Ice Islands

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Ice Islands IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the sunken ship
Discovery Lore
Home to a nation of early seafarers, they have waged war among each other for years, oblivious to the real war on the mainland.
Coordinates X: 900, Z: -3320
Suggested Level 45
Other Merchants Boat Merchant
Quest Starts Ice Nations
Craftmas Chaos
Island Size Collection
Other Information
Consists of four major islands: Nodguj Nation, Dujgon Nation, Craftmas Island, and an Abandoned Island.

The Ice Islands are a series of snow and ice-covered islands located in the far reaches of the Ocean, located south of Dead Island. The islands are a starting and finishing area for the Ice Nations quest. Level 45 Snow Zombies used to spawn on small islands around the main island, though they have now been reworked. There is also a nearby island with an abandoned castle, housing level 43 Ancient Warriors. It is a very good grinding spot to quickly get to level 45 for those that take the time to head there. Multiple loot chests also spawn on the surrounding mini islands, the main islands, and the abandoned island.


The people who inhabit today's ice nations of Nodguj and Dujgon were once a group of early seafarers, who explored the Ocean on a ship with an ancient treasure inside it. However, the ship was attacked by a crew of undead pirates aboard the Ghost Ship, and it shipwrecked on the Ice Islands, with the undead stealing the ship's ancient treasure for themselves.[1]

The shipwrecked seafarers tried to build a new nation on the Ice Islands, but quickly became divided, as the people of Dujgon believed that those of Nodguj had hid the ancient treasure and kept it after the shipwreck. The people of Nodguj, however, also thought the same but about Dujgon, both groups oblivious to the true cause of the treasure's disappearance. Eventually, a war broke out between the two islands over the disappeared treasure, which continues to this day.[1]



Points of interest


  • There are three islands, or nations, with fortresses on them. In two of the nations' fortresses, there is an NPC for the Ice Nations quest- Adigard and Hallfred, Adigard being a starting NPC for the quest and Hallfred being the finishing NPC for the same quest. Nearby the two islands, is another abandoned nation with level 43 Ancient Warriors spawning there at high rates.
  • There's a fourth island, Craftmas Island being its official name. It works like a town by having its Blacksmith, Item Identifier, Merchants, and Bank.







Nodguj Seasail Shop

Nodguj Boat Merchant (Archived)

Nodguj and Craftmas Island's Banks

Nodguj, Dujgon and Craftmas Island Item Identifiers

Nodguj and Dujgon Armour Merchants

Nodguj and Dujgon Weapon Merchants

Craftmas Island Blacksmiths

Craftmas Island Fish Merchant

Major Islands

  • Dujgon Nation: Likely the smaller of the two main islands, its fortress is located near the sea and appears relatively larger than the one of the Nodguj Nation.
  • Nodguj Nation: The bigger of the two, contains not only a larger landmass, but also a hidden passageway under the island and a wrecked Viking ship near its eastern shore. Its fortress is smaller than the one of Dujgon's, however it is located farther inland on a slightly elevated position.
  • The Third Nation: This unnamed island contains one large fortress built into a mountain. Out of all the islands, it appears to have the most mass with its rising cliffs and soaring mountain. This island once contained LvL 43 Snow warriors, however as of 1.12 they appear to have vanished.
  • Craftmas Island: This mid-sized island is a Viking town on an island. The island also is like a town by having its Blacksmiths and Identifier, a Bank and a Fish Merchant to sell the fish you can sometimes get from V.S.S. Seaskipper. Vikings inhabit the town apart from Santa.
  • Various outlying islands: Surrounding the major islands are a small number of tiny islands, containing very little. Some islands however have loot chests on them. The islands no longer spawn mobs, though.