Bone Monstrosity

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Bone Monstrosity
Type Hostile Mob
Level 115
Health 265,000
AI Type Melee
Elemental Properties
Weakness Water
Damage Fire
Defense Fire Air
Crowd Control Immunities
Blindness Resistance
Slowness Immunity

The Bone Monstrosity is a level 115 Hostile Mob and miniboss that can be encountered during the Silent Expanse Expedition Lootrun.


The Bone Monstrosity is a large, fairly slow melee enemy that follows the player and deals damage by coming into contact with them. Like other lootrunning mobs, it will gain more health and attack damage with each successive challenge.

The Bone Monstrosity deals Fire damage with its attacks. It takes reduced damage from Fire and Air attacks, and more damage from Water attacks.

The Bone Monstrosity is immune to all Slowness effects and resistant to Blindness effects. It will use several abilities, including Meteor, which shoots a large, slow projectile that explodes and deals damage if it hits the player; Heavy Charge, which launches it forward and deals heavy damage where it lands; and Heavy Flamethrower, which creates an enormous cloud of fire in front of it that deals heavy, rapid damage to the player if caught inside.

The Bone Monstrosity also uses a unique ability when it reaches around 60% health, summoning three Tornadoes throughout the arena. The tornadoes will randomly roam the arena for the rest of the challenge, dealing massive damage and launching the player high into the air if they step into one.


A Bone Monstrosity cannot drop anything.


The Bone Monstrosity is found at the Graveyard of the Thousand, a slay target objective in the Void Valley that can be encountered during Silent Expanse Expedition Lootruns; it is the target that must be slain to complete the challenge. It spawns in the final wave of the five-wave challenge, attended by five Weeping Souls. Any other lingering mobs will disappear once the Monstrosity is slain and the exit from the arena is opened; however, the tornadoes will not.

Graveyard of the Thousand
1115, 86, -992
Wynncraft Map


  • The Bone Monstrosity is the only mob in the Graveyard of the Thousand that is not made of the black bones of the Olm who once lived in the Silent Expanse.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BoneMonstrosity.png Bone Monstrosity 115 265,000 Melee Blindness Resist
Slowness Immune
Heavy Charge
Heavy Flamethrower
✽ Weak
✹ Dam
❋ Def
- Silent Expanse Expedition:
Graveyard of the Thousand