Gylia's Cataclysm

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Gylia's Cataclysm SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
More than two thousand years ago, two meteors crashed down into the Gylia Plains. Over centuries, the crater filled to become a lake where the most curious magic circulates.
Coordinates X: -96, Z: -5314
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 70+
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Gylia Plains Secret Discoveries found

Gylia's Cataclysm is a Secret Discovery located in the Gylia Plains, in Lake Gylia. It is an Ultimate Discovery, requiring all Gylia Plains Secret Discoveries to be found.

The cutscene shows the fall of the Purple and Blue Meteors, as well as how Lake Gylia came to be.


Gylia Plains
-96, 11, -5314
Wynncraft Map
  • Head to Lake Gylia and go into the underground cave marked by a small gate. Head down the cave, jump into the water and go to the purple particles between two spikes in the middle of the room to trigger the cutscene.


  • Gylia Plains
  • 1400 BP
  • Kid 1: You can't catch me!
  • Kid 2: Hey, not fair!
  • Old Villager: Darn kids, watch where you're going!

The Purple and Blue meteors come into view.


  • Villager Farmer: By the Gods...

The meteors crash into the plains, creating a gigantic crater.

  • The meteors left this land fractured and its people scared.
  • The desperate worshipped them, the damaged - feared them.
  • The years of silence followed, and eventually through an unthinkable act, the civilizations fell to ruin.
  • Over the years rain waters filled the crater and formed a lake. The meteors themselves sunk underground, away from everyone's sight.
  • And in the middle grew a mountain, formed by their alien magic.


  • The date of the discovery, 1400 BP, coincides with the date of the Desert Ultimate Discovery, where Hashr kills his father, the Emperor. However, the connection between these two events is unknown, if there is any at all.