Devotee Construct (Lv. 27)

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Disambig.png This article is about the first version of this mob. For the second version of this mob, see Devotee Construct (Lv. 28). For the third version of this mob, see Devotee Construct (Lv. 29).
Devotee Construct
Type Dungeon Mob
Level 27
Health 200
AI Type Ranged
Elemental Properties
Weakness Earth
Damage Water Thunder
Location Timelost Sanctum: Cathedral (1st Version)

Devotee Constructs (Lv. 27) are a hostile mob found in the first version of the Cathedral in the Timelost Sanctum. They appear to be Olmic statues that serve a religious purpose in a pristine state. Later versions of this mob in the dungeon are the Lv. 28 and Lv. 29 versions of this mob as well as the Lv. 33 version of the Timelost Visage.


Devotee Constructs have a Ranged AI, which will make them fire projectiles at the player. It is weak to Earth and does damage in Water and Thunder.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DevoteeConstruct(Lv27).png Devotee Construct
(Lv. 27)
27 200 Ranged - ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
- Timelost Sanctum:
Cathedral (1st Version)