in which Guilds are birthed everyday. Along with housing the Guild Master responsible for creating guilds, it contains its own bank and an entrance to Letvus Airbase.
  • Letvus Airbase - The labyrinthal platforms of Letvus Airbase can be found directly east of Cinfras on the opposite side of the mountain which gives shelter to Guild Hall. It is the focal point for a large system of multipurpose transportation airships operating across Gavel and Wynn, as well as a flourishing site for the operation of a handful shady merchants (as explored in Acquiring Credentials).
  • Cinfras Suburbs - The suburbs are a small strip of houses running from the Light Forest to Cinfras's west entrance. Only a few houses occupy the area, one of which being a key location for the quest Murder Mystery.
  • Lake Gylia - An expansive and mystical body of water full of spires and sharks, said to contain some of the most intense magical properties in all of Gavel. In 1400 BP, the Purple and Blue meteors crashed into the Gylia Plains, creating an enormous crater which, after being filled with rainwater, later became Lake Gylia. The meteors themselves sunk deep underground, their cosmic power echoing from the lake's core (further explored in Purple and Blue).
  • Gylia Watchtower - This tower is where the Gylia Watch resides. They were founded after the Gerten War to keep an eye on the nearby Gerts in their camps.
  • Gert Camp - A collection of red tents overrun by the orange brute Gerts and kept under close eye by the Gylia Watch, the result of a violent and lengthy war waged between Gerts and Villagers. The confined Gerts, limited in resources, having taken to covert measures to stock up on their diminished supply of meat which they exalt (displayed in the Hunger of the Gerts questline).
  • Silverbull Company Headquarters - The headquarters of the prominent Silverbull Trading Company, this former summer residence for the royalty of Gavel is where the Lootrun Division currently is and is where people can sign up to join.