Dead Island

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Dead Island IslandIcon.png
Dead Island.png
Discovery Lore
A wealthy family claimed the entire island to settle on when the waves first settled, but a mysterious event has brought dark influence to the island, robbing it of its vibrancy.
Coordinates X: 800, Z: -3850
Suggested Level 68
Quest Starts Haven Antiquity
Monsters List of Mobs
We're headin' for Dead Island, but it ain't exactly a tourist attraction anymore. It used to be a beautiful, lively island. But one day, something must've happened, and well... they don't call it Dead Island for nothin'.
~ Seaskipper Captain

Dead Island is a large island in the northeast part of the ocean. It used to be called Alive Island, but after an unfortunate incident, the island was taken over by forces of Darkness that transformed it to what we know it as today. The beast that caused the island to transform was later killed by a soldier from Ragni, though the island never recovered. Dead Island is primarily composed of only ruins and mainly inhabited by Dern Minions, Awakened Spirits, and Dead Villagers. Because of this, and because of their high spawn rate, the area is considered a good grinding spot for levels 64-72.



Points of interest


  • The Docks are located on the southwest shore of the island and are home to Cinfras, the V.S.S. Seaskipper, and a Slaying Post.
  • The Ruined Mansion belongs to Old Siwel, and is located in the northwest area of the island.
  • The Bovemist Church is located on the southern cliffs of the island, overlooking the graveyard. Dead Island Bovemists can be found here.
  • The Graveyard is found along the southeast shore of the island. The crypt contains a grave that teleports players to Alive Island, Dead Island's past.
  • A Large Cave is located below Siwel's mansion, containing many Dern Minions and the skeleton of a gigantic creature.
  • A Shipwreck has run aground on the rocks off the northeast coast of the island.

Quick Travel


  • Dark Trees are found across the island and can be gathered at level 60
    Woodcutting, making this a viable alternative to gathering in Gavel's Dark Forest.

  • 4 Diamond ore can be found around the northeastern shipwreck. Can be gathered at level 80





Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DarkenedSquid.png Darkened Squid 68 3000 Melee Charge ✽ Def
Squid Ink

Squid Beak

Algae Mat
Squid.png Squid
Dead Island shore
AwakenedSpirit.png Awakened Spirit 68 3025 Melee - ✦ Dam
✤ Weak

Severed Heart
Dead Island
DeadVillager.png Dead Villager 68 3600 Melee - -
Severed Heart
Dead Island
DeadIslandBovemist.png Dead Island Bovemist 68 2300 Melee - -
Severed Heart
Dead Island church
DernMinion.png Dern Minion 70 4050 Melee - ✦ Dam
✦ Def
✤ Weak

Umbral Essence
Dead Island