Ruins of Detlas

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Ruins of Detlas SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
The modern city of Detlas was built with the help of villagers after their arrival in Wynn, but these ruins might hold the secrets of what lied before.
Coordinates X: 435, Z: -1574
Suggested Level 5
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Ruins of Detlas is a Secret Discovery located in Detlas. There is an underground cave containing six old journals of Detlas' history.


435, 68, -1574
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to Detlas and enter the house with a Cooking Station right outside of it.


  • Go upstairs and climb up the ladder. Go through one of the windows located at the north side of the attic and go across the blue banners.


  • Enter the house at the other side through the window and jump down the platforms located inside


  • Drop down the hole that opens at the bottom and keep following the path until you get to the Fountain Control Valve. Press the button on the emerald block and wait until a message appears, saying:
  • "It seems something activating this device has affected something on the surface..."


  • Go to the exit on the left. Upon exiting, you end up in a basement with the Basement Dweller. Head on up, you'll find a secret hatch leading into a house.
  • [1/2] Basement Dweller: *Hic* Wha, whozit? Oh geez, I should lay off tha old *hic* Nemract Whiskey. I'm startin' to see things.
  • [2/2] Basement Dweller: Wha, yer *hic* real? Wha're ya doin' in mah house then?!


518, 68, -1601
Wynncraft Map
  • After exiting the house go across the main plaza towards the Black Road and turn left right in front of the main gate and go to the fountain. After the water disappears, go into the hole that opens up.

RuinsofDetlas7.png RuinsofDetlas8.png


There are 6 journals that can be found throughout the underground village.

Journal 1

  • You read an entry in the worn journal...
  • "A stranger came into town today all the way from Ragni. Ragni of all places! What do the folk there want with us in this small town?"
  • "It's nothing but farmland for as far as the eye can see around here. I want some excitement! I want to go to Ragni and see the castle there!"
  • "Then again, the roads are more dangerous now than they ever have been. If rumors are to be trusted, you can't step three feet out of town without running into an undead"
  • "Who knows, maybe this'll all blow over soon..."
  • The entry stops there.

Journal 2

  • You read an entry in the worn journal...
  • "That trader from Ragni was saying some disturbing things the other day."
  • "He mentioned that the undead attacks are growing more frequent all over Wynn. Even Ragni is straining under the pressure."
  • "Detlas has managed to avoid the worst of the scourge. But how much longer will our luck last?"
  • The entry stops there.

Journal 3

  • You read an entry in the worn journal...
  • "It's been unusually quiet these past few says. I don't like it. Even for a small town such as Detlas, there is such a thing as being too quiet."
  • "I fear the rumors of the increasing undead roaming the lands. What's worse, there are other rumors saying that they are being led by a human."
  • "What madman would turn against their own kind in favor of... those things?"
  • "I just hope I can keep my people safe. Wait, I fear something approaches.."
  • The book is torn in half. The rest of the entry must be somewhere nearby...

Journal 4

  • The pages are torn and with soot on the edges. You read the rest of the entry...
  • "This may be my final entry. The human leading the horde is no human. He is tainted. Broken. Controlled."
  • "Fire spreads from his hands like magic. If only we had such power. Someone has to stop this. Alas, it can not be me. He is here."
  • The entry stops there.

Journal 5

  • You read an entry in the worn journal...
  • "I was talking to Mary the other day. She said some of the survivors are planning to make the trip Troms or Ragni"
  • "She asked me if we should go with them.I told her we we're staying here. The road to Ragni is too dangerous, and Troms is too far away."
  • "But as the night draws near, I'm not sure about my decision..."
  • The entry stops there.

Journal 6

  • You read an entry in the worn journal..
  • "There aren't that many left in this town. If this place can even be called a town."
  • "There's me, Hank, Mary, their kids, the Mayor who's crazy now, Andy, Steve, and Judy and her kids."
  • "We only have enough for about a day or so. We have no choice: we need to leave for a fortress."
  • "Andy, Steve, and I will lead. The road to Troms is difficult. If you read this, I hope Detlas still stands."
  • It is dated 78 AP (After Portal). This is how the last entry reads.


  • Due to the rework of Detlas in 1.18 it location was the house's location was changed.
  • The person in the 4th Journal that the author is referencing to is most likely Bak'al.
  • This Discovery implies that Detlas was originally a small, obscure village before it was built to be the most popular city in the Wynn Province.
  • During the Festival of the Heroes and most likely other map changing events, this discovery was somewhat broken.