Ghost Ship

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Ghost Ship StructureIcon.png
Ghost Ship.png
A screenshot of the ship.
Coordinates X: 728, Z: -3776
Suggested Level 45
Involved Quests Ice Nations
Type/Biomes Ocean
Monsters Dead Pirate
Boss Captain
Uses Quest, Grinding

The Ghost Ship is a large ship south of Dead Island. The only way to get on the ship is by climbing 1 of the 2 ladders on either side which may be difficult due to mobs spawning near the edge of the boat, including skeletons. It is filled with large amounts of level 45 Dead Pirates. It is involved in the Ice Nations Quest where you must retrieve an ancient treasure from the ship to bring back to the Nation. Due to location of the ship and difficulty of getting onto it is not a popular grinding spot.




The ship has 5 levels to it.


The deck is the top level of the ship and looks like the deck of a ship including a helm made using multiple item frames in one space with all wooden pickaxe rotations.

2nd Level

The next level houses access to the cannons on the sides of the ship and has bunking rooms for the pirates.

3rd Level

The 3rd level is just a small room with a floor of fences which is dangerous due to being able to fall through and into the mobs of the 4th level.

4th Level

This level has a dining table with some cargo boxes near each set of stair near each end of the boat.

The Captain's Quarters

This level starts with some cargo with a large staircase down to a small wooden table with a cup and plate with a large wooden chair behind it. The Captain spawns in front of the table, he is level 50 and drops the ancient treasure the item needed to complete the Ice Nations quest.


  • Due to the sheer number of mobs spawning on or near the boat, lag may render spells nearly impossible on some computers.
  • It is recommended to use Area of Effect spells to kill huge hordes of pirates.
  • Dead Pirate is the only non-boss mob after the Gavel Expansion.