Faulty Unit

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Faulty Unit
Type Dungeon Mob
Level 29
Health 820
AI Type None
Abilities Slowness
Elemental Properties
Defense Thunder
Timelost Sanctum: Research Lab (3rd Version)
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Immunity

Faulty Units are a hostile mob found in the third version of the Research Lab in the Timelost Sanctum. They appear to be Olmic constructs that are starting to fail at supporting other units due to the sanctum being pulled closer to the present. The earlier versions of this mob are the Containment Units, while later versions of this mob in the dungeon are the Ruined Units.


Faulty Units do not have any hostile AI. They are resistant to Thunder damage. They are immune to forms of Knockback Crowd Control.

They have the Slowness ability, which will cause it to reduce players' Walk Speed by 15% for a minute.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
FaultyUnit.png Faulty Unit 29 820 None Knockback Immune
✦ Def - Timelost Sanctum:
Research Lab (3rd Version)


  • The Faulty Units are some of the only mobs throughout the Timelost Sanctum that doesn't have a higher or lower-leveled version of a degradation sequence. The other two mobs that also fall into this category are the Animated Elementals and Research Failures.