The Lone Telescope

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Lone Telescope SiteIcon.png
The Lone Telescope.png
Discovery Lore
The large crystal floating above the Tower of Ascension was not of earthly origins. While powerful, the strange magical aura it exudes has caused various strange happenings in the surrounding region.
Coordinates X: -105, Z: -436
Suggested Level Combat level 40+
Uses Discovery

The Lone Telescope is a Secret Discovery located in Ice Canyon. The discovery focuses around the Tower of Ascension.


Nesaak Forest
-105, 98, -436
Wynncraft Map
  • Use the Telescope.

The Lone Telescope1.png


This cutscene shows a Crystal above the Tower of Ascension.

  • Zooming In...
  • From this view you can see various carvings along the side of the Tower of Ascension. It seems to depict something falling from the sky...
  • Zooming In...
  • They look sort of like the crystal on top of the tower, actually. The Tower may have been erected to hold it...or to honour it? It's unclear.
  • Zooming In...
  • Looking at the crystal is giving you a strange feels like something's leaking out of your mind. Perhaps it's time to stop using the telescope.