Regular Island

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Regular Island IslandIcon.png
The "Human" Settlement on Regular Island.
Coordinates X: 1219, Z: -3675
Suggested Level 40
Island Size Medium
Monsters "Human"
Starving Sailor
Angry Goblin
Friendly Goblin
Scared Goblin
Blacksmith Goblin
You ever heard of Regular Island? Well, that's what the people there are callin' it, anyways. Odd guys, those are. I stopped by there once, just to say hi. And at first they were polite, but they just started sweatin' and sweatin' as time went on! Eventually, they just told me to pack my bags and leave! There was no reasonin' with 'em, either! I'll tell ya somethin'... Those don't look like regular humans to me. Something about 'em is off. If yer curious, they're just south of Jofash Dock. But I'm not taking ya anywhere near 'em!
~ Seaskipper Captain

Regular Island is a medium island, and is also one of the only islands in the Ocean not accessible by the V.S.S. Seaskipper. On the island are several "Humans" and "Pirates", as well as some Starving Sailors located in an passage to the "Pirate" settlement.

While the residents appear to be Humans, in actuality, they are really Goblins, and have a whole settlement underneath the island.



Points of interest

  • "Human" Settlement - The western side of the island has several "Humans". Within one of the houses is the entrance to the secret Goblin Village.
  • "Pirate" Settlement - The eastern side of the island has several "Pirates".
  • Goblin Village - A hidden settlement in the Island, which can be accessed by killing a "Human" to get a key and then tossing it inside a hopper. This island has several amenities, being an Armour Merchant, a Weapon Merchant, and an Accessory Merchant.


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
"Human".png "Human" 35 420 Neutral Melee - - 2 Goblins

Basement Key
Regular Island
"Human" Settlement
Goblin.png Goblin 45 850 Scared - - - "Human"
StarvingSailor.png Starving Sailor 46 650 Retreat - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
Regular Island
"Pirate".png "Pirate" 45 857 Neutral Melee - - 2 Angry Goblins Regular Island
"Pirate" Settlement
AngryGoblin.png Angry Goblin 45 420 Melee Multihit ❋ Weak
✤ Dam
- "Pirate"
FriendlyGoblin.png Friendly Goblin 45 12500 Passive - - - Goblin Village
ScaredGoblin.png Scared Goblin 45 12500 Scared - - - Goblin Village
BlacksmithGoblin.png Blacksmith Goblin 45 850 Neutral Melee - - - Goblin Village
The Twin Hammer Forge