Skiens Island

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Skiens Island IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the island
Discovery Lore
Held down by a fanatical military leader, their efforts prevented the colonization of Selchar for years. Somehow, the symptoms of corruption have begun, despite its position in the sea.
Coordinates X: 380, Z: -3485
Suggested Level 55
Involved Quests Reincarnation, ???
Type/Biomes Ocean Island
Island Size Medium
Docks V.S.S. Seaskipper, on a nearby island
Monsters Skien's Bomber, Skien's Footsoldier, Skien's Brute, Skien's Elite
Uses Quest, Grinding

Skiens Island is a name of a moderately large island located in the middle of the Ocean, that was once commanded by General Skien. The island serves a major role in the Reincarnation quest as Mooington is located on the island. Skien's mobs spawn on the island. They can be an obstacle for players, as they are powerful.



Points of interest


  • There is a big building where you can reach to the Mushroom Map used in ???.
  • There are also other places that contain loot chests and lore.
  • The code to get to General Skien stronghold is 5-2-8-3, the first three numbers are hidden within the Fortress and the other number is hidden within the Prison. The combination lock is located on the first floor. It can be found by entering the building at 396 64 -3549 and following the right wall, including opening doors.
    • Behind the lock is a two floor maze, that leads to a secret boss version of Skien. This is required to complete the Altar of Sanctification.


Skien's Prison Block
405, -3468
Wynncraft Map


The Seaskipper Captain is on an island near Skien's Island as the island is too hostile for the Seaskipper to go there.

Writings from Skien's Island

Hidden around Skiens Island, are quite a few signs that contain lore. Their contents is listed below, but it should be noted that words are missing in several spots. Be aware some of these are repulsive, and have obviously outlived the years when this kind of stuff was still written in Wynn's lore. All names given to the passages are not cannon, nor do they actually appear in game, and are simply there to separate them.

Soldiers Prisoners Towers Skien's


Card Trick
I never knew

Skien was so

on magic. I mean,

he stripped me

pf my rank for

doing a card

What, does he

think I'm in league

with those ugly

villagers because

I hid some paper

up my sleeve?

Rebel's Doom
He's immortal...

No one can kill

that damn Skien!

It's impossible!

He had to have

killed a hundred

men or more in

their rebellion!

And now, there

are new guards,

that aren't giving

us any food!

Those idiots have

doomed the rest

of us to starve!

I'm so hungry!!!

Home Sick
I don't get why

Skien worries so

much. We're allies

with the villagers,

why would they

attack us? Some

of the other

soldiers are

thinking of going

back to Troms,

like me. We miss

our families,

and I personally

feel that Skien

is a bit cuckoo.

I mean, the keep

is littered with


and pigeonholes

all around.

I even found one

behind a fake wall

once! What use

are those spots?

Skien's Diary 1
No one knows I

have carved out

this room yet. If

I get my way, no

one ever will.

Today is a great


of dire situation.

The big-nosed,

hideous Villagers

have invaded

Wynn, under the

guise of alliance.

I see through their

lies. They're


magic-users, who

want nothing but

'to take

of our situation.

But this island shall

be our new


While even the

rest of Wynn is

assimilated, we'll

stand strong.

A bastion against

both greed, and

the corruption.

My island.

Special Fatigues
I really hope he

knows what he's

doing. Skien just

forced us all

to give up our

special armored

fatigues. I

worked so hard

to win mine, I

lost a leg to

corrupted to get

it...if he's just

taking them on

a whim like it

seems he is...

Heads will roll...

3 Is the Last
My cellmate died

today. He started

eating himself

out of hunger...

He bled out on

floor, and then

he apologized

for his mess...

After that, he

kept muttering

"3 is the last"

before death...

I don't know what

he meant by it,

but it's obvious

I'll never escape.

I'm going to end

it tonight and

just get it over


The Rebellion
We've decided.

Skien needs to

Everyone has

been put through

too much to stand

it any more.

Some of us plan

to sail away in

the night. Most of

the guard is with

us, so that

work fine.

Killing Skien will

be much tougher,

though. He's

fought off many

hoards of the

corrupted while

he was in the

Tromsian army

so he won't go

down easy in a

fight. But then,

we'd need to get

to him first. He

keeps hiding away

in the dungeons

of the basement,

and he's put in a

code-lock. We've

only heard bits

and pieces of it.

We've found the

first number is 5,

for sure, and we

also heard that

there is an 8 in

the code, but not

where it is. We'll

keep spying.

Skien's Diary 2
Turncoats have

appeared among

our ranks. I will

not stand by this.

Traitors will not

be allowed to live

in my stronghold.

They will be

executed for all

to see. If that will

not stop the idle

chatter of the

soldiers, daring

to question my

judgement, more

drastic measures

will be taken. I

will not see this

place fall. Not

again. I refuse.

Mutinies ended in

so many deaths,

I will quash it

before that point.

The Secret Place

1: Stay quiet.

2: Tell no one of

this place.

3: Listen closely.

4: Help your


5: Lock the

Beastly Meal
They threw a

beast in here!!

They want me to

die! But I was too

tough for them!!

I killed the beast

and ate its flesh!!

I live another

Skien's Diary 3
The prison is full.

I have started

clearing the cells


The warden does

his job well. He

has garnered

so much from the

traitors. I have

learned that they

plan to sail away

back to Troms!

I have learned

that no one here

is trustworthy.

They want to

kill me. Well, let

them try. I have

fought alongside

and surpassed

great heroes. I

have destroyed

hordes of the


They don't know

who they're up

against. I'll lock

away the rations.

Weaken them

before they try.

Ensure victory

over the enemy.

Madman's Creation
Does anyone

know that this

part of the keep

exists?! This

place is

to navigate. I

don't know where

anything is.

I don't know what

any room does.

This isn't just a

madhouse built

by a madman, but

it may as well be

a madhouse built

by many madmen,

each with an

intense, burning

hatred for the

last madman's

unique flavor of


from the mind of

one person!!


says...I'm seeing

things, I'm going

to die like this...

Skien's Diary 4
Everyone is gone

I don't know

where they went.

Yet, I'm alone.

The rebellion was

quelled. The

traitors failed

to kill me, as I

knew they would.

They lay dead,

in familiar garb.

Yet this victory

feels hollow with

none to share in

it. I expected

such praise upon

defeating the

enemy. But no one

came. No great

fanfare or

I am not sure

what happened.

Did the villagers

cast some spell?

Are my soldiers

all imprisoned


Have they left?

Did I not succeed

in burning the

boats as the

mutineers set

sail? What have I

done wrong? My

mind is one of the

most brilliant

in the military...

No one disagrees.

No one can. How

could I possibly

have made such

a massive mistake

as this? Why am

I alone here?

Alone, yet a

presence lingers.

I feel such

looming dread...

War Dogs
He killed our

war dogs. Said

they were going

to betray us.

I'm going to sail

away with the

others soon.

I can't take one

more day of this

treatment. NO

one should go

through all this.

So this is what

we got for trying

to spare that old


A jail cell and

no rations?

I think Skien has

gone insane...

At least the

guards are

sneaking us food.

At least we'll live.

Skien's Diary 5
I have utterly

and completely

failed. This island

is no longer a


against the


It is a prison.

The traitors,

the trusted, all

dead and turned

to the corruption!

I know not how

long I will

They are

stronger now

than they were

in life. I know now

for certain that

the Villagers are

the enemy. A

frigate passed.

I signaled for

them to land.

They took one

look at me, didn't

even bother to

listen to what

I had to say.

They left me

And that awful

dread persists...

The Artist
He tore down all

the paintings he

could find a few

days ago...but he

didn't find my

personal stash.

I should never

have joined the

army, art is my

true passion!

From what I've

heard, those

"evil" villagers

have such a

passion for the

arts. They can't

be all bad, if

that's true....

I'll sail away

with the others.

To anyone who

finds this room,

don't tell Skien

about it! Please!

File & Freedom
One of the

slipped a file

through the bars.

Seems they think

Skien is crazy,

too. I'll escape

with the others

soon...we did

nothing to

deserve this...

Skien needs to

pay for his

actions. We'll

kill him before

we leave.

Skien's Diary 6
hes returned

the traitor,

the first one

hes back

i gave up trying

to understand


theres no point

he keeps taunting


says i couldve

stopped this

says its all my


well hes WRONG





because of him

because of him

i lost the siege

because of him

i lost my men

because of him

i lost my home

because of him

im losing my mind

i cant kill him

it phases through

im out of food


Jump to Sea
He stopped

chasing me, but

he definitely saw

me jump in here...

I think he knows

there isn't food

in here. He just

needs to let me

starve myself

out...but there's

a weak window in

here. Near ocean.

I think I can make

the jump. I just

need to bide my


Skien's Diary 7
I am confused...

I thought I had

starved to death.

I remember the

pain...I remember

the traitor being

above me, smiling...

and everything

was black, for a

long time...yet, I

am awake and I full

control of my

senses. Was I

risen by the


If so I should be

mindless...but my

soldiers do not

attack me and

they have turned.

It is so strange,

being alive again.

I have a feeling

that this state of

coherence will


while I am still

in control, I will

vow...all that come

near me will die.

I shall make an

attempt to fend

off my soldiers.

I refuse to truly even if

My efforts are

futile, I will keep

fighting, in the

name of Troms...

Blasted Towers
I thought Skien

was supposed to

be a military


Yet, he seems to

have forgotten

this prowess, in

favor of making

such odd orders

as what led to

these two towers

being right next

to each other,

not connected...

We had to blast a

hole in the wall.

Talking to Himself
Skien // talkin/

to him//lf agai//

He k//ps /ay//

"// 2, // //

It's probably

the code to that

lock he had us only

question is what

he's saying it for.

Is he planning



  • Although his name is Skien, the island is called Skiens Island, which may have been unintended.