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Upcoming Content
The following page contains information about content that is currently not implemented in Wynncraft but officially announced and confirmed for future updates.

Upcoming Content page consists of all known and confirmed information about content coming to the Wynncraft in future updates.

Upcoming Content Publishing Policy

This page and Category:Upcoming Content follows a strict policy of publishing content in them.

  • Don't leak information Leaking information about unreleased content or updates, including blocked off areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't post speculations We allow to post information about content that wasn't announced but in-game content suggests that it will be added.
  • Properly add information For announced content use {{upcoming|confirmed}} and post source. For content that isn't announced but in-game content suggest that it will be added use {{upcoming}}

Upcoming Updates

2.1 Rekindled World

Main article: Version 2.1

The Fruma Update

The next major update after the Rekindled World update is planned to add Fruma Province to the game.[1] Fruma will be slightly smaller than, and located west of, Wynn, but more open and densely populated with content than Gavel or the Silent Expanse. It will be a region for endgame players of level 105+, and the update will increase the level cap, possibly as high as level 120.

As of now, on the online Wynncraft map where Fruma is going to be, there is Ancient Wynnic text that reads "COMING SOON".

About a year after the Fruma Update was announced to be the next major update, a new town has been teased: Espren. Espren appeared in the level 25 quest Recover the Past in the scene where Aledar was fleeing from the Fruman Royal Guard. According to the forum post by Salted, Espren is "situated in the poorest region in Fruma. There is little government assistance and the majority of people don't have an emerald to their name. However, this does not bother the people of the Auburn Forest. Instead of monetary riches, they are rich in natural resources."[2]

New instruments are also going to be added to the Wynncraft OST.

Some other areas related to Fruma have been changed, such as the Fruman part of the Ragni Outskirts and the Royal Gate to Fruma.

Sneak Peeks

Cryptically at the end of the sneak peek is a piece of a Warrior with a message of "DON'T JOIN THE FIGHT". What this means is unknown.

Upcoming Content

  • Timelost Sanctum Quest: The Timelost Sanctum's dungeon quest will not be released until a later date. The quest will be level 26.[3]
  • Corrupted Timelost Sanctum: The Timelost Sanctum's corrupted counterpart will replace the Corrupted Lost Sanctuary at a later date. Despite the levels of the Underworld Crypt and former Lost Sanctuary dungeons being swapped, the levels of the Corrupted Underworld Crypt and Corrupted Timelost Sanctum will remain unchanged.
  • Corrupted Fallen Factory: Since the addition of the Corrupted Galleon's Graveyard, the last inactive Corrupted Dungeon portal in The Forgery corresponds to the Fallen Factory.
  • The Realm of Dern: Presumably one of the last areas that will be added to Wynncraft, the Realm of Dern is the realm from which darkness originates, with the embodiment of it being the Dern Beast.
  • WynnExcavation Questline Rework: In the 2.1 Rekindled World changelog, Salted mentioned that WynnExcavation Site A was absent from the list of other reworked quests in the Almuj Desert and said that due to its lore importance and the fact it is in a questline, the Content Team prefers to update all 4 of the quests at once in a later update. He ends the remark by saying that the questline feels very outdated by the current standards of content.[4]

Delayed from 1.20

Delayed from 2.0

Delayed from 2.0.3

Implied Upcoming Content

Unconfirmed Upcoming Content
The following page contains information about content that is currently not implemented in Wynncraft, but is hinted at to be added in the future with no official confirmation.

These pieces of content are not directly confirmed by the Content Team to be added in the future, but it is implied by some in-game dialogue.

  • Dullahan: In the final stage of Realm of Light III - A Headless History, there is a sentence that says "The spell can not be broken, as of now."
  • Tisaun's Grave: Found near the Guild Hall is a grave dedicated to the founder of the Sodeta Guild, Tisaun Sodeta. A line of dialogue when interacting with the grave indicates that some future content is to come: "An unsettlingly powerful energy seems to blanket the area. There is potential here for...something. But not yet..."
  • Additional Silverbull Trading Company Content: After the player has registered for the Lootrun Silverbull Syndicate, the Lootrun Chief says that there is nothing more he can do at the moment.
  • Wind Fortress: A bracelet called Follow the Wind mentions a place called the Wind Fortress. If it is brought to an altar in The Void, a piece of dialogue will appear, with the last part reading "You feel there might be something to find here... but not yet."