Seavale Reef

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Seavale Reef NaturalIcon.png
An overview of the reef
Discovery Lore
Ocean currents flow and intertwine to form these renowned reefs, bursting with life. Tourists frequently dive and discover lost treasure, dropped from merchant ships and carried by the currents.
Coordinates X: 330, Z: -3215
Suggested Level 25
Type/Biomes Coral Reef
Uses Emerald Farming, Quest

Seavale Reef is a coral reef directly east of Selchar containing an abundance of treasures. Most of these items can be sold to a Treasure Merchant for a substantial amount of Emeralds, making the reef a key location for gaining cash. Before the 1.18 update, which nerfed the reef to control inflation, one could expect to gain 40+ Emerald Blocks from 15 minutes of farming. After the 1.18 update, one can expect to gain 1.5 Liquid Emeralds per hour (24 Emerald Blocks from 15 minutes of farming). The Coral of Nelfors however, one of the items found in the reef, can't be sold to the Treasure Merchant. Rather, it is used for the Temple of the Legends quest. While it is not required to wear a Breathing Helmet while exploring the reef, it is recommended as it allows the collection of more items.



Points of Interest

  • A small island containing a single tree is just east of Seavale Reef.

Loot Chests

Tier 2 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chests can be found all over the Seavale Reef in the following locations:

  • 363, 13, -3229
  • 327, 4, -3199
  • 331, 16, -3233
  • 285, 15, -3200
  • 319, 9, -3232
  • 331, 16, -3223
  • 293, 17, -3214


  • X=313 Y=21 Z=-3212 is a high-spawn spot for materials. This includes Diamond Coral and Sunken Artifacts
  • X=356 Y=29 Z=-3218 is a high-spawn spot for materials.
  • X=353 Y=19 Z=-3223 is a high-spawn spot for materials.
  • The small ravines in the reef are high-spawn spots for materials.
  • Attempt to match the blocks for better spawn rates.
    • Sunken Artifacts and Coral Diamond spawns around chests
    • Coral Ruby, Amethyst and Topaz all spawn around their coral regions, (red coral, green coral, purple coral, yellow coral)
    • Coral Sapphire normally spawns around Prismarine blocks.
    • There are dirt and grass blocks on the ground on some floors where the seaweeds are (somewhere in a cave), Sunken Gold, Sunken Silver and Sunken Silver Bundles and Sunken Gold Bundles.
    • Glowing Pearls spawn everywhere around the map, but Huge Pearls have a higher chance to spawn deep in the middle of the reef and in caves around chests too.