The Cultivator

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The Cultivator
Type Lootrun Anti-Camp Mob
Level 110
Health ? (Invulnerable)
AI Type Melee (Flying)
Abilities Invasive Species
Location Exiled Garden

The Cultivator is a level 110 Hostile Mob and anti-camp mechanic that can be encountered during the Silent Expanse Expedition Lootrun.


The Cultivator has a flying Melee AI, which will cause it to follow the player while their position on the y-axis won't change.

It has a unique script spell exclusive to it: Invasive Species. Invasive Species will cause The Cultivator to regurgitate a Bulb Seed, indicated by a line of projectiles, spawning a foe where it lands. The ability cannot harm anyone in its path, but the Bulb Seeds can Self-Destruct to spawn 2 Glow Bulb Herbages which will constantly use Explode and Heavy Explode. The Cultivator will only use this spell when the player is detected camping in the challenge.


The Cultivator cannot be killed, and cannot drop items.


The Cultivator is found at the Exiled Garden, a slay mobs objective in the Void Valley that can be encountered during Silent Expanse Expedition Lootruns. Due to it being an anti-camp mechanic, it is not a mob required to be killed to complete the challenge.

Exiled Garden
1095, 136, -1139
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Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TheCultivator.png The Cultivator 110 ?
Invasive Species - - Silent Expanse Expedition:
Exiled Garden