Timelost Visage (Lv. 32)

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Disambig.png This article is about the first version of this mob. For the second version of this mob, see Timelost Visage (Lv. 33). For the third and final version of this mob, see Timelost Visage (Lv. 34).
Timelost Visage
Type Dungeon Mob
Level 32
Health 1,040
AI Type Melee
Abilities Explode, Teleport, Wave
Elemental Properties
Weakness Fire
Damage Air
Defense Air
Location Timelost Sanctum: Courtyard (3rd Version)

Timelost Visages (Lv. 32) are a hostile mob found in the third version of the Courtyard in the Timelost Sanctum. They appear to be Olmic statues whose purpose has been lost to time, primarily due to the sanctum slipping being notably closer to the modern day. The earlier versions of this mob in the dungeon are the Lv. 28 and Lv. 29 Groundskeeper Constructs while the later versions of this mob are the Lv. 33 and Lv. 34 versions.


Timelost Visages have a Melee AI, which will cause them to follow the player and deal damage upon contact. They are weak to Fire damage, deal damage in Air, and resist Air. It is notably bulkier compared to its earlier versions, but in turn spawn less plentifully throughout the Courtyard.

They have three spells: Explode, Teleport, and Wave. Explode will cause an explosion to occur at its area, dealing damage to and knocking players back if they are caught in it. Teleport will directly transport it from one spot to another. Wave will cause it to summon a wall of water particles that can knock players back several times alongside dealing damage with each hit.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TimelostVisage(Lv32).png Timelost Visage
(Lv. 32)
32 1,040 Melee Explode
✹ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Timelost Sanctum:
Courtyard (3rd Version)