A Monument of Hope

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

A Monument of Hope StructureIcon.png
A Monument of Hope.png
Inside the Monolith
Discovery Lore
Just as the darkness infiltrated Gavel, the Light was able to protect the physical bodies of the miners in Lutho by erecting this Monolith.
Coordinates X: 995, Z: -694
Suggested Level 100
Reward 1500000 Experience Points
Uses Discovery

A Monument of Hope is a Secret Discovery in Lutho. It reveals the origin of the Monolith in the center of the city, as well as its purpose.


Bank of Lutho
995, 73, -694
Wynncraft Map
  • Climb up the ladders on the sides of the bank and follow the brown carpets until you reach the base of the Monolith.

A Monument of Hope1.png

  • Then, follow the instructions in red: pick up a shard and complete the parkour.

A Monument of Hope2.png

  • Once at the top of the Monolith, place the shard and jump in the hole that will open. You should trigger all three parkour pathways so that the Monolith allow you to repair it. Otherwise you will be teleported down with following message:
The Monolith rules you unworthy.

A Monument of Hope3.png


  • At the end of the quest A Journey Beyond, Aledar is happy to see the Monolith, stating it has healing properties, although he doesn't know its true origin.
  • During the quest A Journey Further, you get the Dark Obelisk World Discovery, which reads "This black obelisk bears a similar shape to the one found in Lutho, though it's unclear how they're related".
  • On the south side, four Wynnic runes spell out the word "free".
  • Jumping with the Resurrected Head in your inventory triggers a dialogue: "Revan: Where am I? We're not in Gavel, are we?".