A Dividing Force

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

A Dividing Force SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
The river dividing the two forests has acted as a barrier against the Decay for decades. Using her powers, Lari has single handedly kept the Decay from spreading further south.
Coordinates X: -11845, Z: 5585
Access Points X: -1092, Z:-5156
Suggested Level 60
Uses Discovery

A Dividing Force is a Secret Discovery located in the Dark Forest. It focuses on the Decay and Lari.


Outside Gelibord
-1092, 44, -5156
Wynncraft Map


  • Walk in the cave
  • Walk deeper into the cave until the cutscene with Lari starts


Upon approaching the exit of the cave, Lari will appear in a short cutscene, during which she explains and demonstrates the barrier that she created to keep the Decay from crossing the river into the Light Forest.



  • Lari: Hmm...
  • Lari: Huh? Oh... <playername>, I'm glad you're here.
  • Lari: I'm just making my rounds along the Decay line.
  • Lari: It can't have escaped your notice, but the north is dying, for want of a better word.
  • Lari: You may have also noticed a very direct line between the forests, that's becau-
  • Lari: Odd... I keep on hearing strange noise coming from over there.
  • Lari: Wait, look. It's one of the parasites. Let me show you the barrier.
  • Lari: I have single handedly contained the spread of the Decay... But it was not my original plan.
  • Lari: Good, it looks like the barrier is still strong.
  • Lari: I need to actively keep the enchantment alive. Any weaknesses and they will break through.
  • Lari: It is not an ideal solution, and the locals have no idea. They just think the river protects them.
  • Lari: Alas, holding them back seems to be my only option until I can find a cure.