Maro Peaks

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Maro Peaks IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the island
Discovery Lore
Proposals to colonize Maro Peaks have long been brought up as it holds great defensive and industrial benefits, but the local animal population prove difficult to work with. It is said Bob was the first man to climb to the peak.
Coordinates X: 100, Z: -3820
Suggested Level 60
Involved Quests Zhight Island
Temple of the Legends
Type/Biomes Ocean
Island Size Large
Docks V.S.S. Seaskipper
Monsters Mountain Rams, Baab's Followers, Dead Miners, Galleon's Graveyard Key Guardians, Ramhead Worshippers, Jewel Scavengers, Ramhead Chargers, Bedrock Busters, Ferrous Crusherbeasts, Scavengers
Uses Quest
Requirements Completion of Ice Nations, wearing the Climbing Helmet

Maro Peaks is a mountainous island located at the far end of the Ocean, near the border of Gavel. It's the hiding place of Baab, one of Bob's loyal animals. The player cannot climb the mountains without a Climbing Helmet, meaning the player has to complete the Ice Nations quest in order to complete Reincarnation, Zhight Island and Temple of the Legends quests. Level 58 Mountain Rams spawn all over the area, dealing large damage to unprepared players. Level 60 Baab's Followers spawn near Baab. Their huge amount of knockback can be annoying while fighting Baab, although they don't do much damage.



Points of interest


  • The mines are where Baab is located. In order to get to the mines, the player has to follow the wooden path built across the several islands. It is also used in Temple of the Legends as you get Maro's Eye Jewel from the peak of the mountain, and end up in the mines when you follow the arrows leading to puddles.




Seasail Shop


  • Maro Peak's name is anagrammatically derived from the former builder Omarzx22.
  • Players can sail to Marco Peaks via V.S.S. Seaskipper in Selchar for 12e.